Thursday, April 23, 2015

Channing energy

Channeling energy!! I have been wishing to write but needed to find a new way to post. I am not able to always just sit like I use to and just write with no interruptions. Posts might be shorter or written over time, we will see. 

I channeled last night and the last few nights having symbolic dreams. Maybe you have felt the same energy? This morning I was guided to revisit my chakra series I did last year. Since I have felt unbalanced pushing me to look at my chakras. Ironically my focus on my chakras was about a couple months before my vision was seeded. It all shows when we are working on letting go to be balanced things can be coming together without us fully being aware.

Revisiting where I was about a year ago I had events moving along in motion. I was free and loved my life a year ago ... I remember the energy of that time. When I would be my freeiest for perhaps quite a while. Now I see why at the time living that way made me happy but I also felt out of control. This being because I would be settled down rooted down soon. 

I have gone through a lot in a year. i see how slowly carrying a being began to change me. I became less magical being and more grounded in this earth. My ability to channel dramatically lessened because I had to survive. Pregnancy is all about survival, getting through it. I see how tunneled I became and eventually shutting down even my writing because it was all too much to handle. 

I am thankful to have come out of this veil, this tunnel. I am seeing more now where to pick up from on now the otherside of life. 

So transform your life, look to what you want and live like you already have it. I am working on this it is a constant source of moving forward. 

If you feel unbalanced look to what areas it is in: physical injury, pain, emotional, ... All helpful markers to aid you in what chakras need more attention. Look at dreams and visions you are having this week and take notice of them. What messages are they trying to tell you?