Monday, August 25, 2014

New Moon Virgo

I haven't written in quite some time. It all simply wasn't the time. I had thought and wished to write some words, but things would come up and show me it was not when.

Experiencing much magic. Many reminders. The New Moon in Virgo this morning much of the clutter has lifted ... the mental kind. Yes we can physically clean out our closets, our garages, ... getting ready for the "move" of life. It's all just stuff. We get into the mental part, of the mind, here is where the work is, because the mental is what we must de-clutter. All those negative thoughts, all the things in there that are holding us back. The way it use to be is not how it is now.

This New Moon energy is about organizing but it's the thoughts, the mind ... getting together your thoughts, your wishes. I have kept up with each New Moon and Full Moon. My rituals have shifted where I don't always write them down or light a candle or sage. In my time away I have simplified where I have take a moment, when I intuitively known it was a moon time ... I simply said in my mind the things I wished. To this the Moon and the Universe and to the Stars. It all really can be that simple. A conversation I had literally went of oh yeah, I haven't been doing any of that. Sometimes people beings wonder why are things or events still moving forward in my life despite being away from Padma Bella, it simply is even if the work cannot be "seen" on the outside ... I have not been producing a "product" but internally I have still been doing the work. I haven't fully been on vacation here. 

In my absence so much has been manifesting. I recall a trip I took out to the desert, after many hours of driving in the dark, a falling star lit the sky. Dancing in the sky. Just this single star. This sparked a thought, in my entire life I had never seen a falling star simply because it was not yet time. It was one magical night this past spring which I had read about meteor showers. Going back further, a year prior after yoga there was a meteor shower but it was too cloudy to see any without driving. A promise was made to me, that we would see a meteor shower together, me and a special being. So one magical night in late Spring (a year after the promise) for some reason we were having a conversation that night and I brought up this meteor shower and before I knew it we spontaneously agreed to drive as far out into the night as it took for us to see some. We drove for about an hour, on a mountain surrounded by trees we sat and watched the meteor shower. Of course with many falling stars I made many wishes. As we over looked a sea of clouds we traveled to another world, because we are from another world. It is in this moment that I realized further we both traveled here to this world and despite all the struggles and all the challenges the Universe time and time again kept pushing us together. There could never be anything platonic about us. Somehow all the visions the Universe had shown me would come. I had to be patient, I had to accept the unknown before the known would come. I saw many falling stars that night. I felt at home, like we had done this before on other planets ... watched falling stars from distant skies. This was to be my final wake up call to us in this life I awakened first. This was my realization, I had never seen falling stars because this being was the one who was to show them to me. So as we traveled months later on a desert road the Universe had a message with this single falling star that we were on our way, we were on our journey on this road. I had a smile and laugh that came, that in fact the vision I had over a year prior of us having a child together was already here. I had been patient and allowed the Universe to work her magic. It's all written in the stars, and that night we escaped to above sleeping world, We are the light, we light our own journey that we are headed on together. We have lived many lifetimes together. Unified finally once more. Since this being has entered my life I now have seen many falling stars. I have been granted many wishes.

Life is full of magic. I had a vision last year that is now happening. I have discovered my purpose in this life. Fear can creep in the mind and make you back away or drive you away or even change your course. Fear has no power if you give it power then it has power. I was reminded this that I am not fear. It is so much easier to know I am exactly where I am suppose to be. I keep being told that everything will go fast of this year, but I don't want it to. I am enjoying every moment.

My purpose is now ... Living in the now, so many women spend their whole life wishing and dreaming of having this experience that I have been gifted. Why would I wish it away? Yes I cannot see how life will be once this joy comes fear is trying to tell me it's going to be hard and full of sacrifice, but why does it have to be? We manifest we create what we wish by our thoughts. So I wish to continue to do this, to be happy and not have to work a remaining day in my life and have all that I wish in terms of all material to survive happily.