Friday, June 27, 2014

New Moon in Cancer 6.27.14

Tonight is a New Moon in Cancer and the energy carries three days before and three days after. This moon is all about nurturing your relationships with others and yourself. It is a new beginnings start energy around us. Also notice what energies have been around you.

For me personally I have been noticing energies and vibrations that I put out to the Universe even a year ago is now coming to be, even under a year ... new beginnings indeed. They are sometimes subtle so you have to really notice and sometimes you may not even remember a simple thought you put out in the Universe, but if you meditate or just focus around all that is in your life right now or is coming - see what little spark may have been lit some months earlier or even a year earlier.

If you've kept a journal it's fun to go back and read it (not too frequently). We are into wishes and dreams. On this night think and do stir the energy of all you wish to bring into your life ... big or small. I will be writing more about this all in great detail in the coming months. For now it's still in the incubation period where I am keeping it safe. Know that things do come to be, we may not recognize them at first and it even may not be in the exact form we asked ... but the Universe does provide ... does bring it to be at some point. And typically this is when we have forgotten about it or pushed this thought or dream aside and been okay with moving on to something else. This is when the Universe goes ok wait! Here it is!

So on this New Moon place out your crystals ... sit under the Moon, dream ... meditate, center, calm, be in stillness and truly look to all that you are grateful for all that has already come into your life.

I have been meditating and channeling heavily over the past weeks, I apologize for being away, but this is what happens sometimes. I have been on vacation from sharing digitally and working with my in person clients. I will return to a more regular posting format soon (just not sure when this will be yet of course) all in Divine Timing!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Solstice

How have you been enjoying the Summer Solstice? On the Northern Hemisphere it is the longest sunny day of the year. It is a time to enjoy the outdoors. So if you haven't yet go get out! I have taken a while yes to write this, I have been out in nature and also deeply channeling this week.

Overall the message is to enjoy life. Each morning I have been waking up feeling and having a completely new and different body than I went to sleep with. The transformation is happening. Two options to embrace it and just be observant and go with the flow or  obsess and stress over it.

Summer is a time to clear out things that we no longer need the energy of. Yes Spring we planted our seeds Summer we them begin to bloom. Perhaps there was something you laid out to the Universe that you wished or a dream or some plan... maybe just maybe you have had a glimmer of it starting to happen ... as we approach this further we clean out items that hold old energies that no longer serves us. It is seeing and recognizing that everything has energy vibrations.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Change is coming, be happy! =)

Change is coming this is nothing to fear, we live each second not knowing what truly is going to
happen in the next second ... this is the small stuff so why worry about the "big stuff"? we approach the summer solstice June 21 and change of the seasons brings a shift too. We all change naturally it's just the evolution of time and us and being in this form. Society and others have created this stigma and fear around change, that we have to be afraid of it or get worked up over it. Reality is it's as simple as breathing. Just go with the flow. We cannot control the change or how things shift in our lives (you may think you can change the shift but this is just the mind and make believe) our mind wants to react when we first learn of change to think far far into the future (into a time we have no control over) all we truly can do is just go with the flow. We have the ability to flow with ease when ever anything turns up into our lives. For me I have noticed a shift, in two situations in my life ... I speak from experience I see that things are "different" it is what it is ... I can get upset and react negatively (over something that is bound to happen anyway) see these times as a blessing to learn more about yourself. This is what I have been doing. I see how others react to similar situations (getting so worked up over something so small) in which they loose so much beautiful energy, the one thing they fear is exactly the thing which turns out to come true because they pushed so much energy in it. So I have just been going with the flow. Going with the flow does not guarantee any different outcome but it does bring peace of mind. So the next time you experience yourself getting worked up over a family member, a friend, a job situation, breathe take a step back and truly look to see if this is helping anyone truly. You may be surprised ... the world is going to keep spinning with or without you. People are going to do what they decide to do (regardless of what you say) there is no control this is fueled by fear of loosing, by thinking of how things use to be (living in the past). The past will never be again. We only have the now. Trying to control is simply the mind trying to keep things in a state that is not reality anymore. We live moment to moment, and this brings about peace. When we are at peace there is no need to control because you are happy and I am happy and nothing else matters. So as we approach the changing from Spring to Summer look at how you can just go with the flow a bit more or even just flow completely.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sagittarius Full Moon June 13

Friday we have a Full Moon a rare event as it's also the 13th. This Full Moon is in Sagittarius. We are going to be directed at life changing people to bring insight into our lives and possibly even get some answers we've been wishing for. With the Sagittarius energy we do have to be cautious before we speak as we need tact before crushing any one's feelings. Even if you get frustrated with all the energy it is always best to breathe first is this "truth" really worth sharing right now? I know I say speak your truth but we are in such a high energy time not all things are beneficial to share. Even if you feel frustrated that things or events aren't moving faster in this Sagittarius energy of the moon we are planting what we are seeking and this too will come to us. All the answers are already here, but sometimes we aren't ready or willing to see them just yet. Have patience. 

This week we also had Neptune go into it's annual retrograde which shall last five months of this year. Neptune is known as the celestial dreamer which flows with fantasy and illusion. So we are able to get to deep healing by flowing with the subconscious mind. Neptune is still in Pisces and will remain until 2025 it's already been here for two years. We can go both ways with this either friendly or disaster delusions ... this is completely up to prospective of course. I pick to look optimistically because why should we take the negative outlook? We get to decide how things play out when there is a positive and a negative. This is the same case. We can heal and break patterns. I have particularly started to notice patterns in my life and in lives of clients. We all can decide if we want to say "oh here we go again" and think you already know what is going to happen. This is of course allowing for the pattern to repeat. Or you can take each experience as a brand new experience and not allow the past to hold any root at all. Doing this and taking this approach means we forget the past and all ties it has on us and we become to live in each moment in the now. Each moment is brand new which it really is because we are never going back to the past again (unless we just want to live in it in which case we never change we always stay and who wants to do that? it's false anyway because we cannot stay living in this past that does and has never existed anyway it is all of the mind). 

Get in your head we only have to now. As we are in Neptune's Retrograde and also Mercury's retrograde we can decide to think oh this means technology doesn't work we have to stop all that we are doing because this is what other articles and what other videos have said to do always in the past. Okay you can take that advice and always prepare and always do the same thing and guess what you are creating energy vibrations and this will always be what comes to you. You create your own reality. I am picking to live in the now, this Mercury Retrograde I have not read any preparation same with Neptune's. I only want to move forward. I am taking this Retrograde as a means to be creative and wake up! I have noticed being more sensitive with the Pisces influence. I am deciding not to absorb other people's energy and not to let this happen unless I decide. It is being proactive here. 

For a bit I felt frustrated with all this energy because I felt stuck, perhaps you have felt this too, this why me? I have heard a lot in the past week. It is then making yourself a victim with this statement. I am seeing how we create our reality by our vibration. I am taking charge of my life, allowing the Universe to do what she wishes but I am showing up. I am done with playing victim in any situation. I also know in my heart what will be will be but it is not about being passive either. 

For a time as I shared I needed to step away from writing I was getting too drained. Answers were being sought after and I felt drained from this. I don't have all the answers. Above all I keep channeling and getting all sorts of messages but not all of them are shareable at this time and some people are also not ready to hear them. It is just how we all are we are all in different journeys. 

I have come to realizations over the past few weeks. We can get stuck and wrapped up in the safe life. Or we can take a chance. I have seen how people can start to revert back to their old self, how others decide they don't like their life and will just change it (simple as that). I have no desire to fix anyone or to be in the company of someone who does not appreciate me, and look to your life and see if anything like this resonates. I have come too far to just waste my time, and even this statement is negative. Every second is a gift. I feel like we get too wrapped up in things that don't matter. It is a matter of how someone or something makes you feel. I have become more independent over this time, all this time on my own, I have had adventures where I go to experience on my own. I didn't get lonely or anything, some of the adventures I had people by my side (which was nice too). We get so caught up in society we live in that we need to have someone right next to us to somehow give us more value here. This is such a silly concept. I guess when we rely on someone or think ok now my life can begin, it is putting so much value on this person or this thing when it has nothing to do with that but you! You are all you need. For the realization comes when you just let go and above all realize you are everything you could ever need. 

I had an epiphany last night where I am so happy when I am free and unrestricted which for all of us this means something different. It might mean for some to be single. For others to have their own car. To not have kids. To not have a home of their own. Whatever this means for you, find a way to be unrestricted maybe that means to go out for an hour without your phone. Detach in some way let go. 

I am creating my own adventures and I'm not waiting around anymore. This is my eye opening time. Instead of waiting for taking a vacation, just doing so. If that means I go alone so be it. I cannot be envious of anyone else because I get to make my own now moments. I realized I am not who I once was I am not a trophy for anyone. These realizations have come with speaking with many many lovely beings over my time away.

I met so many beautiful people. A story I loved hearing was how a guy just happened to be driving across country (changing his life) he stopped at a diner noticed a girl who called him over. He has been with her for over a decade (and never made his original destination). We never know where life is going to take us. We are all on this journey and if we are too focused on the destination we are blinded to the middle stuff which really does have the opportunity to change us forever for the better. The middle stuff may very well be the destination after all. 

For this Full Moon just go with the flow and glow. Enjoy the energy, do something for you! We are done with releasing this is a time to recharge ourselves and our crystals. Try something like getting rid of physical stuff if you want to do some kind of releasing. Our "stuff" actually holds energy from our past, and if you ever notice icky feelings a cloud of energy gets stirred up when we move it. Let's as we approach the Summer Solstice on June 21 have a Summer clean out!! Clean the space! Start this weekend by looking to what you no longer use what is just taking up space get rid of clutter, get a new you. If you wish for a new life start by getting rid of the things that hold memories of the old you! Travel light or with nothing at all. If you want to have many adventures it's way easier if you have nothing negative holding you back this includes people, items, and "stuff".

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Organic ... go with the flow

I have been away from the computer for quite a while. I have taken various vacations being out in a nature. Enjoying every minute of peace and becoming centered. We have had several very intense energy shifts. Perhaps you have noticed things about yourself changing and shifting. Once thing I have observed is certain people get so dependent on me or what I have to say that it just becomes second nature for them to stop thinking and doing for themselves. Sometimes they have acted out of anger towards me like how could you have left me? how could you have up and just stopped? Maybe this has happened to you?

One thing that has come to my attention is this topic pertaining my writing. 

Writing is organic spell your words right if they (the audience) are going to ding you on stuff ... I have to say that if you don't want to continue to read because any of the other articles I have written which have errors that you find, it doesn't not mean I'm not intelligent. If this turns you off, this is all on you not me. I went to college learned all about how to write properly but I have learned that the best pieces are when I don't care about how I sound and not getting caught up in all of this, of course yes, ideally proof read but sometimes writers don't want to re-read for hours because the gist gets lost. These articles are not a thesis not in MLA format, and not an essay. 

This is a rare time I will get on a soap box. I have heard this many times: write with less errors so people take you more professionally but this is me. I channel write most of the time and this is my eyes rolled back in my head as I type ( not really) a huge exaggeration but the gist is I zone out here. If I stopped or went back to fully and professionally proof read, it no longer is the same channeled message from source. Yes many different arguments can be made on this, all valid as everything is valid. I will try to do my best to have minimal errors but there will continue to be times when there are errors we are all human. I love writing organically and this is simply a message that I felt I had to write. 

Another comment being made about the use of the word magic, there are different types of spelling on this word, all meaning very different things. As with any word (that can have multiple meanings) you have to take it for how it impacts you, what it means to you ... I don't spell magic with a k because I am not talking nor resonate personally with this form of spelling. Nor am I necessarily speaking of the same thing. This goes with all words, if it does not resonate with you, great you have found your voice. If it does resonate with you how I speak and how I spell some word. There is no right or wrong here. I appreciate that readers have felt the need to share these things with me, but I will continue to be me, we all have opinions. 

I will be having some new formats in writing, as we have a full moon coming up on Friday the 13th of June and the Summer Solstice June 21 (for North America). I also will be offering some new services and updating the sites. Bare with me I just have needed some down time away from the cluster of the Internet. I have been brainstorming and going to various events in preparation for bringing new topics, new goodies, and I am so excited to bring them to you all. Anything you wish to see or a topic you wish to cover, please let me know. I have various social media forms, if you want me to be more active on one over another let me know this too. 

Just go with the flow and glow =)