Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Star Magic Aquarian Age Consciousness

How has the consciousness been for you? We are in birthing the Aquarian age and all these upgrades these downloads are coming but we might be afraid of these adjustments. It is now being aware of the consciousness that is coming. I had heard Aquarian energy is fast, I have been recharging. My sign is Aquarius so I feel completely in my element at home. This does not at all seem foreign to me, despite it all is. We are recharging. When we are given the opportunity to upgrade or download make the choice for it to happen. Give this chance, show up ... with that change will come.

I had written this yesterday pertaining to this saying I read: Sometimes taking a chance is the most difficult thing you will face ... Knowing it's your choice and being willing to take a chance knowing change has to happen, that the change is what needs to happen or else your life will not take shape but stay but it's your choice to make if you are content or willing to take the blind step unknown what the change will bring.

Look to the stars ...
Love this blue orb that decided to visit ...
Feel the love star magic 

I had several epiphanies yesterday. A stream of consciousness kept flowing through me and still very much is. The major one came after I saw stars everywhere, a conversation I had really woke me up as we sat under these stars. My realizing that life is way too short this stream of consciousness is flowing through me. I feel connected and tuned in- in a way that I haven't ever been. Describing it as clarity with a lifted fog, much of how was I viewing and living life before? How was I able to live in that state? People who have known you forever may not understand you and this shift, it's okay. You are being you. Holding it in any longer you are not being the true you that is emerging. As I sat under these stars I was drawn back to the night I was sitting on a mountain overlooking a sea of clouds watching the stars. Further knowing I am not of this world.

This came to be with another epiphany I birthed in a stream of consciousness writing- some of what came out of me Tuesday morning. Once it was all written and I read it over I wondered why am I sharing this? Couldn't this be considered hurtful? I run the risk of loosing this person by sharing everything and not holding back. I realized taking that chance is what I needed to do. As this was completely a channeled write and to finally live blissfully in freedom this being needed to know everything ... including the possibly icky parts. Obviously we all go through these points in our lives. I realized I couldn't hold it in forever. Whatever will come to be will come to be regardless. My holding back very well might be the thing that results in the moving a part. Again you can't live in fear, and everything is unknown. This expression of me needed to come out of me. When you come from a loving place it's genuine and you can see the difference from sharing things to cause hurt or pain or resentment. I am me and you are you. Why hide who you truly are anymore? 

I came from the place of I may "loose" this person being in my life regardless, and for some reason I have to be truthful on all levels for us to move forward together. There's a chance of it going either way regardless if I share this. So I took the chance because I had nothing else to loose. When you do this or if you have done this, recognize afterwards if you have sensations or emotions- my mind is trying to creep in to say you screwed up you have lost this person now because you shared all this. This is the mind. When my heart says something different says things are good between you both, it was killing you on the inside by not saying this, and even though you knew this might push this person away from you forever- by changing their image of you ... you had to show this and it has not pushed this person away from you. Worrying about it only creates fear. There's no place in my life for fear.

Be as conscious and still (today) as possible and know that whatever happens is meant to happen. I am feeling so much bliss, my kundalini energy is soaring right now. My solar eclipse day truly beautiful. When you are in stillness it is meant you are not spinning your mental wheels not running searching for answers to questions, you are simply showing up. As I showed up the colors of creative expression from the Solar Plexus and the blue vocal expression of the throat chakra floated above my head.

Even still when the grounding root red chakra and the creative expression of the solar plexus colors ...
notice the green orb signifying the heart chakra being open to receive all that comes you way.

In this moon energy notice what type of person you are when you have this opportunity to move forward do you just jump in ... do you look but become hesitant and put it off ... or do you just not do it at all completely living in fear.

I woke up this morning feeling free and expansive and so amazingly happy. It's a new me that has emerged. Welcome the new you! We are all feeling this, if you say, you don't feel different or only a little different, look at what you are still holding on to within you. As this has nothing to do with others in your life (at all) it is all about you. It is a mental shift, I have yet to find a great way to articulate this. I was in the state of feeling a little bit here and there, and it's something. Now I feel how dramatically different not just a little trickle of light but the rush of the light flows from a galaxy. Let go of the worry and fear of hurting someone. Be you, live. You can spend your day worrying and giving your mind thoughts to repeat over and over again. Or you can live and enjoy the moment in this blissful state knowing everything is exactly as it's meant to be and everything is good with the world. You have the choice, it's entirely up to you.