Monday, April 27, 2015

Full Moon in Scorpio May 3, 2015

Preparing for the Scorpio Full Moon on Sunday, we are preparing for being intrigued with seduction and curiosity. Perhaps you have already noticed an admirer or you have been more curious than normal. You might have more energy in the love department so prepare prepare prepare. Even if you are not in a relationship you may just find that someone or at least make your list of things you'd like to find in a person. For those in relationships it's about to get even steamier. Jupiter is in Leo with a 90 degree square with the moon so things with your someone might get heated in arguments. Leo is the lovemaking energy while Scorpio is the jealousy type. Try to stay balanced with this energy. Know your partner this is not the time to start jealousy leak into a beautiful relationship ... let it pass. The Lunar energy is pushing us ... some relationships may end if you're not grounded. While the Lunar energy may also push us into finalized forever unions. Listen to your inner knowing. Where are you guided? Take the leap if you are sure. We are listening to our guides not our jealousy. Let the ego go and follow with faith that this is the right place you are meant to be.

Sleep if you need sleep ... the growing is happening. Feel rested when this Lunar energy comes at us this weekend. We are having a strong pull already to be watched, our actions even if they might feel fall on deaf ears they are being noticed. Perhaps in subtle ways you feel a presence around you. I had a dream of beings watching me they would not speak nor would they leave ... maybe you too have been experience this too in some form. It's not always negative it's not always positive, it can just be a reminder that we should remain mindful to stay alert on some level even in the dream world or meditation world. Beings are reaching out to us in this energy of the planets and moon. Listen to their message ... it came come in them speaking or feeling emotions or sensations. What are they wishing you to know? This week be kind to yourself and those around you, feel the relationships around you we all come together in this time of feeling separated and jealous. This too shall pass, we are stepping into realizing who is meant to follow us on the journey and those we are meant to leave behind. If the jealousy gets too overwhelming with justification (not poking around for evidence) release this relationship. Overall we are all stable (in any form we are heading into this Lunar energy). If you are in a relationship of balance and mutual give and take this too shall stay in tact. Manifest the things you wish to release in your life with the Full Moon energy. Any and all things that are still lingering ask the moon guide them away, burn sage, feel this strange energy release. Ask for the sage burning to cleanse and aid in the subtle energies you haven't been able to shake on your own. Above all have fun with life and have faith you will emerge even brighter.