Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Solstice

How have you been enjoying the Summer Solstice? On the Northern Hemisphere it is the longest sunny day of the year. It is a time to enjoy the outdoors. So if you haven't yet go get out! I have taken a while yes to write this, I have been out in nature and also deeply channeling this week.

Overall the message is to enjoy life. Each morning I have been waking up feeling and having a completely new and different body than I went to sleep with. The transformation is happening. Two options to embrace it and just be observant and go with the flow or  obsess and stress over it.

Summer is a time to clear out things that we no longer need the energy of. Yes Spring we planted our seeds Summer we them begin to bloom. Perhaps there was something you laid out to the Universe that you wished or a dream or some plan... maybe just maybe you have had a glimmer of it starting to happen ... as we approach this further we clean out items that hold old energies that no longer serves us. It is seeing and recognizing that everything has energy vibrations.