Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Gemini New Moon May 28, 2014

Energy is swirling! Have you been feeling it? I have been away from writing because I have been experiencing nature. We do have to step back to appreciate. If you have been following me on this journey, all the Moon energies we have done various rituals, wished for things, released other things and now it's time to appreciate all that is. If we are constantly wishing or focusing so hard on any one thing, we loose sight (potentially) of what is right in front of us. We live in the moment and may just see we in fact have everything we ever wanted right here, right now!

Various different new projects are in the work, I will be sharing them once they are developed. I am very excited to share them with all of you. In the mean time, we have a New Moon in Gemini May 28. As our journey continues we are experiencing many new gifts or developing our gifts further. Not thinking but instead just experiencing is how I have been noticing these gifts more and more. Just living in the moment and when I know something - I just know it. With New Moon energy what we wish to manifest or wish to come to be we think, dream, visualize ... it can happen at any given time, or can come when we have to corresponding Full Moon in the same sign (typically six months later). Take a moment to think of this, six months ago what did you wish for and the Full Moon. On the 14th of May we had one Full Moon perhaps in the past couple weeks you have noticed some things happening ... with the thought of I wished this or similar to happen (and it is!). We cannot act in haste the Universe is working her magic. Same goes with this New Moon. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 we have the New Moon in Gemini which is considered the twin flame of
the zodiac. This means we are often searching for kindred spirits of all kinds (friends, bff, romantic, platonic). We are in a very social energy so there is no need to label any pairing just enjoy the energy of each other! It is all about networking and experiencing the kindred spirit vibes. The corresponding Full Moon is on December 6, so think of it this way we have six months to figure out labels (if you wish to). People you meet this week or realize how similar and kindred you actually are. This can even be realizing how kindred and similar you are with people already in your life, but maybe never realized it because an event or situation allows for you to spend more time together. In any case, the people you interact with this week (who you are kindred with) will find their rightful place in your charts now through December 6. Gemini is all about communicating so take up writing, maybe you have been putting something off (now is the time to start written communication, technical writing, resume, blog, novel, etc).

Mercury moves to Cancer from May 29-June 17 this is all about private cozy energy knowing your inner circle and bearing your soul with only your trusted confidantes. Know who these people are. Maybe sharing will give you insights on who are really your true and trusted people. Cancer is a sign of the homemaker so we may gravitate more towards domestic projects, decorating, making our homes cozy. There is nothing to fear, you may just notice this energy that you only wish to share your secrets to certain people because you trust them the most. 

We also have Venus in Taurus from May 29-June 23. Taurus energy is all about modesty, restraint, subtle vibes. When we hold back and act subtler things spice up and heat up becoming even hotter! Keep your feelings and communication flowing, speak your truth! If you feel turned on say so! But keep your clothes on a bit longer. Sensual romantic Venus is gaining momentum as Taurus encourages more natural gifts or gestures in the romance department. Treat yourself to some natural products. Pamper yourself in the simple ways not all of it is about spending tons of money on material things. Chemical free is key! So if you are noticing romance in the air or you wish for romance in this New Moon speak your truth, be open but dress modesty, leave more to the imagination, do the simple things appreciate who is right in front of you. Not everything has to be a huge production. If we are having a fully disclosed conversation in a park this can be the most intimate experience than just ripping someones clothes off. 

New Moon rituals
Make you wishes! All the things big and small you wish to experience. This is a very simple ritual. Burn some sage, light some candles, put out a crystal grid.

Write out all you wish in a journal. Create a vision board if you want to see something up on your walls. Stand under the New Moon and enjoy all the energy!! Having a conversation with the Moon, share all you wish to with her.