Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Gemini New Moon May 28, 2014

Energy is swirling! Have you been feeling it? I have been away from writing because I have been experiencing nature. We do have to step back to appreciate. If you have been following me on this journey, all the Moon energies we have done various rituals, wished for things, released other things and now it's time to appreciate all that is. If we are constantly wishing or focusing so hard on any one thing, we loose sight (potentially) of what is right in front of us. We live in the moment and may just see we in fact have everything we ever wanted right here, right now!

Various different new projects are in the work, I will be sharing them once they are developed. I am very excited to share them with all of you. In the mean time, we have a New Moon in Gemini May 28. As our journey continues we are experiencing many new gifts or developing our gifts further. Not thinking but instead just experiencing is how I have been noticing these gifts more and more. Just living in the moment and when I know something - I just know it. With New Moon energy what we wish to manifest or wish to come to be we think, dream, visualize ... it can happen at any given time, or can come when we have to corresponding Full Moon in the same sign (typically six months later). Take a moment to think of this, six months ago what did you wish for and the Full Moon. On the 14th of May we had one Full Moon perhaps in the past couple weeks you have noticed some things happening ... with the thought of I wished this or similar to happen (and it is!). We cannot act in haste the Universe is working her magic. Same goes with this New Moon. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 we have the New Moon in Gemini which is considered the twin flame of
the zodiac. This means we are often searching for kindred spirits of all kinds (friends, bff, romantic, platonic). We are in a very social energy so there is no need to label any pairing just enjoy the energy of each other! It is all about networking and experiencing the kindred spirit vibes. The corresponding Full Moon is on December 6, so think of it this way we have six months to figure out labels (if you wish to). People you meet this week or realize how similar and kindred you actually are. This can even be realizing how kindred and similar you are with people already in your life, but maybe never realized it because an event or situation allows for you to spend more time together. In any case, the people you interact with this week (who you are kindred with) will find their rightful place in your charts now through December 6. Gemini is all about communicating so take up writing, maybe you have been putting something off (now is the time to start written communication, technical writing, resume, blog, novel, etc).

Mercury moves to Cancer from May 29-June 17 this is all about private cozy energy knowing your inner circle and bearing your soul with only your trusted confidantes. Know who these people are. Maybe sharing will give you insights on who are really your true and trusted people. Cancer is a sign of the homemaker so we may gravitate more towards domestic projects, decorating, making our homes cozy. There is nothing to fear, you may just notice this energy that you only wish to share your secrets to certain people because you trust them the most. 

We also have Venus in Taurus from May 29-June 23. Taurus energy is all about modesty, restraint, subtle vibes. When we hold back and act subtler things spice up and heat up becoming even hotter! Keep your feelings and communication flowing, speak your truth! If you feel turned on say so! But keep your clothes on a bit longer. Sensual romantic Venus is gaining momentum as Taurus encourages more natural gifts or gestures in the romance department. Treat yourself to some natural products. Pamper yourself in the simple ways not all of it is about spending tons of money on material things. Chemical free is key! So if you are noticing romance in the air or you wish for romance in this New Moon speak your truth, be open but dress modesty, leave more to the imagination, do the simple things appreciate who is right in front of you. Not everything has to be a huge production. If we are having a fully disclosed conversation in a park this can be the most intimate experience than just ripping someones clothes off. 

New Moon rituals
Make you wishes! All the things big and small you wish to experience. This is a very simple ritual. Burn some sage, light some candles, put out a crystal grid.

Write out all you wish in a journal. Create a vision board if you want to see something up on your walls. Stand under the New Moon and enjoy all the energy!! Having a conversation with the Moon, share all you wish to with her.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Scorpio Energy

New transitions are available with this Scorpio Full Moon. I woke up after a series of very strange dreams this morning. I finally got the root of a problem. Maybe you have a problem or issue that has been coming up over and over again. Yet you don't understand some part of this? Scorpio energy is all about getting to the root. I have received this quote twice in the past two days- I will share with you as well."The mere desire to resolve a problem is an escape from the problem, is it not? I haven't gone into the problem, I haven't studied it, explored it, understood it. I don't know the beauty or the ugliness or the depth of the problem; my only concern is to resolve it, put it away. This urge to resolve a problem without having understood it is an escape from the problem - and therefore it becomes another problem. Every escape breeds further problems." - Krishnamurti, Talks by Krishnamurti in Saanen, 1964

What I have come to find is my reacting to a person (it was not about the person at all! it was myself reacting to my own life and situation). Hopefully that makes sense. As when we react is has nothing to do with the person who is speaking to us. This has all to do with our own personal self. It is looking at the root of this going to the root and not shying away from it. The root being and involving only our true self, our individual self. I laid out my crystals after having put them away for some weeks, I feel intense energy and at first I did not want to face this- energy ... because there is much energy to face. I see that I do need to face this energy all these feelings that these crystals have stored up and their messages to me. What led to many dreams last night was from the crystals being in the same room with me. I see so much clearer this realization that I am sharing with you, we cannot run away from any problem or situation this just temporarily "fixes" in our mind but really just is bringing about more or new problems on top of the original issue or problem. Problem being a general word based on the quote pertaining to anything in your life. 

We are able to move and find this transitional energy, questioning and learning why we feel what we feel is key here. We are diving deep into this energy of the moon, we were only on the surface before of all that is possible with our lives and our own personal energy. All the emotions that come up are not going to all be positive or happy- this does not mean something is wrong with you, we are human and not everything is nice and happy and positive. We can pretend and try to will this to be but it's running away from our shadow element of our true self. We have both positive and negative qualities with in us always. This transition is all about seeing the New the Now ... we only have the Now moment ... this comes with sitting in all that you feel or are involved with right now. Perhaps you feel stuck for any number of reasons, we can think positively that this is temporary we are moving forward. For this time in the Now were are here (where ever here happens to be for you).

I loved reading this below ... at I feel we all do have the power to change and influence where our life is headed. However, our Soul knows and guides us. I share as for me personally I have been feeling overwhelmed by external physical forces ... above all remember to breathe. We are all nurtured and loved all is right with the world because we are exactly where we need to be. This for me calms my mind because the worry and all the thinking just stops as its just a matter of flowing with the world and worrying about any one thing or situation or event ... it's in the future not here- it creates stress to think ... when we act in pure love and are calm and centered and grounded when the future comes we just flow with it ...
"Dear Beloveds! 
We have an intense Full Moon in Scorpio this week and there are a lot of transits happening as inner shifts in perspective.This is a powerful releasing Moon actually. New awareness is available when we are able to go deep enough. And Scorpio is always ready to plunge really deep. That is how we release and as we do, we always create more sacred space for the New to enter and be integrated through inner wholeness. We are really feeling the transit between the old and the New, it's very enhanced Now. That is all happening so that we can face the New dawn with more Love, Power and Wisdom ... all in pure awareness.
Scorpio is an archetype that relates to anything that is primal and very deep. It links with our sexuality, money, basic survival needs and all of those basic things. This is our primal Human nature that has only served on one level of experience, but as we are transcending those experiences, we need to deal with this through awareness before we can step into our newly created ascended reality. And that is why Scorpio is also an archetype of union and passion. Do You notice how You always enter a deeper union with the Self after an intense experience and Soul activation/integration? Yes, this is how this takes place, and each challenge is actually an opportunity for us to expand a bit more. we activate and then integrate ... and this cycle is always ongoing.
The archetype of Scorpio also deals with our basic Human survival needs. A lot of this comes through issues of money and personal finances ... and how we perceive this as ascending Human Beings. Our true nature is Divine, so everything is of that Divine nature in its Core Essence, no matter what the surrounding external experience might be or how things might seem. We can only feel things neutrally when we become the objective observer and take notice of our reactions and responses with awareness. This week I kept receiving the same repetitive messages about money and finances and restrictions. You see, our Souls never guide us through limitations or what might happen, for we are limitless in Truth. Many would get scared of such messages, taking them too literally. In Spirit awareness, we have to move beyond. The entire message is actually about shifting the perspective and focus in regards to money and finances, and how this is perceived on this Human level of experience that we have chosen.
Do we see everything as energy, and know how to govern our actions through the reflection of our choices and overall awareness? Yes, nothing is set in stone and everything changes as a direct consequence of our inner state of Being through awareness. Our Souls will show us what we are working on integrating by our life's current experiences ... so remain observant and vigilant. All the key answers are already there within and around You. It takes courage and honesty to reflect in such a way. We are shifting the most primal Human nature at this time, and the wave of transcendence is being offered to us ... if we are only ready and willing. Everyone will know everything they need to know in perfect Divine timing, and all the answers will continue to come and go ... change in regards to how we are shifting on the inside.
Many of us feel gentle (or stronger) waves of releasing energy. It will continue to build up until Wednesday with the Full Moon. Can You feel this Vortex? Because of this we have a powerful energy shift and I AM sure that many of You are feeling it ... as sensitive as we are becoming. My psychic/knowing abilities are increasing each day, and there are constant Spirit confirmations about it. This is one of the main/Key messages for us. There are doorways opening up, but we got to be willing to shift in perspective. I feel the most essential thing is being gentle with ourselves, as we received a powerful surge of Solar activity last week. I AM feeling a huge gateway opening, so we need more devotion to the Self in order to walk through those doorways and make some subtle changes deep from within.
Remember that with each gateway opening, there will be new opportunities for Self mastery and increased awareness. If You are feeling a bit lost or confused, or even fed up with all the "repetitive" cycles in the physical, be aware that nothing is really repetitive in Truth. Even if it seems so, it truly is not. Everything will have a shifting element to it and each experience will be different and unique, even if the overall patterning feels the same. If we didn't get something the first time, there will always be the next opportunity ... and the next. So either way, we can't go wrong ... and everything is unfolding in perfect Divine order. But we step through a new doorway only after we complete entering through a previous one, as each of them follows the previous one in a perfect structure and symmetry of the Divine ... the Grand scheme of things. There is always great order ... even in seeming chaos.
Yes, Scorpio can be very deep, and some individuals don't know how to handle such depth, for they might have been used to repressing their feelings for a very long time. A lot of individuals on this planet were afraid to live their personal truth. We are now healing/wholing those collective wounds, and as one steps into greater wholeness, they already pave the way for the next one and the whole new generation as well. The key message is also that of constant focus and devotion to service. Service is completely natural to every Soul, but not everyone remembers that, so the further away we move from that natural state, the more chaos and confusion we create in our experiences.
If I feel too overwhelmed or even "burdened" by the physical reality and the nature of lower worlds that have managed to "plunge" really deeply, I always affirm to my Self: "All that is happening around me is superficial. My true focus is only that of Divine service. I only focus on loving selfless service. Spirit, I ask only to serve with Love and awareness!" When we focus on service, everything else is always shifting naturally, for service through Joy is our most natural frequency. We are always Divinely supported when we live in selfless Divine service to All Life in Creation.

So ... are You really to go really deep? Are You ready to make that jump? And whatever your choices might be ... know that there is no such thing as a wrong answer or choice. All adds to your Soul expansion, and each thread of the Divine mosaic is perfectly laid out within the vastness and greatness of All That Is!
Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn"

Monday, May 12, 2014

Flower Full Moon May 14, 2014

It's been a week, I truly appreciate the understanding of my retreat. I really needed to get away and enjoy some time for myself. I have been creating and different projects in the works still. Over my time I noticed a theme many people and beings relate and call different terms differently, to the point that they get caught up in the words. It is not about the words or the title. Or wishing to call this by a "name" ... we do not fit in a box easily so why try to conform? I have becoming more and more free of titles myself in all kinds. I use words loosely and also have noticed that I use one word to umbrella over a vast variety. Mainly the word interesting, it does not describe or really help the listener to understand what I am trying to detail or explain- I am embracing who I am, hopefully you are doing the same too.

Any terms I happen to use, at the time I write about them "beings" "magic" "love" "interesting" ... all these and more of course can have any number of meanings to them, and it's not for your to search what I mean by them ... it is what these words make you feel as in individual. Each message is for you personally, not to try to figure out why I am using them about pertaining to my life, if any of these words stir up something: feelings, emotions, sensations ... in you this has nothing to do with me, this is your own internalizing and your own experience.

This weekend I felt internalized as I posted I just could not express myself in written form. I received a sign this morning as I looked out the window a black butterfly flew and landed on a window sill I thought it was dead at first as it just didn't move for some time. This butterfly decided to take a nap, but after a while moved it's wings to let me know it was alive. Two crystals in hand I just observed this butterfly ... realizing her message to me, I am and have transformed. New beginnings, this is the dawn the start once again.

We have the Full Moon energy here ... as the Flower Full Moon in Scorpio happens Wednesday, May 14, 1:16pm (PT), 3:16pm (ET). This Scorpio Full Moon is full of passion, charged with seductive vibes that are very intense! Notice as attractions explode within us, this can come from all angels ... open a romance novel, hit up that sweetie, treat yourself if you are single. Scorpio has a very direct and black and white view so this means no gray area, no maybes. If you feel any hint of love- it's love! Our heart knows, sometimes it is as simple as you may have been on the fence about this romantic situation and when you take your head and mind out of it you love spending time with this person, this is love. If you notice the opposite that they drain your energy and it's always "me me me" when you hang with this person, the flip side is may not be love. I had a very interesting conversation, that often times in the land of love you feel like a lost soul. When you find someone and they leave you (for any number of reasons) this transition time you are searching for answers, and who you are. In this passion filled Scorpio moon it is knowing your heart. Being kind and gentle with your heart. The answers are not in me- they are not in these words, it is all the emotions that are stirred up when you read the words.

As I have become more and more awakened to my gifts. I see and feel now why I had to step away from all of you. It is so that I could feel and I could not do so sitting behind a screen typing and using words. Many different sensations and emotions from the ick to the bliss I have encountered this week. My awakening like the butterfly it flies around but there are times when it just needs to be still to rest before it picks up and continues where it is headed (where ever that may be).

The Scorpio Full Moon is all about transforming energy, the transformation. As I saw the butterfly this morning I feel it in the air. When things seem to stall you have to breathe and not rush anything just because you want it to go. It is sitting with the ick, or sitting with the stillness,... whatever emotion you might be trying to over come or run away from (thinking you are over it that you have leveled up on it) if it's not leaving this means you need to sit in this some more, the mind is trying to get you out of it. Patience it's all a process, life is a process. Scorpio Full Moon is closely lined with Saturn which brings the strong support system energy. So in this changing and moving forward and seeing that your life is going to be much different it is looking at those core strong people in your life right now. They will help you create a solid plan (even if it's just knowing they are there to give you positive words). Perhaps they don't even give you any help to what you think you need, don't discourage, the point is their presence they will be here for you. The rock the solids the foundations. I have these in my life, any time I feel off balance, I may not even talk to them about what the cause is, but just knowing at any time I can speak to them and they just get it and make me laugh, this is enough. Look to these people in your life.

As the week moves along Venus is moving into Uranus and Jupiter. Thursday Venus moves into the revolutionary Uranus and these will be in the sign of impulsive Aries. This energy may have us singing "live in the moment" "seize the day, the now" as we are all swirling in this cosmic energy. All this Venus energy we are moving into does not need to be publicized (even if you are tempted) some of the best moment are when you share it with one individual and the whole world does not know about it. When Venus moves into Jupiter on Sunday, this weekend we may bring such powerful energy that we want more and more of this good thing this amazing sensation- however this indulging (in relationships, situations, friends, etc) be responsible and create your own limits and boundaries so that this remains memorable and not regrettable, but if we are all living in love and compassion then we will not regret. 

Flower Full Moon we have a trine of the Moon to Jupiter and Cancer with Saturn bringing strength to drive Jupiter's heart. Use this moon energy to whatever we feel is important to us and we will achieve much with this passion energy. The trick is to keep breathing to keep moving forward. This Full Moon is not about releasing (not this time) it is about pushing forward knowing what you want and forging ahead. If you let what you feel passionate about and what is important to you rein you can and will get stuck in a stagnant energy of thinking and being. Full Moons are not all about releasing and only focusing on releasing, this is so much the old energy of waiting and we are now not trapped in this thinking anymore. We will be in harvest time from this Full Moon and the New Moon May 28. It is all about dreaming, visualizing see where we wish to go, who we are. The energy is so much larger than any one person or being. So I invite all of you to dream ... maybe life is not what you envisioned it would be ... certain things or events did not go to "plan" how you thought ... this is only a small hiccup. The Universe and Life and Source has a plan for us, we just might not be able to see it yet. More and more I truly see and feel this. I felt myself expanding and opening so much only to then have this past week where I had to retreat internally. I needed my own personal space to just do my own thing.

Even down to getting new messages of this is only your new beginning, when you feel off or like you are ruining any plan or yourself, this is not the case, take a step back, a moment, a breath ... we are all allowed to have these moments of feeling like we are moving backwards. I see in myself these moments which I know will pass. In my case I allowed myself to sit and be in this energy (which of course lasted about a week) I felt my expansion and development despite I internally felt like I was moving backwards, the truth I was revisiting and moving forwards all the same still.

I am going to be offering a Full Moon circle for those interested, add our FB page: Padma Bella and details will be going up on there. The more and more I have been channeling this week, I realize who I am who I need to be (for me). I went to a walk at the beach over the weekend and I felt more of me I have to release, personality traits of the old, that somehow still linger ... it's just not all going to poof away super fast. I invite all of you to continue to see what parts of you you can shed on this Full Moon. What ego, mind, negative traits within yourself you can live without. This is my only view of releasing of this Full Moon, ways to improve yourself. Don't pay attention to other people or changing yourself even- break this down to the simplest form that is realistic, real, raw ... sure we all can say we want to diet and loose weight- but why? why do we say this? Is it really a health thing? such as it's causing you pain or getting in the way of your living a healthy life- or is it society and image- to think: "if I loose all this weight then I am date able- marketable," etc. It truly has to be you doing this for you. Another thing- what habits do you have that could be holding you back (in any number of areas) not envying someone else because they seem so much more put together than you ... I am asking you all to take a deep hard look at yourself at your core.

I am doing and have been doing this- and when you think about these things take every single external force and factor out of your thinking. This is only about you, what would you change to make you happiest? If you were dating yourself what traits would annoy you? What habits do you have that annoy you? What can you do to improve yourself so that when you look in the mirror you have unconditional love for yourself- this might be something like I want to take more risks and go sky diving. I want to enjoy more walks outside. I want to eat more ice cream because it makes me smile. This is all about improving your quality of life, minus the other people in our lives. 

New Creations ... they will be in the link to the right ... email if you wish to be the companion, these are all one of a kind creations. 

This collection is the Lexi Bliss Collection by Padma Bella. Email: Sophie@PadmaBella.com

Deep Amethyst Bliss
Deep purple Amethyst crystal beads with purple accents bringing the energetic power of the Amethyst to you. A perfect piece can be worn as a necklace or circlet around your third eye or crown chakra. Channel your purple aura energy while wearing this blissful circlet.
Length: Approx. 22 inches

Amethyst wire wrap pendant may be attached to this necklace. 

Amethyst Crystal
Deep purple Amethyst beads accent clear beads giving a light contrasting energy. May be worn as a necklace or circlet close to the third eye chakra. Harness the healing energy of the Amethyst while wearing this piece. If you love purple this is for you!
Length: Approx. 28 1/2 inches
*Amethyst wire wrap pendant may be attached to this necklace. 

Forrest Ocean Unity
Bringing together the elements of the forrest with Agate crystals and the ocean with Aquamarine, this brings peace, calm, clarity, and communication to the companion. A serene energy resides with this necklace. It may be worn as a circlet crown. Call forth your inner Queen of the Forrest and Goddess of the Sea.
Length: Approx. 20 1/2
*Quartz wire wrapped pendant may be added to this necklace.

Aquamarine Sea Goddess
The energy of the sea resides in this Aquamarine necklace which may also be worn as a circlet to adore your head to harness the Sea Goddess within.
Length: Approx. 23 inches

Aquamarine and Amethyst Delight
Aquamarine and Amethyst collide in this playful energy. A light and energetic vibration merge in this necklace/ circlet. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Learning Happiness & Loving Yourself

Sharing some inspiration

Getting caught up in the details at this point can make you feel wonky. Live in the moment all the other "stuff" will fall into place.

"The lotus flower starts out at the bottom of muddy waters where it then grows into a beautiful flower. this is a constant reminder to always have hope. it’s a reminder that things do get better. it’s a reminder that I survived when I didn’t care whether I lived or died. it’s a reminder that happiness is something one should never take for granted. it’s a reminder that my mud made me who I am..and I honestly wouldn’t have wanted it any other way."

May 5th
If plans continuously seem to change, just go with it. It may take time to decide which path to walk which is a good thing. Mercury is less rushed when in Taurus.
Up against that vibe is Uranus in Aries. It is almost like two inner wills coming up against one another. One wants to gear up and jump and the other would rather smell the flowers, lie around and sip tea. This internal stretch can make for a restless body. A conversation about how much to do and when to do it are rolled into one burrito of a vibe. It may feel a little tight after a bit.
The mindful message here is to see where the music takes the dance. If it generates action, it might just be time to take it to the next level. And the flip side may slow it down to a turtle's pace with plenty of Earth to sit with.
Either way, there is sure to be tension unless a conscious effort is placed on being okay with going beyond the speed limit or going way under. This means that the other burritos on the highway are probably unable to understand your velocity which is fine.
My advice, don't let other burritos give speed directions. Listen to the personal beat and allow it to bake at its own rate, otherwise an internal tension may just cause a tightly wrapped burrito to burst.

The Daily Vibe with Laurissa Heller
Artist: Grant Haffner

Be limitless always free the mind!

Love opens so many doors ... When we love life flows

Practice kindness wherever you go always

“there are many ways to be free. one of them is to transcend reality by imagination, as i try to do.” anais nin

Experience and practice gratitude (especially every second) it will change you

Forget every worry and just be happy

RULES FOR BEING AMAZING by Robin Sharma. "Risk more than is required. Learn more than is normal. Be strong. Show courage. Breathe. Excel. Love. Lead. Speak your truth. Live your values. Laugh. Cry. Innovate. Simplify. Adore mastery. Release mediocrity. Aim for genius. Stay humble. Be kinder than expected. Deliver more than is needed. Exude passion. Shatter your limits. Transcend your fears. Inspire others by your bigness. Dream big but start small. Act now. Don't stop. Change the world."

Transcend. Be the flow of energy you want to be. It starts now.

You are here, now. Just be your authentic, divine self. Awaken Within...to your brightest reality.

Being conscious creatures allows us to both look out at the world through our own eyes, and to be able to observe ourselves from the outside. Being able to shift between these perspectives is very useful, to both experience and reflect, feel and think, breathe and know. 

"You must learn to get in touch with the innermost essence of your being. This true essence is beyond the ego. It is fearless; it is free; it is immune to criticism; it does not fear any challenge. It is beneath no one, superior to no one, and full of magic, mystery, and enchantment." ~ Deepak Chopra

No worry be Happy!!!