Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Organic ... go with the flow

I have been away from the computer for quite a while. I have taken various vacations being out in a nature. Enjoying every minute of peace and becoming centered. We have had several very intense energy shifts. Perhaps you have noticed things about yourself changing and shifting. Once thing I have observed is certain people get so dependent on me or what I have to say that it just becomes second nature for them to stop thinking and doing for themselves. Sometimes they have acted out of anger towards me like how could you have left me? how could you have up and just stopped? Maybe this has happened to you?

One thing that has come to my attention is this topic pertaining my writing. 

Writing is organic spell your words right if they (the audience) are going to ding you on stuff ... I have to say that if you don't want to continue to read because any of the other articles I have written which have errors that you find, it doesn't not mean I'm not intelligent. If this turns you off, this is all on you not me. I went to college learned all about how to write properly but I have learned that the best pieces are when I don't care about how I sound and not getting caught up in all of this, of course yes, ideally proof read but sometimes writers don't want to re-read for hours because the gist gets lost. These articles are not a thesis not in MLA format, and not an essay. 

This is a rare time I will get on a soap box. I have heard this many times: write with less errors so people take you more professionally but this is me. I channel write most of the time and this is my eyes rolled back in my head as I type ( not really) a huge exaggeration but the gist is I zone out here. If I stopped or went back to fully and professionally proof read, it no longer is the same channeled message from source. Yes many different arguments can be made on this, all valid as everything is valid. I will try to do my best to have minimal errors but there will continue to be times when there are errors we are all human. I love writing organically and this is simply a message that I felt I had to write. 

Another comment being made about the use of the word magic, there are different types of spelling on this word, all meaning very different things. As with any word (that can have multiple meanings) you have to take it for how it impacts you, what it means to you ... I don't spell magic with a k because I am not talking nor resonate personally with this form of spelling. Nor am I necessarily speaking of the same thing. This goes with all words, if it does not resonate with you, great you have found your voice. If it does resonate with you how I speak and how I spell some word. There is no right or wrong here. I appreciate that readers have felt the need to share these things with me, but I will continue to be me, we all have opinions. 

I will be having some new formats in writing, as we have a full moon coming up on Friday the 13th of June and the Summer Solstice June 21 (for North America). I also will be offering some new services and updating the sites. Bare with me I just have needed some down time away from the cluster of the Internet. I have been brainstorming and going to various events in preparation for bringing new topics, new goodies, and I am so excited to bring them to you all. Anything you wish to see or a topic you wish to cover, please let me know. I have various social media forms, if you want me to be more active on one over another let me know this too. 

Just go with the flow and glow =)