Sunday, April 27, 2014

Taurus New Moon Ring of Fire April 28, 2014

Monday we are getting ready for the Taurus New Moon that leads us to a day for new beginnings! We
also have a Solar Eclipse which makes it's powers and effects multiplied. If you have noticed you have become a bit stagnant, or unsure or stuck Eclipse energy lifts us from this stagnant path to feel refreshed and able to begin movement again. The ring of fire is all about Conscious Revolution and Self Realization.

Taurus is the first of the Earth Signs which is all about in Spring creating the fertile soil needed to plant our seeds, our desires, our wishes. Perhaps you have been following on this journey and set up a plan you wish to follow but for some reason this month you got weighed down or stuck in some way. Our focus in this New Moon is all about grounding and foundations. Most likely the reason things have yet to get off the ground is because we need to have a solid foundation with feet on the ground. We have been having a lot of intense cosmic energy this past week, and now it's time to ground into the earth and find a solid foundation.

We are looking at ways to improve our life further. Diet, work load, relieve stress, finances ... Taurus energy is all about being pragmatic and efficient in our lives.

This New Moon sparks the fire within. Our seeds we plant under this Taurus New Moon energy will keep the fire going for six months with it's corresponding Full Moon. So projects you wish to start and come to mind, the manifesting of them may take until the Taurus Full Moon which takes place on November 6. So Monday is about manifesting intentions and wishes now that will bloom between now and November 6.

New Moon April 28 at 11:14pm (PT), April 29 at 2:14am (ET). The Annular Solar Eclipse begins it's
motion on April 28 at 11:04pm (PT), April 29 at 2:04am (ET) which means within ten minutes of the Solar Eclipse the New Moon in Taurus will be occurring. For many we will not see the Solar Eclipse however the energy will still be felt!

Rituals for this New Moon map out where you want to be in your life.

1. Taurus is a creature of habit. Perhaps you have noticed you have become stuck and stagnant because
of a particular habit or pattern of yours. Take this time to reveal why you feel stuck. Let go of and change at least one habit you are aware of that is not serving you. This can be procrastination, staying up too late, etc ... it's making smaller shifts slowly so that these may stick with us.

2. Taurus energy rules the throat and this New Moon helps us free our voice. Intentionally be heard chanting is great for this, as it gets most people out of their comfort zone. Find a mantra or phrase that calls to you and with conscious breath repeat this to yourself. Even try humming to yourself ... if this is too much of a stretch for you to go to a chanting class at your yoga studio, try in the shower when you are alone. It's all about lifting the vibration. This will help boost immunity, reduce anxiety, and depression while leaving you feeling energized.

3. Wear Blue- Associate blue into your life since Taurus energy is associated with the Throat Chakra find ways to use some color therapy. Read a previous article on the Throat Chakra for ways to incorporate this in your life. Perhaps you have been holding back and you are wishing to find your vocal creative expression. Working with crystals is a great way to open up the throat chakra also. If you'd like to some personalized crystals visit our page or contact for a personalized crystal bag. Visit our website:

Crystals that work with the Throat:
-Aqua Aura Quartz
-Blue Lace Agate
-Blue Calcite
-Blue Chalcedony
-Lapiz Lazuli

4. Vocalize to give your lungs a workout, go to a karaoke bar, sing in your car, in the shower, find the perfect song to belt out your voice! You may feel silly but it will help to release any blocks. A balanced throat chakra allows us to express clearly our truths and live from a place of free will. Living in this place anxiety falls away because you are expressing yourself and not holding anything back. This is of course speaking from loving awareness and compassion. As this too radiates out of us.

5. Embrace boredom! Taurus rules security as an Earth sign ... so look to ways you can incorporate some magic in your life. It's the little things that bring magic ... excitement will follow! If you have been following a routine lately look to simple ways to spice it up, go to a farmers market, a street fair, a charity event ...

6. Light a yellow or golden candle to draw upon your personal power to manifest abundance and above all let go of your fears!

In this energy it is about finding your truth, what will make you most happy. The clarity is coming, ask for clarity. It is so easy to get unstuck, when you are unsure about anything in your life, I received the answer on Saturday ... look to your heart. Most likely when you are unsure or you feel like you are repeating a pattern over and over again, you are being led there for a reason. It is not to be taken lightly. Fear is 99% of the time causing you to feel unsure because your heart knows, but your allowing your mind to come up with all sorts of ways to block this energy from flowing. It's harder to move forward than to give up. Walking away and giving up is the easy part. If you want something find your creative expression to make it so. We can all say: oh I'm bored, I don't like this in my life, I wish this would happen, I need time, ... the reality of it is fear is holding you back. You are simply making excuses. When it is so super easy. The heart knows, the body knows, emotions know ... when you feel stuck or unsure it's normally because some part of you feels not ready and stalling happens, excuses are made.

Ask the question. The answer from your heart will be I want this ... answer from fear and anxiety is I don't want this ... simply because you showed up and if you are asking the question (to whatever situation it happens to involve) the heart will push you in the direction of growth and we grow through experience by allowing it to evolve to grow. As I said before people and situations are in our lives for a reason. Things that have faded away over the span of this year already- those are the things our hearts knew were not good for us, the things that do remain ... are what we move forward with. Yes it's scary, for a long time you may have a notion about yourself about certain belief systems and now you are really questioning these belief systems. Why allow other old beliefs to hold you back as well?

It is stepping out of fear this has no room in the New. In this transformation. This past week my own personal experience I have done a lot of soul searching. What came to mind I have been holding back. Ever since I got hurt, I go through the motions but I have been waiting for ... I let someone in, pattern is he runs away. Vocally now I am speaking about this, I am sharing it because it may help someone other than myself.

Epiphany moments can come at any time in any space. In a dream Saturday night I was guided to share with a new guide an experience I had recently when I held a bundle of sage. What she told me is that I just must keep practicing my gifts. Not forcing it. It will naturally flow. As my question was I could feel  the energy but had no means to categorize it. So if you notice this- where you just feel something but then don't know what it means it is the mind trying to put a label on it. We don't need a label other than to recognize the feeling of it. The vibration.

In the middle of writing this I had this article pop up to me ... as Source and the Universe speaks to us in many different ways. All relating for fear.

As I journey and discover- my inner knowing keeps validating a particular question for me. This past
week I asked two fundamental questions (once again) I was unsure ... this simply came to be because my mind, fear and anxiety settled briefly. It is so simple to move from unsure to sure! It is just a flip of a switch.

All of the soul searching, Saturday night was a time of remembering all so many have lost. We are all on the same path but our journeys may be different words that really speak to me. Minimal to loosing someone to death, I found out that I lost one I would call my best friends- not in death, but just our paths are done and gone for perhaps this life. Even I am not immune. This person who had been with me through all my hardest and darkest days years ago. Realizing life is short. We slipped away. Realizing more Saturday night as I walked with people who have lost everything. In a split second I looked up and saw the face of my white angel. I heard her once again, say "this is beautiful I am with you" in that second I realized life is short. Why am I so unsure? When my heart knows.

For me at least in this time my messages come I may walk my journey alone. This past week my own personal experience, I realized the form of expression is key. Everything is pointing me to something I heard Friday night. We all create vibrations, we receive based on those vibrations. So I pondered this- even when I have not been thinking just living my life, my vibration signature has been going out into the Universe. The Universe has been hearing it. I wondered why despite everything a particular person keeps appearing in my life. Why we vibrate on such a high frequency? Why we gravitate towards each other?

The answer came: it has been my heart, our hearts all along that keeps bringing us together over and over again like lightening. The thinking is what gets in the way. Being in nature looking to the sky noticing the stars, the breeze, I realized more there are some things that are hard, some things that are easy. In this Taurus energy it is looking to the places where it is just easy- staying away becomes harder. Why make life harder? It has taken more work for me to stay away, to pretend than it has been to just allow gravity and magnets to pull us together be the lightening we are meant to be.

Enjoy this Taurus earthly energy! May you find your creative expression and clarity to move forward and no longer stay away from whatever makes you truly blissfully happy.