Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Loss and Rebirth

Many changes and shifts have been happening leading up to the Gemini Full Moon last weekend. Now it's still working towards change ... personally I have noticed being tired some days and energetic the next. I have also been mindful of the past coming up. I have been trying to take it as gentle as possible. Yes we have all worked so hard on ourselves it may seem like taking a step backwards when all of a sudden a surge of emotions or memories from the past of this life in this human form comes stirring up. We just have to let it come. There may be some message or lesson we have overlooked or even it is time now for us to understand. Embrace whatever feelings and emotions are coming up.

Yesterday I had a breakdown, (one which was needed) I started crying the moment a past event was brought up. I realize I am more emotional than I have really ever been, but I embraced feelings of sadness. We often just push it away, we cry once or we talk it out once and feel better and think okay we're done with this, we have ascended we have moved on, or can move on now. This may very well be the case for many or some situations. It may also not be. It is as I have come to realize not that I have moved backwards, but this bit of sadness needs to come out, as I remember a life lost. 

We all grieve differently. It can be a death, a loss of a life, a loss of a dream, a career path, ... loss can come in many different forms. As I am in the process of a rebirth, this beautiful process I am also being shown back to the loss I have experienced. Rebirth comes with the loss of something or many somethings. For me it is the loss of a person ... remember the life ... thinking about the life that could have been. This person left this Earth plane suddenly ... yes it may seem like too soon, but at the same time this could have been the perfect time, a fully lived out life. It is not for us to know or judge. I of course have been thinking of losses and how we always seem to wish to have more time with something that is no longer here or with someone who is no longer here. Spiritually this individual is still here, I get visits in dreams or when I need guidance most. An angel of sorts. I questioned if I am not fully lost of this being why does the feeling of sadness come? It's because we have come here in to be in this human form to experience human emotions. More and more I remember lives I had on other planets, and these beings in my life now also came here for some experience. 

The Full Moon brought up even more emotions out of me. As I prepare to bring life into this world to this Earth. We must experience human emotions and situations because we are after all humans. However, we can ground ourselves so that these emotions don't overwhelm us. We have control of our own personal self and nothing else. This is liberating because the outside forces have no influence if we do not let it happen. Internally emotions come to us but we get to decide how we experience it. We can look at them positively or negatively. I still feel like I'm living a dream ... I'm seeing more and more the reason for all the loss before all the traveling before was for this now moment.

I received visions of this moment, and of course I was Aware and Awakened enough to listen to see ... at the time it made no sense I would bring life into this world. Situations and conditions when I was having these many visions almost seemed to contradict, where I and others were questioning how could these visions happen?? I didn't loose faith, I allowed events to unfold. I didn't force or try to manipulate events in order for these visions to happen. If you see a vision acknowledge it and let it pass and its the Universe will have it come to be when the time is right. Even if it seems so far off. Now I can only sit and laugh because here I am growing by the day ... the visions are here they are happening. 

When we get sidetracked by dramas of daily life take a breath, look at the bigger picture ... these look tiny in comparison. We are doing it, we are living the dream. We just have to stop making a big deal about the tiny insignificant stuff the mind wants to grasp onto. This is how we get to the rebirth ... is realizing we are above this insignificant ... now is the time when we see the unions happening with like minded beings. To be whimsical and pay attention to feelings, visions, sensations ...