Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Loss and Rebirth

Many changes and shifts have been happening leading up to the Gemini Full Moon last weekend. Now it's still working towards change ... personally I have noticed being tired some days and energetic the next. I have also been mindful of the past coming up. I have been trying to take it as gentle as possible. Yes we have all worked so hard on ourselves it may seem like taking a step backwards when all of a sudden a surge of emotions or memories from the past of this life in this human form comes stirring up. We just have to let it come. There may be some message or lesson we have overlooked or even it is time now for us to understand. Embrace whatever feelings and emotions are coming up.

Yesterday I had a breakdown, (one which was needed) I started crying the moment a past event was brought up. I realize I am more emotional than I have really ever been, but I embraced feelings of sadness. We often just push it away, we cry once or we talk it out once and feel better and think okay we're done with this, we have ascended we have moved on, or can move on now. This may very well be the case for many or some situations. It may also not be. It is as I have come to realize not that I have moved backwards, but this bit of sadness needs to come out, as I remember a life lost. 

We all grieve differently. It can be a death, a loss of a life, a loss of a dream, a career path, ... loss can come in many different forms. As I am in the process of a rebirth, this beautiful process I am also being shown back to the loss I have experienced. Rebirth comes with the loss of something or many somethings. For me it is the loss of a person ... remember the life ... thinking about the life that could have been. This person left this Earth plane suddenly ... yes it may seem like too soon, but at the same time this could have been the perfect time, a fully lived out life. It is not for us to know or judge. I of course have been thinking of losses and how we always seem to wish to have more time with something that is no longer here or with someone who is no longer here. Spiritually this individual is still here, I get visits in dreams or when I need guidance most. An angel of sorts. I questioned if I am not fully lost of this being why does the feeling of sadness come? It's because we have come here in to be in this human form to experience human emotions. More and more I remember lives I had on other planets, and these beings in my life now also came here for some experience. 

The Full Moon brought up even more emotions out of me. As I prepare to bring life into this world to this Earth. We must experience human emotions and situations because we are after all humans. However, we can ground ourselves so that these emotions don't overwhelm us. We have control of our own personal self and nothing else. This is liberating because the outside forces have no influence if we do not let it happen. Internally emotions come to us but we get to decide how we experience it. We can look at them positively or negatively. I still feel like I'm living a dream ... I'm seeing more and more the reason for all the loss before all the traveling before was for this now moment.

I received visions of this moment, and of course I was Aware and Awakened enough to listen to see ... at the time it made no sense I would bring life into this world. Situations and conditions when I was having these many visions almost seemed to contradict, where I and others were questioning how could these visions happen?? I didn't loose faith, I allowed events to unfold. I didn't force or try to manipulate events in order for these visions to happen. If you see a vision acknowledge it and let it pass and its the Universe will have it come to be when the time is right. Even if it seems so far off. Now I can only sit and laugh because here I am growing by the day ... the visions are here they are happening. 

When we get sidetracked by dramas of daily life take a breath, look at the bigger picture ... these look tiny in comparison. We are doing it, we are living the dream. We just have to stop making a big deal about the tiny insignificant stuff the mind wants to grasp onto. This is how we get to the rebirth ... is realizing we are above this insignificant ... now is the time when we see the unions happening with like minded beings. To be whimsical and pay attention to feelings, visions, sensations ... 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Return from Hiatus ... Inner Strength & Listening

Fairies on the path
I've been on a hiatus for quite some time. Many many things have happened. I realized my journey through this would be on my own ... I needed to take some time out for myself. We all have to.

Many different messages have come to me, as perhaps many messages have come to you as well. It's acknowledging and giving in to the ability to listen ... in whatever form this comes to you. Listening to an actual voice, your inner knowing, your intuition, your gut, another worldly being, ... listening comes

in so many forms. It can be in silence when the most is said, the most is given, the most is transferred.

In the stillness is when we listen, this is with ease.

There comes a point when I realized I had to stop going by where planets were positioned, what sign the moon was in ... it's all extremely helpful, yes, but I had to just feel and listen ... this was my calling. To just close my eyes and listen. To just float around this world and feel. For me, my intuition and inner knowing has been through "feelings" ... lately I have been feeling much going on ... and also being called back to share words with all of you.

I could recap all the adventures I've had but it all is just being in the present moment. I was told something which really made me wish to draw me back here to all of you ... I was told that I have a good imagination, I am very intuitive but I have to also balance the other areas of my life. This person of course did not say to be mean or discredit any of my abilities. It's all about how you take words that are given to you. I do agree I have a big imagination. However, my life is not simply imagination. Perhaps you have experienced some of your wishes or manifests or visions coming true.

I have guided many of you in full moon and new moon rituals. After a while you may feel stuck, this is another reason why I left on my hiatus so that we could all have adventures on our own to not be dependent on any one person or one idea.

I feel sharing this news provides that we are all capable of fulfilling our desires, our visions aren't just imagination. I had a vision over a year ago of being pregnant under a tree ... I had visions of giving birth various deities showed me to. Part of what also lead me to my hiatus was when I found out I am carrying a little star dust. Of course with my awakened transformation happening, my body also physically changing. I have had many people ask me how do you know your visions or what you "see" will come to be. Here is my response to that. I had visions of standing under a tree being pregnant. This visual of me being pregnant came to me at different times, in different ways over the course of months and years. None of it made sense to me at the time. My main thought was I'm not getting pregnant "right now" why am I having these visions? Just because it wasn't happening right that same second or soon after I was having the visions I questioned did they represent something else? The birthing of an idea not a being? Similar to what I have heard and observed with some of you, with whatever your visions have been leading you to ... if they have yet to happen. Don't dismiss them away or your gifts.

Once I accepted all my visions in all their forms ... I released them ... I accepted that it may happen or may not happen ... I became content with that. In some life this happens. I'm here on this earth at this exact moment for a purpose (we don't always know what this purpose is right away) but it does come. So once I let go of needing to understand what this "pregnancy meant" a month later, conception happened.

I wish to share this because I had visions of my family ... and it's happening. We just have to let go of the control. I am blessed at my life. I am living a dream. It's all there for all of us to experience. If you don't like a part of your life, change it.

It's easy to get caught up in bills and money and drama. Take a step back. I've been experiencing bliss. I've been experiencing a surge of emotions, and it's been helpful acknowledging them. I see when I've been getting worked up (as well all do) ... we are in human form and sometimes you just have to allow yourself to feel everything. If you have a bad day embrace the bad day. I recently started feeling anxious (which I haven't experienced in so long) I knew the root cause. In the grand scheme of things bills from this society mean nothing. Yes we have to function in society. But we are star beings. We have over come so much. It's like breathe it in and let it go. Of course it's looking at how you can pull together to get through something. Having anyone to talk to is so helpful, even if they have no way to relate to what you are going through. This is something I have found ... in this transformation of becoming literally two beings in one ... I see things differently.

I felt crazy for a while ... I have become a "we" I am two life forms right now. Of course double the
emotions and hormones. It's really all about the mind. We have control over how the mind reacts. If we give it power to repeat the same thoughts over and over again ... the mind mostly wants to repeat the negative to us to fuel the ego's expansion. If we allow the mind to run through what it wishes to: once ... then you hear it, and once, the moment you hear it start to repeat over and over looping the same thoughts over, you shut it down, you quiet, you silence the mind ... you gain control over it. Yes this takes practice. I have focused on breath to do this or movement, techniques of whatever works best for you. However then you can listen to your intuition which is very different from the voice of the mind.

So for me I had this thought of bills running in my head over and over ... noticing how other external influences were fueling this idea of needing to save money, how expensive babies are ... and overcoming this is, bliss. Realizing what material things do we all really need? I am blissfully happy with my life and who is in my life, and this is really all I need. We have a network, we are a network of intuitive beings who are capable of so much ... yet the mind and this society and ego wishes to keep us tied down to earthly things of money and bills and expenses when everything is free!

Fights happen based on things, when we live from the heart, happiness happens. If you are living in your truth in your heart, and loving who and where you are ... it's really hard to have a fight, is it not? The ego and mind wants us to fight because then it stays in control. The emotions and hormones we experience can also feed into this because it can go either into happiness or fear. We have the deciding factor which way it goes.

We are all so strong. We can't forget our strength. I think sometimes when we are feeling down or
like the world is crushing us with expenses, jobs, relationships not working, fights, money, bills, etc ... it's easy to feel weak to want to throw your hands up and say "take it" "I give up" ... but it's actually easier to just stand up to it. On one of my adventures I traveled across a channel in a storm on a tiny motor boat ... the boat stalled twice ... the waves were rocking the boat all over, I wasn't afraid of dying ... but being pregnant in a rocking boat, not the best sensations to have. I focused on my breath, tried to stay relaxed, of course not fully panic. In that moment, I realized I could do anything. Considering I've never sought out sailing or being on boats. Each time the boat did start I felt relief. The final time it stayed working I realized how strong I actually am, I didn't get sick, didn't loose it, and I conquered a fear. So when you find yourself in a stuck in a boat not going anywhere but being tossed by the waves look to your inner strength, what is your constant? You realize you are your own constant, you are everything you ever need. All the strength is already in you. Everything is possible. Once you listen.

Monday, August 25, 2014

New Moon Virgo

I haven't written in quite some time. It all simply wasn't the time. I had thought and wished to write some words, but things would come up and show me it was not when.

Experiencing much magic. Many reminders. The New Moon in Virgo this morning much of the clutter has lifted ... the mental kind. Yes we can physically clean out our closets, our garages, ... getting ready for the "move" of life. It's all just stuff. We get into the mental part, of the mind, here is where the work is, because the mental is what we must de-clutter. All those negative thoughts, all the things in there that are holding us back. The way it use to be is not how it is now.

This New Moon energy is about organizing but it's the thoughts, the mind ... getting together your thoughts, your wishes. I have kept up with each New Moon and Full Moon. My rituals have shifted where I don't always write them down or light a candle or sage. In my time away I have simplified where I have take a moment, when I intuitively known it was a moon time ... I simply said in my mind the things I wished. To this the Moon and the Universe and to the Stars. It all really can be that simple. A conversation I had literally went of oh yeah, I haven't been doing any of that. Sometimes people beings wonder why are things or events still moving forward in my life despite being away from Padma Bella, it simply is even if the work cannot be "seen" on the outside ... I have not been producing a "product" but internally I have still been doing the work. I haven't fully been on vacation here. 

In my absence so much has been manifesting. I recall a trip I took out to the desert, after many hours of driving in the dark, a falling star lit the sky. Dancing in the sky. Just this single star. This sparked a thought, in my entire life I had never seen a falling star simply because it was not yet time. It was one magical night this past spring which I had read about meteor showers. Going back further, a year prior after yoga there was a meteor shower but it was too cloudy to see any without driving. A promise was made to me, that we would see a meteor shower together, me and a special being. So one magical night in late Spring (a year after the promise) for some reason we were having a conversation that night and I brought up this meteor shower and before I knew it we spontaneously agreed to drive as far out into the night as it took for us to see some. We drove for about an hour, on a mountain surrounded by trees we sat and watched the meteor shower. Of course with many falling stars I made many wishes. As we over looked a sea of clouds we traveled to another world, because we are from another world. It is in this moment that I realized further we both traveled here to this world and despite all the struggles and all the challenges the Universe time and time again kept pushing us together. There could never be anything platonic about us. Somehow all the visions the Universe had shown me would come. I had to be patient, I had to accept the unknown before the known would come. I saw many falling stars that night. I felt at home, like we had done this before on other planets ... watched falling stars from distant skies. This was to be my final wake up call to us in this life I awakened first. This was my realization, I had never seen falling stars because this being was the one who was to show them to me. So as we traveled months later on a desert road the Universe had a message with this single falling star that we were on our way, we were on our journey on this road. I had a smile and laugh that came, that in fact the vision I had over a year prior of us having a child together was already here. I had been patient and allowed the Universe to work her magic. It's all written in the stars, and that night we escaped to above sleeping world, We are the light, we light our own journey that we are headed on together. We have lived many lifetimes together. Unified finally once more. Since this being has entered my life I now have seen many falling stars. I have been granted many wishes.

Life is full of magic. I had a vision last year that is now happening. I have discovered my purpose in this life. Fear can creep in the mind and make you back away or drive you away or even change your course. Fear has no power if you give it power then it has power. I was reminded this that I am not fear. It is so much easier to know I am exactly where I am suppose to be. I keep being told that everything will go fast of this year, but I don't want it to. I am enjoying every moment.

My purpose is now ... Living in the now, so many women spend their whole life wishing and dreaming of having this experience that I have been gifted. Why would I wish it away? Yes I cannot see how life will be once this joy comes fear is trying to tell me it's going to be hard and full of sacrifice, but why does it have to be? We manifest we create what we wish by our thoughts. So I wish to continue to do this, to be happy and not have to work a remaining day in my life and have all that I wish in terms of all material to survive happily.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Planet movement ...

Quite an intense week!! We have made it through! If you've had some freak outs, melt downs, cry sessions ... you were not alone. This moon energy has been very very intense. Being a super moon it was of course closer than the typical Full Moons ... and Awakened beings can also be more sensitive to shifts in energy (like what we experienced). We have made it through this is the good news. Many of us learned lessons (which we needed to) and if we were able to keep our cool during this we have come out ahead or even on top of the game. The lesson here has been to acknowledge what you feel and what emotions have been stirred up and live in the moment. Not everything needs an external reaction ... acting out on someone else (does not always need to happen) taking a deep breath and dealing with it on your own first ... sometimes this is where we are lead.

I had an intense week, I experience a ton of various emotions. I had a freak out, I had a melt down, I had a good cry session. I also wondered what is the world is going on?? I knew this would pass. I had been told that I would be very emotional this week, the topic causing it could not be foreseen but it would happen and that at least was something I could prepare for. Overall I found that when I just embraced all that I was feeling it became very intense but also it went away a lot faster than if I had resisted it. I didn't know how long the feelings would last and maybe this is the part of us that wishes it goes away that tries to push feelings away. I feel a lot stronger after going through it. My intuitive senses have also increased and I feel that we have to go through tough times sometimes (the Universe hands us) so that we come out feeling just how strong we really are. 

Now we have gotten through the Full Moon phase, we have the planets moving signs this week. Wednesday Jupiter is moving from Cancer to Leo. We've been in Cancer energy since June 25 (which has been family oriented, private craving, and nesting qualities which of course has been a struggle for Jupiter which is naturally full of loud expansive energy. 

Jupiter working in Leo lasts until August 11, 2015 which brings the glam of Leo with the expansive Jupiter qualities. These two will have us expressing our true self and not being afraid to let it be heard! We are in for a ton of creativity of all kinds with these two pairing together. Leo is all about the courtship. If you have been in a relationship, look for a change up in behavior (the good kind being more romantic and sweeping you off your feet!) We also get with this the ego with all the big power Jupiter brings out as Leo compliments, so we simply address this as it comes up. We have the opportunity to grow further by reeling it in (the ego) so that we don't get a big head from all the attention we might be getting soon. We receive the lessons so that we may change, and adjust and not act like we did before to these ego inflated events that come up. Or you can just keep going around in the circle over and over again (if you'd like too).

Friday July 18, we also have Venus in Cancer which stays here until August 12, 2014. Venus energy in Cancer is all about the romance and allow subtle positive love energies to come into play. Venus and Cancer are both associate with the feminine energy so men get in touch with your feminine side and women will embrace sisterhoods. The next three weeks is about healing (another feminine quality) in all aspects of your life (not just romance).

Rolling into the weekend, Sunday July 20 we have Saturn moving out of the four and a half retrograde. We may have noticed some slow downs and projects taking a bit longer than we anticipated. The energies get moving forward once again!! With Saturn moving out of Retrograde it's in Scorpio which has brought to light secrets, agendas, and called out people's true natures. Out of the Retrograde we are moving forward with partnerships and work projects. We have all learned lessons since the beginning of this Retrograde on March 2. There are no more excuses this time, it is about following your intuition and at the end of the day it is all about being happy. 

There are always going to be planets moving in and out of Retrogrades, it is nothing to fear or to stop your life over. We just simply move with it, I personally like to use these as tools of why maybe something isn't moving as fast as I'd like ... or give an explanation of someone else's behavior. I by no means let it stop me or stall my energy (on purpose). The Universe has it's plan for us and we can't always see it. So why not smile and enjoy happiness?

Monday, July 7, 2014

Full Moon Capricorn July 12, 2014

We have a week ahead of us!! Perhaps you have already been noticing some shifting and moving going on the past week. Things are definitely in motion (whether you see them yet or not). This week we have the Sun squaring with Uranus which can have you feeling a bit nervous and even ungrounded maxing out on Tuesday, July 8 when these two are exact 90 degrees from each other. No matter, just take a walk without your shoes in nature to bring some stability.

Perhaps you have been feeling some internal conflict with the (very old you ego based) and the new you now ... with instances coming up and you reacting slightly of the old ... breathe and this will pass. Tuesday we find peace and balance with the Sun Uranus square. Peace comes and settles as we approach Saturday maybe you have noticed emotions coming up stirring up. They are here to play with you and allow yourself to feel them but dwelling and getting stuck in whatever emotions comes is temporary. We all have the choice to embrace them breathe them in and then allow them to float away without permanently shifting us, these are just passing clouds. Emotions are brought by this moon just to feel them and allow them to pass, we are on track on journey the emotions that seem to bring you a drift are temporary and not by any means something to derail you now.

Another energy I have been feeling is perhaps you start to reminisce about a past life or a past that never came to be ... a person, a life, a job, whatever it happens to be, it left for a reason. If you have been thinking about any of these from the past, let them stay in the past. It didn't happen for a reason, and you may have wished it back then but look at all you have now! Maybe you feel compelled to contact someone from the past, what is the point? when you are no longer that same person? We have all moved on, we are all no longer who were were yesterday, allow the past to remain there even if this means having good vibes with how you allowed things to part you or maybe you left on a negative note, however the parting happened let it stay that way. Poking around is only going to bring you backwards. We are moving forwards! Also if someone from your past contacts you this week, you don't have to respond- if you do respond it does not mean things will revert to how they were before. Nostalgia may just be passing through in their head ...

Saturday we have the Capricorn Full Moon. This is circling back with our New Year's Resolutions and
wishes we set in January 2014. I have wished to look back at my journals, simply because so much has been coming to be. The Full Moon on Saturday is about manifesting the corresponding New Moon in Capricorn that happened January 1, 2014. So maybe you have reached the peak, you have reached already where you set your mind to. Maybe you forgot what you wrote down ... now is the time to look back as we are at the half way year check in. We celebrate our victories, redirect directions to reach those goals ... even map out further where else we are headed. So to some desires you wrote down in January to come to be by this weekend! If you are stuck this is a time to look hard at your life and see what parts of yourself are holding you back.

By Sunday we have Mercury moving into Cancer to remain until July 30 which allows our communications to be softened. We also had this movement between May 29-June 17, so people who were in our lives early June may come back in our lives this month to be an important figure. This may be family, friends, co-workers... in terms of key people in our lives. If you had been making plans prior to the Mercury Retrograde (which happened June 7-July 1) but noticed you abruptly stopped with them, now is the time to get back on track with them. We now get to make progress again towards these with Mercury in Cancer and the Mercury Retrograde over.

Overall look to your heart. Emotions may feel all over the place. It's okay to ask for help! There is nothing to fear. We are all emotional beings but it is our maturity level that determines if we are going to be a basket case of "psycho" emotions going all over the place, or breathe in and not react to every tiny thing. Vocalizing that you feel "off" on certain days is totally fine too this shows we are aware of what vibes we may be sending off and we are aware they are temporary. We have a lot of movement going on. Life has to stop sometimes for us to realize all that has already changed.

Take a look up and look around you for all that is around you that you were dreaming about 6 months ago, a year ago, since you are a child ...

I have been away from writing, but in this my journey I have been transforming. I have had so many
beautiful experiences all of which would not have come to be if I was not away from all of you. I see this now, the reason for my absence, my silence. I keep constantly seeing butterflies flying all around me I have come out of the coccoon ... we get curious about things about ourself, but we have to allow it to come, to walk down the path and to follow the path. It does not always make sense (trust me) there were times I was wondering and questioning why?? where? who? why? ... all comes when you move forward, staying stuck in any place just keeps you idle ... we all change and you can't stop change even I have realized this. There were some instances when even I wanted to just stop everything and stay internally because that seemed like the logical thing to just postpone, but life does not stop it keeps going. We can decide to stop just us and the whole world passes us by while we get stagnant and trick into thinking that we are in control and not changing, but change happens whether we want to admit it or not. Admitting it and accepting makes the flow go so much easier. We become happier, it is just realizing it is headed where we are headed even if it's not where we thought we should go, things somehow do work out.

This is all about my life, I wanted to stop movement in my life, because I needed to come to terms with all that was coming at me. Sometimes internalizing, happens which is different than getting stale or stagnant. It is accepting that we have no idea what we feel or why you want to "think" and "process" it's only feeling like you are stopped but all the while you are thinking and accessing you are still moving forward. See the difference? For me I did stop a moment in my life, but I was not resisting I stayed in, I mediated a lot, I asked the Universe and Source many many questions of where do I go now? But all the while I knew going in a cave and trying to dismiss and fight all that is, would be counter productive. So if you find yourself with a big life changing event come to be it's ok to take some moments to process it, but allow all answers to flow through you, ask for answers, they come in unexpected ways. It's ok to say I don't know ... this is part of the change and the growth is to be open to everything. To say "no" and "don't" and "I refuse to accept this" this makes stagnant energy and prevents change (temporarily) in a not so good way because you will begin to not feel good because you are restricting your own energy as well.

So in all this energy learn who you are, what do you feel? You may have more than you even realize. Take a look back at your journals from your moon cycles ... you can continue and begin new dreams now too. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Change ...

Change is here. Many different themes I have been observing. Dreams have been heavy lately with many apocalyptic type, not in terms of the world ending but warnings of continuing in the dark will lead to hardships.

I have been hearing many people thankful of change that has already happened, and they are breathing sighs ... but change is still here and moving further. Nothing is stationary in terms of physical dwellings, home/career/jobs ... be ready for change in any of these soon or now. The Universe is at work for even better things. Perhaps you have recently settled from some kind of 'move' more is changing ... I keep sensing and seeing this everywhere. It is the universe showing us to be able to not get stuck in our ways but to be flexible and move able to all opportunities the universe gives to us. Maybe you started a new job earlier this year only to find a better one which means uprooting again (do it!). Perhaps you have moved recently but circumstances you couldn't not foresee are going to have you move once again (do it!) we all plan and think once something "comes" in our life we settle get comfortable and we are going to be here for a "while" this is of the old. Life happens. I have no idea where I am going to end up, I have been feeling the sea of change rolling in for some time. And on some level many many things are already changing physically and spiritually inside me. Every day I wake up as a new being. There really are no guarantees. The most I have gotten from all this is just live for today, planning too far out or getting too comfortable makes you want to resist change (good change). I am guilty too of resistance having a nice plan in my head and when things don't go my way, I get a bit sad, but this is old emotions. All things happen for a reason.

Getting rid of the scared feelings, can be a lot but I will be going through this too. I have no idea "when" and maybe you have already been experiencing this wave of change rolling and you already out to sea with it. Or maybe you are like me where you see others out on the sea but are still on the shore. As I have said going through storage is a very good thing so when you are perhaps all of a sudden given the opportunity to up and leave to a new adventure you already have less "stuff" you have to sort through and take with you (that holds past energies). 

We are all exactly where we need to be. Know this. Embrace this. Stop trying to rush anywhere or catch up ... this creates negative energy that you are behind in some way or not fast enough ... all these are silly terms, we are all where were need to be experiencing exactly what we are.

I have been working heavily with crystals lately. My latest has been malachite on my nightstand before I sleep to aid with my dreams. If I have moved it to another location I have noticed it's when I have my apocalyptic dreams. Crystals all have various qualities and healing properties. When you feel stuck somewhere pick up a crystal to aid with this. Schedule an appointment with me if you wish to learn more about which crystals may aid you most right now at where you are in your journey.

Friday, June 27, 2014

New Moon in Cancer 6.27.14

Tonight is a New Moon in Cancer and the energy carries three days before and three days after. This moon is all about nurturing your relationships with others and yourself. It is a new beginnings start energy around us. Also notice what energies have been around you.

For me personally I have been noticing energies and vibrations that I put out to the Universe even a year ago is now coming to be, even under a year ... new beginnings indeed. They are sometimes subtle so you have to really notice and sometimes you may not even remember a simple thought you put out in the Universe, but if you meditate or just focus around all that is in your life right now or is coming - see what little spark may have been lit some months earlier or even a year earlier.

If you've kept a journal it's fun to go back and read it (not too frequently). We are into wishes and dreams. On this night think and do stir the energy of all you wish to bring into your life ... big or small. I will be writing more about this all in great detail in the coming months. For now it's still in the incubation period where I am keeping it safe. Know that things do come to be, we may not recognize them at first and it even may not be in the exact form we asked ... but the Universe does provide ... does bring it to be at some point. And typically this is when we have forgotten about it or pushed this thought or dream aside and been okay with moving on to something else. This is when the Universe goes ok wait! Here it is!

So on this New Moon place out your crystals ... sit under the Moon, dream ... meditate, center, calm, be in stillness and truly look to all that you are grateful for all that has already come into your life.

I have been meditating and channeling heavily over the past weeks, I apologize for being away, but this is what happens sometimes. I have been on vacation from sharing digitally and working with my in person clients. I will return to a more regular posting format soon (just not sure when this will be yet of course) all in Divine Timing!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Solstice

How have you been enjoying the Summer Solstice? On the Northern Hemisphere it is the longest sunny day of the year. It is a time to enjoy the outdoors. So if you haven't yet go get out! I have taken a while yes to write this, I have been out in nature and also deeply channeling this week.

Overall the message is to enjoy life. Each morning I have been waking up feeling and having a completely new and different body than I went to sleep with. The transformation is happening. Two options to embrace it and just be observant and go with the flow or  obsess and stress over it.

Summer is a time to clear out things that we no longer need the energy of. Yes Spring we planted our seeds Summer we them begin to bloom. Perhaps there was something you laid out to the Universe that you wished or a dream or some plan... maybe just maybe you have had a glimmer of it starting to happen ... as we approach this further we clean out items that hold old energies that no longer serves us. It is seeing and recognizing that everything has energy vibrations.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Change is coming, be happy! =)

Change is coming ...as this is nothing to fear, we live each second not knowing what truly is going to
happen in the next second ... this is the small stuff so why worry about the "big stuff"? we approach the summer solstice June 21 and change of the seasons brings a shift too. We all change naturally it's just the evolution of time and us and being in this form. Society and others have created this stigma and fear around change, that we have to be afraid of it or get worked up over it. Reality is it's as simple as breathing. Just go with the flow. We cannot control the change or how things shift in our lives (you may think you can change the shift but this is just the mind and make believe) our mind wants to react when we first learn of change to think far far into the future (into a time we have no control over) all we truly can do is just go with the flow. We have the ability to flow with ease when ever anything turns up into our lives. For me I have noticed a shift, in two situations in my life ... I speak from experience I see that things are "different" it is what it is ... I can get upset and react negatively (over something that is bound to happen anyway) see these times as a blessing to learn more about yourself. This is what I have been doing. I see how others react to similar situations (getting so worked up over something so small) in which they loose so much beautiful energy, the one thing they fear is exactly the thing which turns out to come true because they pushed so much energy in it. So I have just been going with the flow. Going with the flow does not guarantee any different outcome but it does bring peace of mind. So the next time you experience yourself getting worked up over a family member, a friend, a job situation, breathe take a step back and truly look to see if this is helping anyone truly. You may be surprised ... the world is going to keep spinning with or without you. People are going to do what they decide to do (regardless of what you say) there is no control this is fueled by fear of loosing, by thinking of how things use to be (living in the past). The past will never be again. We only have the now. Trying to control is simply the mind trying to keep things in a state that is not reality anymore. We live moment to moment, and this brings about peace. When we are at peace there is no need to control because you are happy and I am happy and nothing else matters. So as we approach the changing from Spring to Summer look at how you can just go with the flow a bit more or even just flow completely.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sagittarius Full Moon June 13

Friday we have a Full Moon a rare event as it's also the 13th. This Full Moon is in Sagittarius. We are going to be directed at life changing people to bring insight into our lives and possibly even get some answers we've been wishing for. With the Sagittarius energy we do have to be cautious before we speak as we need tact before crushing any one's feelings. Even if you get frustrated with all the energy it is always best to breathe first is this "truth" really worth sharing right now? I know I say speak your truth but we are in such a high energy time not all things are beneficial to share. Even if you feel frustrated that things or events aren't moving faster in this Sagittarius energy of the moon we are planting what we are seeking and this too will come to us. All the answers are already here, but sometimes we aren't ready or willing to see them just yet. Have patience. 

This week we also had Neptune go into it's annual retrograde which shall last five months of this year. Neptune is known as the celestial dreamer which flows with fantasy and illusion. So we are able to get to deep healing by flowing with the subconscious mind. Neptune is still in Pisces and will remain until 2025 it's already been here for two years. We can go both ways with this either friendly or disaster delusions ... this is completely up to prospective of course. I pick to look optimistically because why should we take the negative outlook? We get to decide how things play out when there is a positive and a negative. This is the same case. We can heal and break patterns. I have particularly started to notice patterns in my life and in lives of clients. We all can decide if we want to say "oh here we go again" and think you already know what is going to happen. This is of course allowing for the pattern to repeat. Or you can take each experience as a brand new experience and not allow the past to hold any root at all. Doing this and taking this approach means we forget the past and all ties it has on us and we become to live in each moment in the now. Each moment is brand new which it really is because we are never going back to the past again (unless we just want to live in it in which case we never change we always stay and who wants to do that? it's false anyway because we cannot stay living in this past that does and has never existed anyway it is all of the mind). 

Get in your head we only have to now. As we are in Neptune's Retrograde and also Mercury's retrograde we can decide to think oh this means technology doesn't work we have to stop all that we are doing because this is what other articles and what other videos have said to do always in the past. Okay you can take that advice and always prepare and always do the same thing and guess what you are creating energy vibrations and this will always be what comes to you. You create your own reality. I am picking to live in the now, this Mercury Retrograde I have not read any preparation same with Neptune's. I only want to move forward. I am taking this Retrograde as a means to be creative and wake up! I have noticed being more sensitive with the Pisces influence. I am deciding not to absorb other people's energy and not to let this happen unless I decide. It is being proactive here. 

For a bit I felt frustrated with all this energy because I felt stuck, perhaps you have felt this too, this why me? I have heard a lot in the past week. It is then making yourself a victim with this statement. I am seeing how we create our reality by our vibration. I am taking charge of my life, allowing the Universe to do what she wishes but I am showing up. I am done with playing victim in any situation. I also know in my heart what will be will be but it is not about being passive either. 

For a time as I shared I needed to step away from writing I was getting too drained. Answers were being sought after and I felt drained from this. I don't have all the answers. Above all I keep channeling and getting all sorts of messages but not all of them are shareable at this time and some people are also not ready to hear them. It is just how we all are we are all in different journeys. 

I have come to realizations over the past few weeks. We can get stuck and wrapped up in the safe life. Or we can take a chance. I have seen how people can start to revert back to their old self, how others decide they don't like their life and will just change it (simple as that). I have no desire to fix anyone or to be in the company of someone who does not appreciate me, and look to your life and see if anything like this resonates. I have come too far to just waste my time, and even this statement is negative. Every second is a gift. I feel like we get too wrapped up in things that don't matter. It is a matter of how someone or something makes you feel. I have become more independent over this time, all this time on my own, I have had adventures where I go to experience on my own. I didn't get lonely or anything, some of the adventures I had people by my side (which was nice too). We get so caught up in society we live in that we need to have someone right next to us to somehow give us more value here. This is such a silly concept. I guess when we rely on someone or think ok now my life can begin, it is putting so much value on this person or this thing when it has nothing to do with that but you! You are all you need. For the realization comes when you just let go and above all realize you are everything you could ever need. 

I had an epiphany last night where I am so happy when I am free and unrestricted which for all of us this means something different. It might mean for some to be single. For others to have their own car. To not have kids. To not have a home of their own. Whatever this means for you, find a way to be unrestricted maybe that means to go out for an hour without your phone. Detach in some way let go. 

I am creating my own adventures and I'm not waiting around anymore. This is my eye opening time. Instead of waiting for taking a vacation, just doing so. If that means I go alone so be it. I cannot be envious of anyone else because I get to make my own now moments. I realized I am not who I once was I am not a trophy for anyone. These realizations have come with speaking with many many lovely beings over my time away.

I met so many beautiful people. A story I loved hearing was how a guy just happened to be driving across country (changing his life) he stopped at a diner noticed a girl who called him over. He has been with her for over a decade (and never made his original destination). We never know where life is going to take us. We are all on this journey and if we are too focused on the destination we are blinded to the middle stuff which really does have the opportunity to change us forever for the better. The middle stuff may very well be the destination after all. 

For this Full Moon just go with the flow and glow. Enjoy the energy, do something for you! We are done with releasing this is a time to recharge ourselves and our crystals. Try something like getting rid of physical stuff if you want to do some kind of releasing. Our "stuff" actually holds energy from our past, and if you ever notice icky feelings a cloud of energy gets stirred up when we move it. Let's as we approach the Summer Solstice on June 21 have a Summer clean out!! Clean the space! Start this weekend by looking to what you no longer use what is just taking up space get rid of clutter, get a new you. If you wish for a new life start by getting rid of the things that hold memories of the old you! Travel light or with nothing at all. If you want to have many adventures it's way easier if you have nothing negative holding you back this includes people, items, and "stuff".

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Organic ... go with the flow

I have been away from the computer for quite a while. I have taken various vacations being out in a nature. Enjoying every minute of peace and becoming centered. We have had several very intense energy shifts. Perhaps you have noticed things about yourself changing and shifting. Once thing I have observed is certain people get so dependent on me or what I have to say that it just becomes second nature for them to stop thinking and doing for themselves. Sometimes they have acted out of anger towards me like how could you have left me? how could you have up and just stopped? Maybe this has happened to you?

One thing that has come to my attention is this topic pertaining my writing. 

Writing is organic spell your words right if they (the audience) are going to ding you on stuff ... I have to say that if you don't want to continue to read because any of the other articles I have written which have errors that you find, it doesn't not mean I'm not intelligent. If this turns you off, this is all on you not me. I went to college learned all about how to write properly but I have learned that the best pieces are when I don't care about how I sound and not getting caught up in all of this, of course yes, ideally proof read but sometimes writers don't want to re-read for hours because the gist gets lost. These articles are not a thesis not in MLA format, and not an essay. 

This is a rare time I will get on a soap box. I have heard this many times: write with less errors so people take you more professionally but this is me. I channel write most of the time and this is my eyes rolled back in my head as I type ( not really) a huge exaggeration but the gist is I zone out here. If I stopped or went back to fully and professionally proof read, it no longer is the same channeled message from source. Yes many different arguments can be made on this, all valid as everything is valid. I will try to do my best to have minimal errors but there will continue to be times when there are errors we are all human. I love writing organically and this is simply a message that I felt I had to write. 

Another comment being made about the use of the word magic, there are different types of spelling on this word, all meaning very different things. As with any word (that can have multiple meanings) you have to take it for how it impacts you, what it means to you ... I don't spell magic with a k because I am not talking nor resonate personally with this form of spelling. Nor am I necessarily speaking of the same thing. This goes with all words, if it does not resonate with you, great you have found your voice. If it does resonate with you how I speak and how I spell some word. There is no right or wrong here. I appreciate that readers have felt the need to share these things with me, but I will continue to be me, we all have opinions. 

I will be having some new formats in writing, as we have a full moon coming up on Friday the 13th of June and the Summer Solstice June 21 (for North America). I also will be offering some new services and updating the sites. Bare with me I just have needed some down time away from the cluster of the Internet. I have been brainstorming and going to various events in preparation for bringing new topics, new goodies, and I am so excited to bring them to you all. Anything you wish to see or a topic you wish to cover, please let me know. I have various social media forms, if you want me to be more active on one over another let me know this too. 

Just go with the flow and glow =)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Gemini New Moon May 28, 2014

Energy is swirling! Have you been feeling it? I have been away from writing because I have been experiencing nature. We do have to step back to appreciate. If you have been following me on this journey, all the Moon energies we have done various rituals, wished for things, released other things and now it's time to appreciate all that is. If we are constantly wishing or focusing so hard on any one thing, we loose sight (potentially) of what is right in front of us. We live in the moment and may just see we in fact have everything we ever wanted right here, right now!

Various different new projects are in the work, I will be sharing them once they are developed. I am very excited to share them with all of you. In the mean time, we have a New Moon in Gemini May 28. As our journey continues we are experiencing many new gifts or developing our gifts further. Not thinking but instead just experiencing is how I have been noticing these gifts more and more. Just living in the moment and when I know something - I just know it. With New Moon energy what we wish to manifest or wish to come to be we think, dream, visualize ... it can happen at any given time, or can come when we have to corresponding Full Moon in the same sign (typically six months later). Take a moment to think of this, six months ago what did you wish for and the Full Moon. On the 14th of May we had one Full Moon perhaps in the past couple weeks you have noticed some things happening ... with the thought of I wished this or similar to happen (and it is!). We cannot act in haste the Universe is working her magic. Same goes with this New Moon. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 we have the New Moon in Gemini which is considered the twin flame of
the zodiac. This means we are often searching for kindred spirits of all kinds (friends, bff, romantic, platonic). We are in a very social energy so there is no need to label any pairing just enjoy the energy of each other! It is all about networking and experiencing the kindred spirit vibes. The corresponding Full Moon is on December 6, so think of it this way we have six months to figure out labels (if you wish to). People you meet this week or realize how similar and kindred you actually are. This can even be realizing how kindred and similar you are with people already in your life, but maybe never realized it because an event or situation allows for you to spend more time together. In any case, the people you interact with this week (who you are kindred with) will find their rightful place in your charts now through December 6. Gemini is all about communicating so take up writing, maybe you have been putting something off (now is the time to start written communication, technical writing, resume, blog, novel, etc).

Mercury moves to Cancer from May 29-June 17 this is all about private cozy energy knowing your inner circle and bearing your soul with only your trusted confidantes. Know who these people are. Maybe sharing will give you insights on who are really your true and trusted people. Cancer is a sign of the homemaker so we may gravitate more towards domestic projects, decorating, making our homes cozy. There is nothing to fear, you may just notice this energy that you only wish to share your secrets to certain people because you trust them the most. 

We also have Venus in Taurus from May 29-June 23. Taurus energy is all about modesty, restraint, subtle vibes. When we hold back and act subtler things spice up and heat up becoming even hotter! Keep your feelings and communication flowing, speak your truth! If you feel turned on say so! But keep your clothes on a bit longer. Sensual romantic Venus is gaining momentum as Taurus encourages more natural gifts or gestures in the romance department. Treat yourself to some natural products. Pamper yourself in the simple ways not all of it is about spending tons of money on material things. Chemical free is key! So if you are noticing romance in the air or you wish for romance in this New Moon speak your truth, be open but dress modesty, leave more to the imagination, do the simple things appreciate who is right in front of you. Not everything has to be a huge production. If we are having a fully disclosed conversation in a park this can be the most intimate experience than just ripping someones clothes off. 

New Moon rituals
Make you wishes! All the things big and small you wish to experience. This is a very simple ritual. Burn some sage, light some candles, put out a crystal grid.

Write out all you wish in a journal. Create a vision board if you want to see something up on your walls. Stand under the New Moon and enjoy all the energy!! Having a conversation with the Moon, share all you wish to with her.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Scorpio Energy

New transitions are available with this Scorpio Full Moon. I woke up after a series of very strange dreams this morning. I finally got the root of a problem. Maybe you have a problem or issue that has been coming up over and over again. Yet you don't understand some part of this? Scorpio energy is all about getting to the root. I have received this quote twice in the past two days- I will share with you as well."The mere desire to resolve a problem is an escape from the problem, is it not? I haven't gone into the problem, I haven't studied it, explored it, understood it. I don't know the beauty or the ugliness or the depth of the problem; my only concern is to resolve it, put it away. This urge to resolve a problem without having understood it is an escape from the problem - and therefore it becomes another problem. Every escape breeds further problems." - Krishnamurti, Talks by Krishnamurti in Saanen, 1964

What I have come to find is my reacting to a person (it was not about the person at all! it was myself reacting to my own life and situation). Hopefully that makes sense. As when we react is has nothing to do with the person who is speaking to us. This has all to do with our own personal self. It is looking at the root of this going to the root and not shying away from it. The root being and involving only our true self, our individual self. I laid out my crystals after having put them away for some weeks, I feel intense energy and at first I did not want to face this- energy ... because there is much energy to face. I see that I do need to face this energy all these feelings that these crystals have stored up and their messages to me. What led to many dreams last night was from the crystals being in the same room with me. I see so much clearer this realization that I am sharing with you, we cannot run away from any problem or situation this just temporarily "fixes" in our mind but really just is bringing about more or new problems on top of the original issue or problem. Problem being a general word based on the quote pertaining to anything in your life. 

We are able to move and find this transitional energy, questioning and learning why we feel what we feel is key here. We are diving deep into this energy of the moon, we were only on the surface before of all that is possible with our lives and our own personal energy. All the emotions that come up are not going to all be positive or happy- this does not mean something is wrong with you, we are human and not everything is nice and happy and positive. We can pretend and try to will this to be but it's running away from our shadow element of our true self. We have both positive and negative qualities with in us always. This transition is all about seeing the New the Now ... we only have the Now moment ... this comes with sitting in all that you feel or are involved with right now. Perhaps you feel stuck for any number of reasons, we can think positively that this is temporary we are moving forward. For this time in the Now were are here (where ever here happens to be for you).

I loved reading this below ... at I feel we all do have the power to change and influence where our life is headed. However, our Soul knows and guides us. I share as for me personally I have been feeling overwhelmed by external physical forces ... above all remember to breathe. We are all nurtured and loved all is right with the world because we are exactly where we need to be. This for me calms my mind because the worry and all the thinking just stops as its just a matter of flowing with the world and worrying about any one thing or situation or event ... it's in the future not here- it creates stress to think ... when we act in pure love and are calm and centered and grounded when the future comes we just flow with it ...
"Dear Beloveds! 
We have an intense Full Moon in Scorpio this week and there are a lot of transits happening as inner shifts in perspective.This is a powerful releasing Moon actually. New awareness is available when we are able to go deep enough. And Scorpio is always ready to plunge really deep. That is how we release and as we do, we always create more sacred space for the New to enter and be integrated through inner wholeness. We are really feeling the transit between the old and the New, it's very enhanced Now. That is all happening so that we can face the New dawn with more Love, Power and Wisdom ... all in pure awareness.
Scorpio is an archetype that relates to anything that is primal and very deep. It links with our sexuality, money, basic survival needs and all of those basic things. This is our primal Human nature that has only served on one level of experience, but as we are transcending those experiences, we need to deal with this through awareness before we can step into our newly created ascended reality. And that is why Scorpio is also an archetype of union and passion. Do You notice how You always enter a deeper union with the Self after an intense experience and Soul activation/integration? Yes, this is how this takes place, and each challenge is actually an opportunity for us to expand a bit more. we activate and then integrate ... and this cycle is always ongoing.
The archetype of Scorpio also deals with our basic Human survival needs. A lot of this comes through issues of money and personal finances ... and how we perceive this as ascending Human Beings. Our true nature is Divine, so everything is of that Divine nature in its Core Essence, no matter what the surrounding external experience might be or how things might seem. We can only feel things neutrally when we become the objective observer and take notice of our reactions and responses with awareness. This week I kept receiving the same repetitive messages about money and finances and restrictions. You see, our Souls never guide us through limitations or what might happen, for we are limitless in Truth. Many would get scared of such messages, taking them too literally. In Spirit awareness, we have to move beyond. The entire message is actually about shifting the perspective and focus in regards to money and finances, and how this is perceived on this Human level of experience that we have chosen.
Do we see everything as energy, and know how to govern our actions through the reflection of our choices and overall awareness? Yes, nothing is set in stone and everything changes as a direct consequence of our inner state of Being through awareness. Our Souls will show us what we are working on integrating by our life's current experiences ... so remain observant and vigilant. All the key answers are already there within and around You. It takes courage and honesty to reflect in such a way. We are shifting the most primal Human nature at this time, and the wave of transcendence is being offered to us ... if we are only ready and willing. Everyone will know everything they need to know in perfect Divine timing, and all the answers will continue to come and go ... change in regards to how we are shifting on the inside.
Many of us feel gentle (or stronger) waves of releasing energy. It will continue to build up until Wednesday with the Full Moon. Can You feel this Vortex? Because of this we have a powerful energy shift and I AM sure that many of You are feeling it ... as sensitive as we are becoming. My psychic/knowing abilities are increasing each day, and there are constant Spirit confirmations about it. This is one of the main/Key messages for us. There are doorways opening up, but we got to be willing to shift in perspective. I feel the most essential thing is being gentle with ourselves, as we received a powerful surge of Solar activity last week. I AM feeling a huge gateway opening, so we need more devotion to the Self in order to walk through those doorways and make some subtle changes deep from within.
Remember that with each gateway opening, there will be new opportunities for Self mastery and increased awareness. If You are feeling a bit lost or confused, or even fed up with all the "repetitive" cycles in the physical, be aware that nothing is really repetitive in Truth. Even if it seems so, it truly is not. Everything will have a shifting element to it and each experience will be different and unique, even if the overall patterning feels the same. If we didn't get something the first time, there will always be the next opportunity ... and the next. So either way, we can't go wrong ... and everything is unfolding in perfect Divine order. But we step through a new doorway only after we complete entering through a previous one, as each of them follows the previous one in a perfect structure and symmetry of the Divine ... the Grand scheme of things. There is always great order ... even in seeming chaos.
Yes, Scorpio can be very deep, and some individuals don't know how to handle such depth, for they might have been used to repressing their feelings for a very long time. A lot of individuals on this planet were afraid to live their personal truth. We are now healing/wholing those collective wounds, and as one steps into greater wholeness, they already pave the way for the next one and the whole new generation as well. The key message is also that of constant focus and devotion to service. Service is completely natural to every Soul, but not everyone remembers that, so the further away we move from that natural state, the more chaos and confusion we create in our experiences.
If I feel too overwhelmed or even "burdened" by the physical reality and the nature of lower worlds that have managed to "plunge" really deeply, I always affirm to my Self: "All that is happening around me is superficial. My true focus is only that of Divine service. I only focus on loving selfless service. Spirit, I ask only to serve with Love and awareness!" When we focus on service, everything else is always shifting naturally, for service through Joy is our most natural frequency. We are always Divinely supported when we live in selfless Divine service to All Life in Creation.

So ... are You really to go really deep? Are You ready to make that jump? And whatever your choices might be ... know that there is no such thing as a wrong answer or choice. All adds to your Soul expansion, and each thread of the Divine mosaic is perfectly laid out within the vastness and greatness of All That Is!
Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn"

Monday, May 12, 2014

Flower Full Moon May 14, 2014

It's been a week, I truly appreciate the understanding of my retreat. I really needed to get away and enjoy some time for myself. I have been creating and different projects in the works still. Over my time I noticed a theme many people and beings relate and call different terms differently, to the point that they get caught up in the words. It is not about the words or the title. Or wishing to call this by a "name" ... we do not fit in a box easily so why try to conform? I have becoming more and more free of titles myself in all kinds. I use words loosely and also have noticed that I use one word to umbrella over a vast variety. Mainly the word interesting, it does not describe or really help the listener to understand what I am trying to detail or explain- I am embracing who I am, hopefully you are doing the same too.

Any terms I happen to use, at the time I write about them "beings" "magic" "love" "interesting" ... all these and more of course can have any number of meanings to them, and it's not for your to search what I mean by them ... it is what these words make you feel as in individual. Each message is for you personally, not to try to figure out why I am using them about pertaining to my life, if any of these words stir up something: feelings, emotions, sensations ... in you this has nothing to do with me, this is your own internalizing and your own experience.

This weekend I felt internalized as I posted I just could not express myself in written form. I received a sign this morning as I looked out the window a black butterfly flew and landed on a window sill I thought it was dead at first as it just didn't move for some time. This butterfly decided to take a nap, but after a while moved it's wings to let me know it was alive. Two crystals in hand I just observed this butterfly ... realizing her message to me, I am and have transformed. New beginnings, this is the dawn the start once again.

We have the Full Moon energy here ... as the Flower Full Moon in Scorpio happens Wednesday, May 14, 1:16pm (PT), 3:16pm (ET). This Scorpio Full Moon is full of passion, charged with seductive vibes that are very intense! Notice as attractions explode within us, this can come from all angels ... open a romance novel, hit up that sweetie, treat yourself if you are single. Scorpio has a very direct and black and white view so this means no gray area, no maybes. If you feel any hint of love- it's love! Our heart knows, sometimes it is as simple as you may have been on the fence about this romantic situation and when you take your head and mind out of it you love spending time with this person, this is love. If you notice the opposite that they drain your energy and it's always "me me me" when you hang with this person, the flip side is may not be love. I had a very interesting conversation, that often times in the land of love you feel like a lost soul. When you find someone and they leave you (for any number of reasons) this transition time you are searching for answers, and who you are. In this passion filled Scorpio moon it is knowing your heart. Being kind and gentle with your heart. The answers are not in me- they are not in these words, it is all the emotions that are stirred up when you read the words.

As I have become more and more awakened to my gifts. I see and feel now why I had to step away from all of you. It is so that I could feel and I could not do so sitting behind a screen typing and using words. Many different sensations and emotions from the ick to the bliss I have encountered this week. My awakening like the butterfly it flies around but there are times when it just needs to be still to rest before it picks up and continues where it is headed (where ever that may be).

The Scorpio Full Moon is all about transforming energy, the transformation. As I saw the butterfly this morning I feel it in the air. When things seem to stall you have to breathe and not rush anything just because you want it to go. It is sitting with the ick, or sitting with the stillness,... whatever emotion you might be trying to over come or run away from (thinking you are over it that you have leveled up on it) if it's not leaving this means you need to sit in this some more, the mind is trying to get you out of it. Patience it's all a process, life is a process. Scorpio Full Moon is closely lined with Saturn which brings the strong support system energy. So in this changing and moving forward and seeing that your life is going to be much different it is looking at those core strong people in your life right now. They will help you create a solid plan (even if it's just knowing they are there to give you positive words). Perhaps they don't even give you any help to what you think you need, don't discourage, the point is their presence they will be here for you. The rock the solids the foundations. I have these in my life, any time I feel off balance, I may not even talk to them about what the cause is, but just knowing at any time I can speak to them and they just get it and make me laugh, this is enough. Look to these people in your life.

As the week moves along Venus is moving into Uranus and Jupiter. Thursday Venus moves into the revolutionary Uranus and these will be in the sign of impulsive Aries. This energy may have us singing "live in the moment" "seize the day, the now" as we are all swirling in this cosmic energy. All this Venus energy we are moving into does not need to be publicized (even if you are tempted) some of the best moment are when you share it with one individual and the whole world does not know about it. When Venus moves into Jupiter on Sunday, this weekend we may bring such powerful energy that we want more and more of this good thing this amazing sensation- however this indulging (in relationships, situations, friends, etc) be responsible and create your own limits and boundaries so that this remains memorable and not regrettable, but if we are all living in love and compassion then we will not regret. 

Flower Full Moon we have a trine of the Moon to Jupiter and Cancer with Saturn bringing strength to drive Jupiter's heart. Use this moon energy to whatever we feel is important to us and we will achieve much with this passion energy. The trick is to keep breathing to keep moving forward. This Full Moon is not about releasing (not this time) it is about pushing forward knowing what you want and forging ahead. If you let what you feel passionate about and what is important to you rein you can and will get stuck in a stagnant energy of thinking and being. Full Moons are not all about releasing and only focusing on releasing, this is so much the old energy of waiting and we are now not trapped in this thinking anymore. We will be in harvest time from this Full Moon and the New Moon May 28. It is all about dreaming, visualizing see where we wish to go, who we are. The energy is so much larger than any one person or being. So I invite all of you to dream ... maybe life is not what you envisioned it would be ... certain things or events did not go to "plan" how you thought ... this is only a small hiccup. The Universe and Life and Source has a plan for us, we just might not be able to see it yet. More and more I truly see and feel this. I felt myself expanding and opening so much only to then have this past week where I had to retreat internally. I needed my own personal space to just do my own thing.

Even down to getting new messages of this is only your new beginning, when you feel off or like you are ruining any plan or yourself, this is not the case, take a step back, a moment, a breath ... we are all allowed to have these moments of feeling like we are moving backwards. I see in myself these moments which I know will pass. In my case I allowed myself to sit and be in this energy (which of course lasted about a week) I felt my expansion and development despite I internally felt like I was moving backwards, the truth I was revisiting and moving forwards all the same still.

I am going to be offering a Full Moon circle for those interested, add our FB page: Padma Bella and details will be going up on there. The more and more I have been channeling this week, I realize who I am who I need to be (for me). I went to a walk at the beach over the weekend and I felt more of me I have to release, personality traits of the old, that somehow still linger ... it's just not all going to poof away super fast. I invite all of you to continue to see what parts of you you can shed on this Full Moon. What ego, mind, negative traits within yourself you can live without. This is my only view of releasing of this Full Moon, ways to improve yourself. Don't pay attention to other people or changing yourself even- break this down to the simplest form that is realistic, real, raw ... sure we all can say we want to diet and loose weight- but why? why do we say this? Is it really a health thing? such as it's causing you pain or getting in the way of your living a healthy life- or is it society and image- to think: "if I loose all this weight then I am date able- marketable," etc. It truly has to be you doing this for you. Another thing- what habits do you have that could be holding you back (in any number of areas) not envying someone else because they seem so much more put together than you ... I am asking you all to take a deep hard look at yourself at your core.

I am doing and have been doing this- and when you think about these things take every single external force and factor out of your thinking. This is only about you, what would you change to make you happiest? If you were dating yourself what traits would annoy you? What habits do you have that annoy you? What can you do to improve yourself so that when you look in the mirror you have unconditional love for yourself- this might be something like I want to take more risks and go sky diving. I want to enjoy more walks outside. I want to eat more ice cream because it makes me smile. This is all about improving your quality of life, minus the other people in our lives. 

New Creations ... they will be in the link to the right ... email if you wish to be the companion, these are all one of a kind creations. 

This collection is the Lexi Bliss Collection by Padma Bella. Email: Sophie@PadmaBella.com

Deep Amethyst Bliss
Deep purple Amethyst crystal beads with purple accents bringing the energetic power of the Amethyst to you. A perfect piece can be worn as a necklace or circlet around your third eye or crown chakra. Channel your purple aura energy while wearing this blissful circlet.
Length: Approx. 22 inches

Amethyst wire wrap pendant may be attached to this necklace. 

Amethyst Crystal
Deep purple Amethyst beads accent clear beads giving a light contrasting energy. May be worn as a necklace or circlet close to the third eye chakra. Harness the healing energy of the Amethyst while wearing this piece. If you love purple this is for you!
Length: Approx. 28 1/2 inches
*Amethyst wire wrap pendant may be attached to this necklace. 

Forrest Ocean Unity
Bringing together the elements of the forrest with Agate crystals and the ocean with Aquamarine, this brings peace, calm, clarity, and communication to the companion. A serene energy resides with this necklace. It may be worn as a circlet crown. Call forth your inner Queen of the Forrest and Goddess of the Sea.
Length: Approx. 20 1/2
*Quartz wire wrapped pendant may be added to this necklace.

Aquamarine Sea Goddess
The energy of the sea resides in this Aquamarine necklace which may also be worn as a circlet to adore your head to harness the Sea Goddess within.
Length: Approx. 23 inches

Aquamarine and Amethyst Delight
Aquamarine and Amethyst collide in this playful energy. A light and energetic vibration merge in this necklace/ circlet.