Monday, April 28, 2014

Treasure adventures

What things are coming up for you. On my adventures of Sunday, enjoying the sunny weather I played with crystals. I observed ... wandered and played. I came across an old man who was just wandering also just observing and looking at the many crystals. His energy very content, unknown if he came with his wife, let her off to shop or if he had come alone ... in his walking he had this distinct remembering about him as he peered into these crystals. Throughout the afternoon I would run into him, ... the final time I ran into him he had something in his hand. A treasure, he'd found and decided to bring home with him.

In my journey with the crystals I cam upon a key quartz that drew in my attention. The key to unlock all things ... among all the other crystals reminding all of us that things can be right in front of us if we are capable of looking clearly.

I still have yet to find a crystal that came to me in a dream ... I see that my journey is yet to come to be.

As I was on a long drive, the radio played a song. I didn't want to listen to this song so I mindlessly changed the channel. The same song was playing on this other radio too. I went ugh, and contemplated leaving it but took a gamble and changed the channel again. When I did so - a third time the next random radio station was playing this same exact song! I get the message Universe is what I thought. So not trying to fight it anymore I just left it on this station and listened to the song.


I have been feeling very overwhelmed with hearing this song and all the messages coming to me this weekend. Embrace all feelings that are coming. Even tiredness may come, we are receiving and downloading. The more I run the more the Universe keeps giving me signs. 
This song is a prime example. Sunday was my time to clear my head, to "escape" so I thought. Just get away from everything and play with crystals. We can't run for long. Once Awakened this journey is completely different and zoning out or tuning out does not happen anymore.

As I wrote previously that this Taurus New Moon will set about a 6 month journey for what we are manifesting into our lives. The same can be said for the last time there was a Taurus New Moon, look back a year and a half ago to November 2012. We are at a tipping point how where all the hard work from the past year and a half is coming into be. I'm referring to the Scorpio/Taurus series that began in November 2012. There is still one more Solar Eclipse in Scorpio coming on October 23, 2014. Look to where you were in your life back then. I have been looking to my life where I was back in November 2012, I was just in the glowing excitement of my Awakening, learning more about my path and my gifts coming further into awareness. The sense now is that we are setting off on a new journey, but looking back to November 2012, this journey we have been preparing for a long time too. It is a new journey but it too has been written in the stars for us.

As I think back to my life, in November 2012 I was elated that a person, a being re-entered my life, had decided not to walk away from me. As the events of October 2012 didn't feel right, my core was saying this is not how it ends, there is no end. In this year and a half, we have grown together- we have transformed so much! We seem to have these check ins to see are we there yet? Are you at that point yet? We are going heading now on this new journey but it's not what you may think of leaving everything and it being a completely new journey. View it this way- this has been in the works since November 2012 we have more tools and knowledge and remembering than we did back then. I see it and feel it things that I was asking to the Universe back then, things I didn't completely understand why I was headed and gravitated towards a certain way ... now I see why. I read this which rings true of course as now"Don't waste time deliberating. If your heart and mind say yes, you have the green light to start" putting one foot in front of the other. We can think and think and think all we want. The heart knows. I have always felt in my gut the outcome, why despite this Cosmic dance this one person keeps over the past year and a half has come and gone back in my life. Many didn't understand, perhaps you too have faced this. Either been the person running and coming back or the person being run back to. Either case- the Universe is speaking! The running eventually stops once the runner Awakens and has the true epiphany moment. So who ever you are, know it is coming! Awakening leads for the running to stop and for no more running away to be. If however, the runner never comes back- it is that this lifetime the mind is too much for this individual and in another lifetime this will be remedied. You also have to set your boundaries if you have a runner on your hands, it is not you accepting their behavior to walk all over you. There is a difference here knowing when they need to be and when they could potentially unconsciously be using you. Common thoughts you may have is: why me? Why am I the only one that seems to be getting the messages or hearing them ... aren't they hearing them too? Am I the only one? Am I crazy? If I am the only one hearing this- how is it ever going to happen? ... I don't have the answers for you, but it does help to really ask these questions to the Universe. I can share you aren't crazy, and eventually in some lifetime they will get it, the light bulb will go on. And perhaps they are running because they are getting these messages and it's scaring them! Recognize when there is a willingness from them. I do offer one-on-one sessions for more specific details based on your own personal situation. Sign up for one

For me it all comes down to the night of 12.21.12, The New Age of Light, it was the night before I was leaving for a trip. My simple intention was to pack and be at home. The Universe has other plans. I distinctly remember being contacted and a being wishing for me to have one last visit before I left on this trip. It didn't dawn on me until after the fact that we spent this time together, just as we had spent the 12.12.12 gateway portal together too. All cosmic events we have gravitated towards each other. The latest one being Lyra. So listen to your heart here. We are getting more courage and ammo was Venus is moving into Taurus on Friday May 2. 

The more I remember and look the more obvious it becomes and come to me. Have you been noticing this too? Our gifts are coming and being stronger and stronger. I watched a movie that many have told me to see. One line which I really enjoy "Love is an open door." It's coming to the point of me thinking am I the only one getting these messages? Isn't it obvious to others? Know though that you are not alone in what you feel or experience.

Venus will stay in Taurus for four weeks, staring here of course we may feel the heat and passion but we may also feel the restlessness of the romantics in us here. Once Venus moves into Aries May 28, you will have the courage to lay it all out to your sweetie, all your romantic feelings (you may be inspired before this). Aries energy helps us act on instinct. It's time to get out in the world and take adventures together!