Monday, April 27, 2015

Full Moon in Scorpio May 3, 2015

Preparing for the Scorpio Full Moon on Sunday, we are preparing for being intrigued with seduction and curiosity. Perhaps you have already noticed an admirer or you have been more curious than normal. You might have more energy in the love department so prepare prepare prepare. Even if you are not in a relationship you may just find that someone or at least make your list of things you'd like to find in a person. For those in relationships it's about to get even steamier. Jupiter is in Leo with a 90 degree square with the moon so things with your someone might get heated in arguments. Leo is the lovemaking energy while Scorpio is the jealousy type. Try to stay balanced with this energy. Know your partner this is not the time to start jealousy leak into a beautiful relationship ... let it pass. The Lunar energy is pushing us ... some relationships may end if you're not grounded. While the Lunar energy may also push us into finalized forever unions. Listen to your inner knowing. Where are you guided? Take the leap if you are sure. We are listening to our guides not our jealousy. Let the ego go and follow with faith that this is the right place you are meant to be.

Sleep if you need sleep ... the growing is happening. Feel rested when this Lunar energy comes at us this weekend. We are having a strong pull already to be watched, our actions even if they might feel fall on deaf ears they are being noticed. Perhaps in subtle ways you feel a presence around you. I had a dream of beings watching me they would not speak nor would they leave ... maybe you too have been experience this too in some form. It's not always negative it's not always positive, it can just be a reminder that we should remain mindful to stay alert on some level even in the dream world or meditation world. Beings are reaching out to us in this energy of the planets and moon. Listen to their message ... it came come in them speaking or feeling emotions or sensations. What are they wishing you to know? This week be kind to yourself and those around you, feel the relationships around you we all come together in this time of feeling separated and jealous. This too shall pass, we are stepping into realizing who is meant to follow us on the journey and those we are meant to leave behind. If the jealousy gets too overwhelming with justification (not poking around for evidence) release this relationship. Overall we are all stable (in any form we are heading into this Lunar energy). If you are in a relationship of balance and mutual give and take this too shall stay in tact. Manifest the things you wish to release in your life with the Full Moon energy. Any and all things that are still lingering ask the moon guide them away, burn sage, feel this strange energy release. Ask for the sage burning to cleanse and aid in the subtle energies you haven't been able to shake on your own. Above all have fun with life and have faith you will emerge even brighter.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Channing energy

Channeling energy!! I have been wishing to write but needed to find a new way to post. I am not able to always just sit like I use to and just write with no interruptions. Posts might be shorter or written over time, we will see. 

I channeled last night and the last few nights having symbolic dreams. Maybe you have felt the same energy? This morning I was guided to revisit my chakra series I did last year. Since I have felt unbalanced pushing me to look at my chakras. Ironically my focus on my chakras was about a couple months before my vision was seeded. It all shows when we are working on letting go to be balanced things can be coming together without us fully being aware.

Revisiting where I was about a year ago I had events moving along in motion. I was free and loved my life a year ago ... I remember the energy of that time. When I would be my freeiest for perhaps quite a while. Now I see why at the time living that way made me happy but I also felt out of control. This being because I would be settled down rooted down soon. 

I have gone through a lot in a year. i see how slowly carrying a being began to change me. I became less magical being and more grounded in this earth. My ability to channel dramatically lessened because I had to survive. Pregnancy is all about survival, getting through it. I see how tunneled I became and eventually shutting down even my writing because it was all too much to handle. 

I am thankful to have come out of this veil, this tunnel. I am seeing more now where to pick up from on now the otherside of life. 

So transform your life, look to what you want and live like you already have it. I am working on this it is a constant source of moving forward. 

If you feel unbalanced look to what areas it is in: physical injury, pain, emotional, ... All helpful markers to aid you in what chakras need more attention. Look at dreams and visions you are having this week and take notice of them. What messages are they trying to tell you?

Friday, April 17, 2015

Aries New Moon April 2015

New Moon in Aries April 18, 2015 (11:57am PT)/April 19, 2015 (2:57pm ET) brings about energy to keep going with courage in this new direction of our new beginning. Perhaps you have noticed like I have a fear about me ... I am looking into the past to figure out how to handle what is happening right now, until I realize that nothing in the past can compare to what is happening now. Why? Because the right now the here and now is brand new and nothing can control the course we are going to be heading into. Faith and trust is what the Universe is asking of us. We are moving forward but we don't know what this future holds.

When fear comes up or negativity comes up this is all ego. The ego that still exists is wanting to control what is happening. So a fear stirs along with negative thoughts that things are not going as "planned" but there is no plan that we can know about. When we let go of the wish and desire and energy to control what is happening right now we get lighter and less ego filled. This is why... because the ego wants to hold us down. It wants to compare things and events to the past. We can only exist in the right now because this is only certain this is the only thing you can control if you even wish to still use the word control.

I got bogged down by these terms: control, fear, anxiety, future ... the result of course a sore throat from not speaking truth. I have to realize that getting anxious, needing answers "NOW" instead of just letting it be, just flowing this is when ego sneaks into life. I cannot live from the past. Just because this equaled that in the past does not mean it's the same now. This is also how to get stuck in patterns if you allow ego to keep making you loop over and over again. I learned this happens if I do this in this situation ... you will probably start looping, until you realize and ask: why am I doing this? or why does this keep happening to me? It is because ego is leading and you are trying to live the now and the future with the past experiences and putting that old energy into the right now.

We need to point our self forward. This comes from asking what are you afraid of? List these things, speak these things, write these things ... release what you are afraid of but it comes from acknowledging all these fears. We have stepped ahead through the new now moment but we have to also let go and not bring the past and those fears. Nothing can go wrong because when there is no fear no ego then the word: "wrong" simply no longer exists. Having a wrong mentality makes you a victim and to leave this mindset you have to take power over yourself. This comes from just a switch turning on saying I'm going to change how I look at events around me. Even how you fit into these events. Nothing is happening to you, you are showing up and deciding to interact with everything that comes you way. Take charge of where you are headed, having strength to just flow with what comes your way. We have the opportunity to manifest our new adventures. It's about not thinking at all about the past no need to bring this energy with us. Leave the past there in the past. New adventures are here and it comes with the positive energy of the now. Trust what you feel.

I am letting go of what fears I have left in me. It's hard yes I realize that but being aware of when fear
and anxiety starts to creep in ... acknowledge it and push it away ... be proactive. Write it, burn it, speak it ... get this out of you. I am realizing if I don't change of course the past will repeat in some way because that becomes all I'm capable of. I want the new adventures. I want to be balanced and clear and rid of all this old vibes that took temporary residence. Brush it off and put a smile on. It's never too late to just re-start your mental thoughts, energy, actions and just everything. This Aries New Moon is when we bring the energies of the Spring Equinox with us. We plant the first seeds of this year! If you are unhappy with anything ... change it!! Move towards what you want. We've learned lessons from the past Libra Full Moon. We are on to the New! Plant what you wish to see in you. Happy New Adventures and New Moon energy!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Beginnings. I have been away for quite a while. I wrote a draft and well it was not time to post. In my absence I have been on many many adventures and I have come out of the cocoon that was prepared for me. We all have times in our lives when we need to nurture ourselves, it's being able to realize and listen and act on it. I really wanted to document every step of my journey but this was my own personal one. I see why the stars did not wish me to. Now I do have a lot more understanding.

We are in the new season of Spring, I have walked through a portal that allowed me to leave the old me behind. I am no longer the same being that was birthed on this world. I have transformed, we are all capable of this, but it cannot be forced. We don't know the "when" it is. I had many visions leading up to this but couldn't see beyond the other side. Now I am on the other side. I have experienced all that my body was created for. It is very beautiful.

As a woman in this form I had experienced many symptoms ... of course we go through the motions of cycles ... of moon cycles, of hormones, of emotions, of sensations ... all this is just a glimpse. Of course for some women this is all you are wishing or are gifted to experience. We all have our own journey. I feel more alive after having birthed and experienced the glorious strength and power of my own body. The experience itself is unbelievably beautiful, I went down the rabbit hole meeting many different character beings. Each with their own gift and their own contribution to my journey. I am truly grateful for each and everyone of them. So although I will not be speaking about the details of my birth experience.

Now I see all my gifts of intuition are just an expansion of this birth. It wasn't just and isn't just the birth of a new being it's also the birth of a new you. Who I was before is not who I am now, I am still learning who this new person (I now am) is. I have a brand new body, I have new emotions, new sensations and new gifts that I am just now starting to see surface. It is being so hyper aware to be able to walk freely into this, of course it's natural to have fear to be weighed down by this even with anxiety of the change ... the change has already happened. I of course got a cold because I was not able to cope with this drastic change that has already happened. I felt unappreciated and did not know how to communicate my new needs. We do have to listen to our body when there is lack of balance when you feel ungrounded even our body has a way of telling us this, first it's really subtle and then it blows up into a full blown injury of illness if we have not listened to the quiet subtle hints.

It is what I had been told all along that I needed to find my voice, I see how incredibly important and how this follows this new body and new journey I am on. It is the only way. We are all on an adventure. Women are so incredibly beautiful in what we are able to accomplish, even when we are on autopilot our body just intuitively knows what to do. We have to let it flow and then all enjoy and energy flows with this. Now I feel how the maternal role I am to have in this life. I am to nurture and teach and help those who need a place held for them. It's the nurturing and being able to care for another that you realize how precious your own life is.

I have a star dust old soul who has chosen to enter my life. The moment I saw this in a vision years ago I at first didn't believe it, but it's so much more than my vision even shared. I am enjoying this new journey of awareness. A star being who's wished to enter this earth at this time, and reshaped by body. I realize how this also transforms my life. We have much to teach each other. We come from the stars and moving through this new place I get to experience life all over again. I am more in love than I ever thought possible. Everything is so much more than myself.

This society puts too much pressure and importance on having the "perfect" body for women especially. There really is no perfect, just as every story is unique so is the body this vessel for us.
After experiencing childbirth I see how perfect my body is because it was able to do everything I wished of it. The perfect comes in the imperfect. When you realize that this form is not just about appearance it's about what it's capable of doing you can move past this. Even if you are not capable of doing everything with your body because of some physical limitation you were born with ... it is simply in this life you were meant to learn something or try to overcome the limitation and not let it hold you behind. We are all capable of new life of transforming and moving into new lights and new beginnings. It's just a matter of when we are opening the door for ourself. Others have been holding space for us, all the pushing through has to be done by ourselves. Of course just like natural birth we may have a person holding our hand, people cheering us on, people with knowledge to guide us but ultimately we are the only one who can push into the new chapter to make change in us happen. As every mother knows their body is never going back exactly the way it was before childbirth, if you've had a natural child birth especially because you've pushed a being through. All the flowery literature that is written, is a coping means for when you are pregnant the only thing I clung to when I was pregnant was that my body would be how it was before. This was out of fear, but letting go all the pushing and expansion in physical form leads to spiritual expansion. All mothers realize your body is the vessel ... it is the passing through portal for a being to be created and nurtured and in this comes the perfection.

I remember a night of meteor showers ... a driving adventure to find a mountain top to see above the clouds to the sky to watch the shooting stars. This adventure was late at night, many miles were driven ... uncertainty if it would happen. Different stops along the mountain were had but the journey kept going higher up to reach a better view. Finally coming back down the mountain a wrong turn led to a clearing where it became a different world, a blanket of clouds covering the city below, and the stars above moved.

All the best things come when we let go of expectations and just allow the universe to unfold the events for us. When we let go, all things we've wished and dreamed of ... come to be.