Sunday, June 15, 2014

Change is coming, be happy! =)

Change is coming this is nothing to fear, we live each second not knowing what truly is going to
happen in the next second ... this is the small stuff so why worry about the "big stuff"? we approach the summer solstice June 21 and change of the seasons brings a shift too. We all change naturally it's just the evolution of time and us and being in this form. Society and others have created this stigma and fear around change, that we have to be afraid of it or get worked up over it. Reality is it's as simple as breathing. Just go with the flow. We cannot control the change or how things shift in our lives (you may think you can change the shift but this is just the mind and make believe) our mind wants to react when we first learn of change to think far far into the future (into a time we have no control over) all we truly can do is just go with the flow. We have the ability to flow with ease when ever anything turns up into our lives. For me I have noticed a shift, in two situations in my life ... I speak from experience I see that things are "different" it is what it is ... I can get upset and react negatively (over something that is bound to happen anyway) see these times as a blessing to learn more about yourself. This is what I have been doing. I see how others react to similar situations (getting so worked up over something so small) in which they loose so much beautiful energy, the one thing they fear is exactly the thing which turns out to come true because they pushed so much energy in it. So I have just been going with the flow. Going with the flow does not guarantee any different outcome but it does bring peace of mind. So the next time you experience yourself getting worked up over a family member, a friend, a job situation, breathe take a step back and truly look to see if this is helping anyone truly. You may be surprised ... the world is going to keep spinning with or without you. People are going to do what they decide to do (regardless of what you say) there is no control this is fueled by fear of loosing, by thinking of how things use to be (living in the past). The past will never be again. We only have the now. Trying to control is simply the mind trying to keep things in a state that is not reality anymore. We live moment to moment, and this brings about peace. When we are at peace there is no need to control because you are happy and I am happy and nothing else matters. So as we approach the changing from Spring to Summer look at how you can just go with the flow a bit more or even just flow completely.