Friday, May 22, 2015


Feel the magic. To transform past the old, anxiety may come but embrace it to move into the presence and to embrace the change. I have been having visions of my past visions. Of course with this comes reminders of the past too. Both can cause anxiety but I'm being shown to see the past how ever it pops up ... See it, acknowledge it and let it clear out. A funeral of sorts to release and erase, we've learned all we can from the past.

I'm amazed at how these visions have come into reality. When I get lost in the now I rememeber this and start to visualize or embrace visions and this is comforting. We can let go of negative things because we can on some level change our direction. You embrace and bring what your energy is. So to get positive things ... Keep your energy positive.

I'm working on updating the Padma Bella website. Also with adding more items to the store. I have had plenty of time to brainstorm and I feel it's getting time to relaunch.

Magic is everywhere and sometimes you just have to stop and look around.