Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Planet movement ...

Quite an intense week!! We have made it through! If you've had some freak outs, melt downs, cry sessions ... you were not alone. This moon energy has been very very intense. Being a super moon it was of course closer than the typical Full Moons ... and Awakened beings can also be more sensitive to shifts in energy (like what we experienced). We have made it through this is the good news. Many of us learned lessons (which we needed to) and if we were able to keep our cool during this we have come out ahead or even on top of the game. The lesson here has been to acknowledge what you feel and what emotions have been stirred up and live in the moment. Not everything needs an external reaction ... acting out on someone else (does not always need to happen) taking a deep breath and dealing with it on your own first ... sometimes this is where we are lead.

I had an intense week, I experience a ton of various emotions. I had a freak out, I had a melt down, I had a good cry session. I also wondered what is the world is going on?? I knew this would pass. I had been told that I would be very emotional this week, the topic causing it could not be foreseen but it would happen and that at least was something I could prepare for. Overall I found that when I just embraced all that I was feeling it became very intense but also it went away a lot faster than if I had resisted it. I didn't know how long the feelings would last and maybe this is the part of us that wishes it goes away that tries to push feelings away. I feel a lot stronger after going through it. My intuitive senses have also increased and I feel that we have to go through tough times sometimes (the Universe hands us) so that we come out feeling just how strong we really are. 

Now we have gotten through the Full Moon phase, we have the planets moving signs this week. Wednesday Jupiter is moving from Cancer to Leo. We've been in Cancer energy since June 25 (which has been family oriented, private craving, and nesting qualities which of course has been a struggle for Jupiter which is naturally full of loud expansive energy. 

Jupiter working in Leo lasts until August 11, 2015 which brings the glam of Leo with the expansive Jupiter qualities. These two will have us expressing our true self and not being afraid to let it be heard! We are in for a ton of creativity of all kinds with these two pairing together. Leo is all about the courtship. If you have been in a relationship, look for a change up in behavior (the good kind being more romantic and sweeping you off your feet!) We also get with this the ego with all the big power Jupiter brings out as Leo compliments, so we simply address this as it comes up. We have the opportunity to grow further by reeling it in (the ego) so that we don't get a big head from all the attention we might be getting soon. We receive the lessons so that we may change, and adjust and not act like we did before to these ego inflated events that come up. Or you can just keep going around in the circle over and over again (if you'd like too).

Friday July 18, we also have Venus in Cancer which stays here until August 12, 2014. Venus energy in Cancer is all about the romance and allow subtle positive love energies to come into play. Venus and Cancer are both associate with the feminine energy so men get in touch with your feminine side and women will embrace sisterhoods. The next three weeks is about healing (another feminine quality) in all aspects of your life (not just romance).

Rolling into the weekend, Sunday July 20 we have Saturn moving out of the four and a half retrograde. We may have noticed some slow downs and projects taking a bit longer than we anticipated. The energies get moving forward once again!! With Saturn moving out of Retrograde it's in Scorpio which has brought to light secrets, agendas, and called out people's true natures. Out of the Retrograde we are moving forward with partnerships and work projects. We have all learned lessons since the beginning of this Retrograde on March 2. There are no more excuses this time, it is about following your intuition and at the end of the day it is all about being happy. 

There are always going to be planets moving in and out of Retrogrades, it is nothing to fear or to stop your life over. We just simply move with it, I personally like to use these as tools of why maybe something isn't moving as fast as I'd like ... or give an explanation of someone else's behavior. I by no means let it stop me or stall my energy (on purpose). The Universe has it's plan for us and we can't always see it. So why not smile and enjoy happiness?

Monday, July 7, 2014

Full Moon Capricorn July 12, 2014

We have a week ahead of us!! Perhaps you have already been noticing some shifting and moving going on the past week. Things are definitely in motion (whether you see them yet or not). This week we have the Sun squaring with Uranus which can have you feeling a bit nervous and even ungrounded maxing out on Tuesday, July 8 when these two are exact 90 degrees from each other. No matter, just take a walk without your shoes in nature to bring some stability.

Perhaps you have been feeling some internal conflict with the (very old you ego based) and the new you now ... with instances coming up and you reacting slightly of the old ... breathe and this will pass. Tuesday we find peace and balance with the Sun Uranus square. Peace comes and settles as we approach Saturday maybe you have noticed emotions coming up stirring up. They are here to play with you and allow yourself to feel them but dwelling and getting stuck in whatever emotions comes is temporary. We all have the choice to embrace them breathe them in and then allow them to float away without permanently shifting us, these are just passing clouds. Emotions are brought by this moon just to feel them and allow them to pass, we are on track on journey the emotions that seem to bring you a drift are temporary and not by any means something to derail you now.

Another energy I have been feeling is perhaps you start to reminisce about a past life or a past that never came to be ... a person, a life, a job, whatever it happens to be, it left for a reason. If you have been thinking about any of these from the past, let them stay in the past. It didn't happen for a reason, and you may have wished it back then but look at all you have now! Maybe you feel compelled to contact someone from the past, what is the point? when you are no longer that same person? We have all moved on, we are all no longer who were were yesterday, allow the past to remain there even if this means having good vibes with how you allowed things to part you or maybe you left on a negative note, however the parting happened let it stay that way. Poking around is only going to bring you backwards. We are moving forwards! Also if someone from your past contacts you this week, you don't have to respond- if you do respond it does not mean things will revert to how they were before. Nostalgia may just be passing through in their head ...

Saturday we have the Capricorn Full Moon. This is circling back with our New Year's Resolutions and
wishes we set in January 2014. I have wished to look back at my journals, simply because so much has been coming to be. The Full Moon on Saturday is about manifesting the corresponding New Moon in Capricorn that happened January 1, 2014. So maybe you have reached the peak, you have reached already where you set your mind to. Maybe you forgot what you wrote down ... now is the time to look back as we are at the half way year check in. We celebrate our victories, redirect directions to reach those goals ... even map out further where else we are headed. So to some desires you wrote down in January to come to be by this weekend! If you are stuck this is a time to look hard at your life and see what parts of yourself are holding you back.

By Sunday we have Mercury moving into Cancer to remain until July 30 which allows our communications to be softened. We also had this movement between May 29-June 17, so people who were in our lives early June may come back in our lives this month to be an important figure. This may be family, friends, co-workers... in terms of key people in our lives. If you had been making plans prior to the Mercury Retrograde (which happened June 7-July 1) but noticed you abruptly stopped with them, now is the time to get back on track with them. We now get to make progress again towards these with Mercury in Cancer and the Mercury Retrograde over.

Overall look to your heart. Emotions may feel all over the place. It's okay to ask for help! There is nothing to fear. We are all emotional beings but it is our maturity level that determines if we are going to be a basket case of "psycho" emotions going all over the place, or breathe in and not react to every tiny thing. Vocalizing that you feel "off" on certain days is totally fine too this shows we are aware of what vibes we may be sending off and we are aware they are temporary. We have a lot of movement going on. Life has to stop sometimes for us to realize all that has already changed.

Take a look up and look around you for all that is around you that you were dreaming about 6 months ago, a year ago, since you are a child ...

I have been away from writing, but in this my journey I have been transforming. I have had so many
beautiful experiences all of which would not have come to be if I was not away from all of you. I see this now, the reason for my absence, my silence. I keep constantly seeing butterflies flying all around me I have come out of the coccoon ... we get curious about things about ourself, but we have to allow it to come, to walk down the path and to follow the path. It does not always make sense (trust me) there were times I was wondering and questioning why?? where? who? why? ... all comes when you move forward, staying stuck in any place just keeps you idle ... we all change and you can't stop change even I have realized this. There were some instances when even I wanted to just stop everything and stay internally because that seemed like the logical thing to just postpone, but life does not stop it keeps going. We can decide to stop just us and the whole world passes us by while we get stagnant and trick into thinking that we are in control and not changing, but change happens whether we want to admit it or not. Admitting it and accepting makes the flow go so much easier. We become happier, it is just realizing it is headed where we are headed even if it's not where we thought we should go, things somehow do work out.

This is all about my life, I wanted to stop movement in my life, because I needed to come to terms with all that was coming at me. Sometimes internalizing, happens which is different than getting stale or stagnant. It is accepting that we have no idea what we feel or why you want to "think" and "process" it's only feeling like you are stopped but all the while you are thinking and accessing you are still moving forward. See the difference? For me I did stop a moment in my life, but I was not resisting I stayed in, I mediated a lot, I asked the Universe and Source many many questions of where do I go now? But all the while I knew going in a cave and trying to dismiss and fight all that is, would be counter productive. So if you find yourself with a big life changing event come to be it's ok to take some moments to process it, but allow all answers to flow through you, ask for answers, they come in unexpected ways. It's ok to say I don't know ... this is part of the change and the growth is to be open to everything. To say "no" and "don't" and "I refuse to accept this" this makes stagnant energy and prevents change (temporarily) in a not so good way because you will begin to not feel good because you are restricting your own energy as well.

So in all this energy learn who you are, what do you feel? You may have more than you even realize. Take a look back at your journals from your moon cycles ... you can continue and begin new dreams now too. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Change ...

Change is here. Many different themes I have been observing. Dreams have been heavy lately with many apocalyptic type, not in terms of the world ending but warnings of continuing in the dark will lead to hardships.

I have been hearing many people thankful of change that has already happened, and they are breathing sighs ... but change is still here and moving further. Nothing is stationary in terms of physical dwellings, home/career/jobs ... be ready for change in any of these soon or now. The Universe is at work for even better things. Perhaps you have recently settled from some kind of 'move' more is changing ... I keep sensing and seeing this everywhere. It is the universe showing us to be able to not get stuck in our ways but to be flexible and move able to all opportunities the universe gives to us. Maybe you started a new job earlier this year only to find a better one which means uprooting again (do it!). Perhaps you have moved recently but circumstances you couldn't not foresee are going to have you move once again (do it!) we all plan and think once something "comes" in our life we settle get comfortable and we are going to be here for a "while" this is of the old. Life happens. I have no idea where I am going to end up, I have been feeling the sea of change rolling in for some time. And on some level many many things are already changing physically and spiritually inside me. Every day I wake up as a new being. There really are no guarantees. The most I have gotten from all this is just live for today, planning too far out or getting too comfortable makes you want to resist change (good change). I am guilty too of resistance having a nice plan in my head and when things don't go my way, I get a bit sad, but this is old emotions. All things happen for a reason.

Getting rid of the scared feelings, can be a lot but I will be going through this too. I have no idea "when" and maybe you have already been experiencing this wave of change rolling and you already out to sea with it. Or maybe you are like me where you see others out on the sea but are still on the shore. As I have said going through storage is a very good thing so when you are perhaps all of a sudden given the opportunity to up and leave to a new adventure you already have less "stuff" you have to sort through and take with you (that holds past energies). 

We are all exactly where we need to be. Know this. Embrace this. Stop trying to rush anywhere or catch up ... this creates negative energy that you are behind in some way or not fast enough ... all these are silly terms, we are all where were need to be experiencing exactly what we are.

I have been working heavily with crystals lately. My latest has been malachite on my nightstand before I sleep to aid with my dreams. If I have moved it to another location I have noticed it's when I have my apocalyptic dreams. Crystals all have various qualities and healing properties. When you feel stuck somewhere pick up a crystal to aid with this. Schedule an appointment with me if you wish to learn more about which crystals may aid you most right now at where you are in your journey.