Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Star Magic Aquarian Age Consciousness

How has the consciousness been for you? We are in birthing the Aquarian age and all these upgrades these downloads are coming but we might be afraid of these adjustments. It is now being aware of the consciousness that is coming. I had heard Aquarian energy is fast, I have been recharging. My sign is Aquarius so I feel completely in my element at home. This does not at all seem foreign to me, despite it all is. We are recharging. When we are given the opportunity to upgrade or download make the choice for it to happen. Give this chance, show up ... with that change will come.

I had written this yesterday pertaining to this saying I read: Sometimes taking a chance is the most difficult thing you will face ... Knowing it's your choice and being willing to take a chance knowing change has to happen, that the change is what needs to happen or else your life will not take shape but stay but it's your choice to make if you are content or willing to take the blind step unknown what the change will bring.

Look to the stars ...
Love this blue orb that decided to visit ...
Feel the love star magic 

I had several epiphanies yesterday. A stream of consciousness kept flowing through me and still very much is. The major one came after I saw stars everywhere, a conversation I had really woke me up as we sat under these stars. My realizing that life is way too short this stream of consciousness is flowing through me. I feel connected and tuned in- in a way that I haven't ever been. Describing it as clarity with a lifted fog, much of how was I viewing and living life before? How was I able to live in that state? People who have known you forever may not understand you and this shift, it's okay. You are being you. Holding it in any longer you are not being the true you that is emerging. As I sat under these stars I was drawn back to the night I was sitting on a mountain overlooking a sea of clouds watching the stars. Further knowing I am not of this world.

This came to be with another epiphany I birthed in a stream of consciousness writing- some of what came out of me Tuesday morning. Once it was all written and I read it over I wondered why am I sharing this? Couldn't this be considered hurtful? I run the risk of loosing this person by sharing everything and not holding back. I realized taking that chance is what I needed to do. As this was completely a channeled write and to finally live blissfully in freedom this being needed to know everything ... including the possibly icky parts. Obviously we all go through these points in our lives. I realized I couldn't hold it in forever. Whatever will come to be will come to be regardless. My holding back very well might be the thing that results in the moving a part. Again you can't live in fear, and everything is unknown. This expression of me needed to come out of me. When you come from a loving place it's genuine and you can see the difference from sharing things to cause hurt or pain or resentment. I am me and you are you. Why hide who you truly are anymore? 

I came from the place of I may "loose" this person being in my life regardless, and for some reason I have to be truthful on all levels for us to move forward together. There's a chance of it going either way regardless if I share this. So I took the chance because I had nothing else to loose. When you do this or if you have done this, recognize afterwards if you have sensations or emotions- my mind is trying to creep in to say you screwed up you have lost this person now because you shared all this. This is the mind. When my heart says something different says things are good between you both, it was killing you on the inside by not saying this, and even though you knew this might push this person away from you forever- by changing their image of you ... you had to show this and it has not pushed this person away from you. Worrying about it only creates fear. There's no place in my life for fear.

Be as conscious and still (today) as possible and know that whatever happens is meant to happen. I am feeling so much bliss, my kundalini energy is soaring right now. My solar eclipse day truly beautiful. When you are in stillness it is meant you are not spinning your mental wheels not running searching for answers to questions, you are simply showing up. As I showed up the colors of creative expression from the Solar Plexus and the blue vocal expression of the throat chakra floated above my head.

Even still when the grounding root red chakra and the creative expression of the solar plexus colors ...
notice the green orb signifying the heart chakra being open to receive all that comes you way.

In this moon energy notice what type of person you are when you have this opportunity to move forward do you just jump in ... do you look but become hesitant and put it off ... or do you just not do it at all completely living in fear.

I woke up this morning feeling free and expansive and so amazingly happy. It's a new me that has emerged. Welcome the new you! We are all feeling this, if you say, you don't feel different or only a little different, look at what you are still holding on to within you. As this has nothing to do with others in your life (at all) it is all about you. It is a mental shift, I have yet to find a great way to articulate this. I was in the state of feeling a little bit here and there, and it's something. Now I feel how dramatically different not just a little trickle of light but the rush of the light flows from a galaxy. Let go of the worry and fear of hurting someone. Be you, live. You can spend your day worrying and giving your mind thoughts to repeat over and over again. Or you can live and enjoy the moment in this blissful state knowing everything is exactly as it's meant to be and everything is good with the world. You have the choice, it's entirely up to you. 

Monday, April 28, 2014

Treasure adventures

What things are coming up for you. On my adventures of Sunday, enjoying the sunny weather I played with crystals. I observed ... wandered and played. I came across an old man who was just wandering also just observing and looking at the many crystals. His energy very content, unknown if he came with his wife, let her off to shop or if he had come alone ... in his walking he had this distinct remembering about him as he peered into these crystals. Throughout the afternoon I would run into him, ... the final time I ran into him he had something in his hand. A treasure, he'd found and decided to bring home with him.

In my journey with the crystals I cam upon a key quartz that drew in my attention. The key to unlock all things ... among all the other crystals reminding all of us that things can be right in front of us if we are capable of looking clearly.

I still have yet to find a crystal that came to me in a dream ... I see that my journey is yet to come to be.

As I was on a long drive, the radio played a song. I didn't want to listen to this song so I mindlessly changed the channel. The same song was playing on this other radio too. I went ugh, and contemplated leaving it but took a gamble and changed the channel again. When I did so - a third time the next random radio station was playing this same exact song! I get the message Universe is what I thought. So not trying to fight it anymore I just left it on this station and listened to the song.


I have been feeling very overwhelmed with hearing this song and all the messages coming to me this weekend. Embrace all feelings that are coming. Even tiredness may come, we are receiving and downloading. The more I run the more the Universe keeps giving me signs. 
This song is a prime example. Sunday was my time to clear my head, to "escape" so I thought. Just get away from everything and play with crystals. We can't run for long. Once Awakened this journey is completely different and zoning out or tuning out does not happen anymore.

As I wrote previously that this Taurus New Moon will set about a 6 month journey for what we are manifesting into our lives. The same can be said for the last time there was a Taurus New Moon, look back a year and a half ago to November 2012. We are at a tipping point how where all the hard work from the past year and a half is coming into be. I'm referring to the Scorpio/Taurus series that began in November 2012. There is still one more Solar Eclipse in Scorpio coming on October 23, 2014. Look to where you were in your life back then. I have been looking to my life where I was back in November 2012, I was just in the glowing excitement of my Awakening, learning more about my path and my gifts coming further into awareness. The sense now is that we are setting off on a new journey, but looking back to November 2012, this journey we have been preparing for a long time too. It is a new journey but it too has been written in the stars for us.

As I think back to my life, in November 2012 I was elated that a person, a being re-entered my life, had decided not to walk away from me. As the events of October 2012 didn't feel right, my core was saying this is not how it ends, there is no end. In this year and a half, we have grown together- we have transformed so much! We seem to have these check ins to see are we there yet? Are you at that point yet? We are going heading now on this new journey but it's not what you may think of leaving everything and it being a completely new journey. View it this way- this has been in the works since November 2012 we have more tools and knowledge and remembering than we did back then. I see it and feel it things that I was asking to the Universe back then, things I didn't completely understand why I was headed and gravitated towards a certain way ... now I see why. I read this which rings true of course as now"Don't waste time deliberating. If your heart and mind say yes, you have the green light to start" putting one foot in front of the other. We can think and think and think all we want. The heart knows. I have always felt in my gut the outcome, why despite this Cosmic dance this one person keeps over the past year and a half has come and gone back in my life. Many didn't understand, perhaps you too have faced this. Either been the person running and coming back or the person being run back to. Either case- the Universe is speaking! The running eventually stops once the runner Awakens and has the true epiphany moment. So who ever you are, know it is coming! Awakening leads for the running to stop and for no more running away to be. If however, the runner never comes back- it is that this lifetime the mind is too much for this individual and in another lifetime this will be remedied. You also have to set your boundaries if you have a runner on your hands, it is not you accepting their behavior to walk all over you. There is a difference here knowing when they need to be and when they could potentially unconsciously be using you. Common thoughts you may have is: why me? Why am I the only one that seems to be getting the messages or hearing them ... aren't they hearing them too? Am I the only one? Am I crazy? If I am the only one hearing this- how is it ever going to happen? ... I don't have the answers for you, but it does help to really ask these questions to the Universe. I can share you aren't crazy, and eventually in some lifetime they will get it, the light bulb will go on. And perhaps they are running because they are getting these messages and it's scaring them! Recognize when there is a willingness from them. I do offer one-on-one sessions for more specific details based on your own personal situation. Sign up for one

For me it all comes down to the night of 12.21.12, The New Age of Light, it was the night before I was leaving for a trip. My simple intention was to pack and be at home. The Universe has other plans. I distinctly remember being contacted and a being wishing for me to have one last visit before I left on this trip. It didn't dawn on me until after the fact that we spent this time together, just as we had spent the 12.12.12 gateway portal together too. All cosmic events we have gravitated towards each other. The latest one being Lyra. So listen to your heart here. We are getting more courage and ammo was Venus is moving into Taurus on Friday May 2. 

The more I remember and look the more obvious it becomes and come to me. Have you been noticing this too? Our gifts are coming and being stronger and stronger. I watched a movie that many have told me to see. One line which I really enjoy "Love is an open door." It's coming to the point of me thinking am I the only one getting these messages? Isn't it obvious to others? Know though that you are not alone in what you feel or experience.

Venus will stay in Taurus for four weeks, staring here of course we may feel the heat and passion but we may also feel the restlessness of the romantics in us here. Once Venus moves into Aries May 28, you will have the courage to lay it all out to your sweetie, all your romantic feelings (you may be inspired before this). Aries energy helps us act on instinct. It's time to get out in the world and take adventures together!

Sunday, April 27, 2014


I see now why Lyra would be my first meteors I would see ... a except came upon me 

Myasmia YaNonia YaSintay
"In the higher-dimensional worlds beyond Lyra all is light.
Many beings are to come to you fromthese worlds. They will come
two udarbejde you for your higher purpose and the destiny path of 
your soul. The many that will come to teach and commune with
you will kick the mange som list. "
He Placed the key into Essayenya's right hand and supported
it with her left.
"Say these words three times. These words are said in the language of the higher ones from beyond Lyra. They are precise
codings of sound and light thatwill create an opening for your
soul. They will activate knowledge and potential nemlig beyond
what you have the Accrued i de 12-dimensional worlds of the
lower heavens. "
He said only three words,
Myasmia YaNonia YaSintay

Exert from Sunshine Before The Dawn, by Judy Satori

Of course literally having to travel miles away to a place to see Lyra above the clouds. It would only and forever be with the person I shared this experience with viewing of Lyra. For these three words resonate and vibrate to us. On a night of falling stars, we gravitated to the place to view them and now the activation with these words ... shown through this except. If you too were called to view Lyra on Monday night ... your knowledge and potential wishes to be activated beyond where you have been.

More and more as I listen ... I hear very distinct messages. One in particular came that if you have been in many relationships over your lifetime and you feel unsure about any now current relationship. You have yet to figure out who you are. When you are in stillness and on your own, you find yourself. It becomes clear once you know who you are, to who / what you want. At the present, you don't really know what you want but you know exactly what and who you want to be with but you just don't realize it yet because you don't know who you are. This message has been coming loud and clear to myself and my sister in light about others. In our aiding to those who are still wondering where do I go from here? Distinctly a message came to me Friday night I tuned into this ... if it pertains to you on a situation you have been milling over. This relates to a mutual question pertaining to the question "I am unsure about my relationship with ___ what are we?" Perhaps you too have been asking this question. The male voice I heard as clear as day said very directly "___  marry ___" ... with this message I somehow got dialed into this as the male voice mentioned the male name first then the female's name. For privacy I am not mentioning the names. Tone being just go with the obvious stop trying to fight it. This I see how it pertains generally to many others in similar uncertainty about a situation. Commitment of any kind is scary, yes but it is just fed by fear. Not doing anything you can loose, doing something you can loose- this is the negative way to view a situation. Verses You do something you can receive everything. It of course brought a smile to my face ... because everything is so simple.

This beautifully written about the New Moon / Solar Eclipse I am sharing also as it's another view on this experience that is here and is coming.
✣ New Moon / Solar Eclipse - 29 April 2014 ✣
The first eclipse on the Full Moon this month opened the portal to the intense time of transformation and opportunity and this new moon is a great time to evaluate where you are, what you have learned, what you have committed to, whom you are with, and where you are going.
Hopefully the shake up of the last few weeks will have set you on a track that supports you and is aligned with spirit.
Closing this eclipse period with Taurus Solar Eclipse New Moon, we gladly stretch our limbs and arch our backs while inhaling the fragrances of spring and taking in the many sensual gifts of the season.
We have come through a major planetary alignment, been witness to some of our personal darker corners, yet also touched into some very higher-centered energies of inspiration, change and movement in new directions.
Projects, gardens, relationships, adventures are springing into life. Taurus, the feminine, Earth power sign ruled by beautiful Venus, is a magnificent mentor for this time. After a time of rapid acceleration, we need to pull back and integrate, rest. Taurus’ goal is peace, and we get there by being, not doing.
Taurus is that fertile place inside all where we gestate new life. Let this time of huge growth spurt now take root inside you. Taurus takes that powerful, risk-taking initiation of Aries and grounds it firmly into practical manifestation. Benefit from Taurus’ enjoyment of the physical pleasures, of embodied experience. A fragrance enhanced massage, music, a meal cooked and shared with good company,
anything that brings you and your body into contentment will be honoring of Taurus and Venus too.
Taurus folks have an earthy, connected relationship with plants, animals, and all of nature. They teach us how to build step by step, persevere, and be practical. Taurus is about having an abundance of self-love and self worth to fund gratitude and appreciation for the world as it is and to reach out and help others. Taurus has solid, unshakable values. What do you value above all else right now?
Taurus brings stability, common sense, and artistic skill and appreciation (thank you, Venus). The tender hearted, dependable and affectionate Taurus part of our self needs only be aware of the slide to stubbornness, over indulgent accumulation, inflexibility and stagnation.
Resistance, in any form, will not serve us now. Reach for those frequencies of empowerment and love that have been opened to us for our healing and rebirth. We all are troubled by the corrupted energies we experience in legal, educational, medical, political areas. Resisting, complaining and railing against these forces is joining them. Working from the positive energies of your heart- cooperation, generosity, all shared energies – is what will change our world in the direction we desire.
Venus, ruler of the chart, is in Pisces. Venus is always about love, relationship, creating beauty and harmony, and with Pisces, our otherworldly abilities come to the fore. At times, she helps us imagine the world webbed in an interconnected dance, to feel the perfection of Spirit working through our lives, to see those struggling with love and compassion.
There is a subtle, but compelling theme in this chart of learning to show up and actively create in the outer world (using masculine energy) while balancing our ability to remain open and receptive to magnetize and receive (using feminine energy) both inspiration and resources to continue creating. Adjustment and elimination of blocks may be called for to bring these parts of ourselves into smoother working order. We refine these skills for our evolutionary growth.
Look to those Piscean ruled ones this Moon for guidance – the imaginative ones, the artists, visionaries and those tempered by hardship who have come through stronger, wiser and more loving.
Yes, the Grand Cross has reached and passed its moment of exactness, but these large planets move slowly, so its influence will be ongoing and unfolding, and every time the Moon swings by one of those four corners of the squares in Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, it will be activated again like plucking a string on an instrument and send vibrations out into your life.
The Solar eclipse at New Moon, though visible only in the south Indian Ocean, Australia and Antarctica, will culminate this rarified period of alignment creating a reset as the Sun’s light, energy, and magnetic field are temporarily suspended and allow for a new and refreshed alignment. Time to re-ground ourselves using Taurus’ stability and presence. Whether from garden or trail, field or mountain, put your feet on the ground or better yet, put your back on the Earth and root yourself deeply down to the core of Mother Earth and draw up her love, nourishment and support into your body and ask for her guidance for a vision of your future self.
Coming on May 1st/ or May 5th (15ยบ Taurus) is Beltane, a Gaelic celebration of the midpoint of spring and summer. The night fires and colorful May poles are to bring dance, reveling, joy and the opening of our hearts to all the creative juices flowing upward and outward at springtime.
art © e11en♥ vaman

Taurus New Moon Ring of Fire April 28, 2014

Monday we are getting ready for the Taurus New Moon that leads us to a day for new beginnings! We
also have a Solar Eclipse which makes it's powers and effects multiplied. If you have noticed you have become a bit stagnant, or unsure or stuck Eclipse energy lifts us from this stagnant path to feel refreshed and able to begin movement again. The ring of fire is all about Conscious Revolution and Self Realization.

Taurus is the first of the Earth Signs which is all about in Spring creating the fertile soil needed to plant our seeds, our desires, our wishes. Perhaps you have been following on this journey and set up a plan you wish to follow but for some reason this month you got weighed down or stuck in some way. Our focus in this New Moon is all about grounding and foundations. Most likely the reason things have yet to get off the ground is because we need to have a solid foundation with feet on the ground. We have been having a lot of intense cosmic energy this past week, and now it's time to ground into the earth and find a solid foundation.

We are looking at ways to improve our life further. Diet, work load, relieve stress, finances ... Taurus energy is all about being pragmatic and efficient in our lives.

This New Moon sparks the fire within. Our seeds we plant under this Taurus New Moon energy will keep the fire going for six months with it's corresponding Full Moon. So projects you wish to start and come to mind, the manifesting of them may take until the Taurus Full Moon which takes place on November 6. So Monday is about manifesting intentions and wishes now that will bloom between now and November 6.

New Moon April 28 at 11:14pm (PT), April 29 at 2:14am (ET). The Annular Solar Eclipse begins it's
motion on April 28 at 11:04pm (PT), April 29 at 2:04am (ET) which means within ten minutes of the Solar Eclipse the New Moon in Taurus will be occurring. For many we will not see the Solar Eclipse however the energy will still be felt!

Rituals for this New Moon map out where you want to be in your life.

1. Taurus is a creature of habit. Perhaps you have noticed you have become stuck and stagnant because
of a particular habit or pattern of yours. Take this time to reveal why you feel stuck. Let go of and change at least one habit you are aware of that is not serving you. This can be procrastination, staying up too late, etc ... it's making smaller shifts slowly so that these may stick with us.

2. Taurus energy rules the throat and this New Moon helps us free our voice. Intentionally be heard chanting is great for this, as it gets most people out of their comfort zone. Find a mantra or phrase that calls to you and with conscious breath repeat this to yourself. Even try humming to yourself ... if this is too much of a stretch for you to go to a chanting class at your yoga studio, try in the shower when you are alone. It's all about lifting the vibration. This will help boost immunity, reduce anxiety, and depression while leaving you feeling energized.

3. Wear Blue- Associate blue into your life since Taurus energy is associated with the Throat Chakra find ways to use some color therapy. Read a previous article on the Throat Chakra for ways to incorporate this in your life. Perhaps you have been holding back and you are wishing to find your vocal creative expression. Working with crystals is a great way to open up the throat chakra also. If you'd like to some personalized crystals visit our page or contact for a personalized crystal bag. Visit our website:

Crystals that work with the Throat:
-Aqua Aura Quartz
-Blue Lace Agate
-Blue Calcite
-Blue Chalcedony
-Lapiz Lazuli

4. Vocalize to give your lungs a workout, go to a karaoke bar, sing in your car, in the shower, find the perfect song to belt out your voice! You may feel silly but it will help to release any blocks. A balanced throat chakra allows us to express clearly our truths and live from a place of free will. Living in this place anxiety falls away because you are expressing yourself and not holding anything back. This is of course speaking from loving awareness and compassion. As this too radiates out of us.

5. Embrace boredom! Taurus rules security as an Earth sign ... so look to ways you can incorporate some magic in your life. It's the little things that bring magic ... excitement will follow! If you have been following a routine lately look to simple ways to spice it up, go to a farmers market, a street fair, a charity event ...

6. Light a yellow or golden candle to draw upon your personal power to manifest abundance and above all let go of your fears!

In this energy it is about finding your truth, what will make you most happy. The clarity is coming, ask for clarity. It is so easy to get unstuck, when you are unsure about anything in your life, I received the answer on Saturday ... look to your heart. Most likely when you are unsure or you feel like you are repeating a pattern over and over again, you are being led there for a reason. It is not to be taken lightly. Fear is 99% of the time causing you to feel unsure because your heart knows, but your allowing your mind to come up with all sorts of ways to block this energy from flowing. It's harder to move forward than to give up. Walking away and giving up is the easy part. If you want something find your creative expression to make it so. We can all say: oh I'm bored, I don't like this in my life, I wish this would happen, I need time, ... the reality of it is fear is holding you back. You are simply making excuses. When it is so super easy. The heart knows, the body knows, emotions know ... when you feel stuck or unsure it's normally because some part of you feels not ready and stalling happens, excuses are made.

Ask the question. The answer from your heart will be I want this ... answer from fear and anxiety is I don't want this ... simply because you showed up and if you are asking the question (to whatever situation it happens to involve) the heart will push you in the direction of growth and we grow through experience by allowing it to evolve to grow. As I said before people and situations are in our lives for a reason. Things that have faded away over the span of this year already- those are the things our hearts knew were not good for us, the things that do remain ... are what we move forward with. Yes it's scary, for a long time you may have a notion about yourself about certain belief systems and now you are really questioning these belief systems. Why allow other old beliefs to hold you back as well?

It is stepping out of fear this has no room in the New. In this transformation. This past week my own personal experience I have done a lot of soul searching. What came to mind I have been holding back. Ever since I got hurt, I go through the motions but I have been waiting for ... I let someone in, pattern is he runs away. Vocally now I am speaking about this, I am sharing it because it may help someone other than myself.

Epiphany moments can come at any time in any space. In a dream Saturday night I was guided to share with a new guide an experience I had recently when I held a bundle of sage. What she told me is that I just must keep practicing my gifts. Not forcing it. It will naturally flow. As my question was I could feel  the energy but had no means to categorize it. So if you notice this- where you just feel something but then don't know what it means it is the mind trying to put a label on it. We don't need a label other than to recognize the feeling of it. The vibration.

In the middle of writing this I had this article pop up to me ... as Source and the Universe speaks to us in many different ways. All relating for fear.

As I journey and discover- my inner knowing keeps validating a particular question for me. This past
week I asked two fundamental questions (once again) I was unsure ... this simply came to be because my mind, fear and anxiety settled briefly. It is so simple to move from unsure to sure! It is just a flip of a switch.

All of the soul searching, Saturday night was a time of remembering all so many have lost. We are all on the same path but our journeys may be different words that really speak to me. Minimal to loosing someone to death, I found out that I lost one I would call my best friends- not in death, but just our paths are done and gone for perhaps this life. Even I am not immune. This person who had been with me through all my hardest and darkest days years ago. Realizing life is short. We slipped away. Realizing more Saturday night as I walked with people who have lost everything. In a split second I looked up and saw the face of my white angel. I heard her once again, say "this is beautiful I am with you" in that second I realized life is short. Why am I so unsure? When my heart knows.

For me at least in this time my messages come I may walk my journey alone. This past week my own personal experience, I realized the form of expression is key. Everything is pointing me to something I heard Friday night. We all create vibrations, we receive based on those vibrations. So I pondered this- even when I have not been thinking just living my life, my vibration signature has been going out into the Universe. The Universe has been hearing it. I wondered why despite everything a particular person keeps appearing in my life. Why we vibrate on such a high frequency? Why we gravitate towards each other?

The answer came: it has been my heart, our hearts all along that keeps bringing us together over and over again like lightening. The thinking is what gets in the way. Being in nature looking to the sky noticing the stars, the breeze, I realized more there are some things that are hard, some things that are easy. In this Taurus energy it is looking to the places where it is just easy- staying away becomes harder. Why make life harder? It has taken more work for me to stay away, to pretend than it has been to just allow gravity and magnets to pull us together be the lightening we are meant to be.

Enjoy this Taurus earthly energy! May you find your creative expression and clarity to move forward and no longer stay away from whatever makes you truly blissfully happy.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Awakening ...

Many dreams much awakening. One being in a chanting room, a room with monks, such beauty. I have been guided that all things come, whatever gifts you notice ... 

by embracing them they will come more fully to you. Practice by just being you, they will come without you even trying. Just live and it will be. Even if it's just a glimpse right now. It is once there is nothing left to shed from you this is when you come into your own this new ...

Last night I went to sleep to heavy wind outside and knew it would bring rain. Some time later I woke up to the sound of heavy rain. A clearing, a cleansing. When I woke up the wind is still blustery day outside but the clouds are moving around. Our energy is cleansed. I woke up feeling amazing and simply wishing to play with crystals. Emotions are simply pouring from me, as with this sort of cosmic week emotions may just start to flow with this detox.

Various messages come, listen to them ... they may or may not make sense right now. Followed by a voice telling me "I will take care of her" it seemed like I was overhearing the middle of some conversation between beings. I was guided to look for song lyrics. When I searched I was guided to this song ....

Friday, April 25, 2014

Dreams and Wishes ... and Salem

Copyright Photo by Padma Bella
Of course many many cosmic events. We are in the week governed by the Cardinal Cross energies and also in the middle of two Eclipses! 

I feel like the veil is or has lifted. Various dreams I have had show that we may think or allow our self to become limited- in a certain state of being. When you come out of yourself, it flows. Things naturally are as they are. I pulled some cards this morning and even the alignment of them follows a pattern once I sit away from them. All going towards the theme of breaking free from the limitations of the mind. What we think, how we think our life should go, ... we are in the now. Just because you may feel guarded or wish to guard yourself or your heart it is really now the time to break free of that. 

For all to flow. I saw a phoenix rising yesterday which truly follows this this theme we are we born we are leaving our past life, our old beliefs, our old relationships, our old self - all this is gone and done with, we cannot compare who we were then to who we are now. As I have been saying this repeating theme is those who are in our life now that have survived all the turmoils and tribulations, it's easy to look over this. Naturally there will be ups and downs because we are humans we will have this element within us. It is acting with compassion and loving awareness. I realized exactly what I personally have been holding back from. I haven't been giving all of myself in a particular interaction that has come back into my life because I am so terrified of being left all over again. In doing so I realize this may happen anyway or actual lead to what I have feared as it comes back recycled to us. How I have to raise from the ashes. Is for me to break free of this thinking and just be me. To give all of me. To express all of me. It literally is something so small, and it may be for you as well. Look to what this may be.

I had an two huge epiphany moments yesterday, one being I know exactly where I'm headed (I might not know how I get there, or when) but I am firmly rooted and grounded. This is different than saying I am stubborn or closed minded- I simply mean rooted and grounded meaning I am aware of my space my body on this earth. Doing so means I can channel and connect to Source and all energy flows. I feel like on my journey I questioned many things. Once again I was guided to ask my sacred oak tree two questions, oddly the same two questions came ... but in the asking the next day I have come to realize the answers don't matter at all. For me on this journey I am enough I am content with only me. This whole week between the meteors ... and embracing my cocoon. The old me would wait, I'm tired of waiting. With this transition I see that I have my wings I am at the edge of the cliff overlooking the sea of bliss in front of me, my wings are spreading out and I totter on my toes back and forth up and down ... no longer looking behind me anymore. On the verge of just breaking free and no longer having any feet on the ground. Doing so of course being grounded and rooted in who I am is how the flying comes to be. A dream I had I was in an area with "prisoners" what society called them ... regardless what they did to come into this confinement I was along side them. My purpose to make their life more comfortable but also to Awaken them. I originally thought I was in as a prisoner too until I realized there was another section in this prison where people not sentenced were living their lives under this same space but had more freedom because they were just keeping the peace. There was no split, instead I had to break free of my mindset that I was having to follow the rules here for the sake of these people I was helping for them to see. And once they were open minded and no longer labeled themselves as prisoners then we would all be free, as freedom is only a state of mind. In relation to society and those who are will Awakening. Is different for me than someone who simply is guided to Awaken and be, I have been Awakened to aid and guide others, I see this my purpose for right now. 

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The other being about 6 months ago there was a vision of me and a person being at this particular place. Last night we were in this exact place. Transported to another world. This did not occur to me until once I got back home. I received this message from the Universe as well. Visions tend to happen once you have acknowledged them and placed them out of your mind. 

I truly enjoy traveling to other worlds. In the dream above I asked a very specific question. My answer came in the least likely way. I invite you to do as well. If you find yourself aware in your dreams and you wish for an answer or sign. Ask the universe in your dreams while you are in your dreams. I laughed as soon as I was willing and able to let go (even in the dream world) the universe gave me an answer a sign, a big sign not to let go, all with being in a car and the driver resting his hand on my leg, reassurance, knowledge that we are in this together on our way to shop for a dishwasher at a toy store ... we are now capable of so much, just as we were before but now we have less restrictions we have been breaking free of the mind, of limitations of all kinds.

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I created a vision board on the eve of Lyra meteors. I allow all to flow. I know exactly what I wish. I wish a loving relationship. I am content with being in a loving relationship with myself, here is where the shift has happened. Prior I had an epic conversation on Saturday night after my lodge experience, in which someone very dear to me shared his only wish for me, is for me in this lifetime, to experience what he has in his relationship because it was so beautiful. Of course the universe speaking to me. Anyone not OK being in a commitment of any kind is just living in fear. Many words ringing true of what I had heard before, but hearing it from this person who I've never spoken about these channeled thoughts to. I took as validation from the Universe. I had let go of this notion, of any happily ever after this past week. But there is always hope it will come to be. My sister in light guided me to this vision board creation ... she received guidance to do this with all this cosmic energy. So we both did so. Much of this week I have just been transforming in my cocoon why I haven't been writing or posting this week. Once I channeled this vision board, it began to take shape and form. Everything on it is exactly what I wish. Once again showing what is pouring from me from Source ... magic is what I wish, and to share that magic and love with someone.

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Edit: adding this to the writing after I posted, I pulled some more cards as I was playing with crystals and created a crystal grid for tonight's magic. These cards speak ... what do they say to you?

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As last weekend I went to many panels, one being on the show Salem. The Salem panel at Wonder Con, we were shown the first bit of the first episode. Afterward the panel spoke about the new show. Read here if you'd like a preview read:

Observations it addressed and how a society can get wrapped up in the unknown leading to fear. The creators wish to tell the story from the view of the town people. It is a very dark and often graphic depiction of how life may have been. Reaching far beyond what is only known in the history books. Creative imaginary of how human nature would react in such a setting. Labeled as witches these woman use magic or powers in this show it is depicted as dark, demons, etc ... restricting people's free will. At the heart of the it is a love story of course, about two people who were in love and yet circumstances led to actions to come to be because assumptions were allowed to be made. Had the leading lady just waited and not listened to outside sources that he beloved was dead in a war- she would of course not had been influenced and turned into a witch. As you can see in this show, it follows the same of listen to your heart, others who wish to control or are jealous or wish to manipulate will sway your thoughts. 

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As I sat with the audience watching I was able to observe that when things became blacked out because it was too graphic to show to a general audience many were making comments that they'd rather watch it than sit in darkness and allowing their mind to wander. It was interesting to observe how a room full of people sitting in front of a black screen became more uncomfortable just thinking about all the bad things that could be happening to these characters. How the mind can do so much. The imagination is far more imaginative than the truth of what really happens (in any situation). Much of this show depicts human fear, what they don't know about they fear. 

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I simply think many witches even back in history were misunderstood. As with any craft there are good and bad elements. Just as there are good and bad humans (if you wish to put a label on them). How many were light workers that were labeled as a witch? One could have been at the wrong place and created this label. It still is universal the supernatural (of any kind) when people do not understand or are close minded seem to naturally associate it with evil or bad or devil or demons- now we are pushing to change this ... lift the vibration. As then if we no longer have negative or fear, these dark things and thoughts will no longer exist and will have no control over anyone anymore. More from other Wonder Con panels soon! All photos & video from Wonder Con will be coming on our Facebook Page: Padma Bella soon!