Friday, December 20, 2013

Winter Solstice 12.21.13

We are approaching the shortest day/longest night of the year- the Winter Solstice which happens
December 21, 2013 at 9:11am (PT) and 12:11am (ET). Whatever your festivities for this Winter Solstice, enjoy the full day as this occurs on a Saturday and we get the opportunity to just be.

Meditation Mandala Padma Bella

I feel this will be a short write. The Winter Solstice Gateway is about reflecting who we are or what we are. We have done all the work this year, we have done the releasing, the manifesting.  For many of us the concept of time has changed drastically. All that we have been working on is on the verge of being. All the hard work is done.

This is internal reflecting on all the positives you have gone through. All the challenges were meant to learn more about who we are. The blessings. We all have a plan we wish, things we wish to have. However, life not always goes to plan. This is how it is meant to be too. This is about being gentle with yourself. Things come as they come.

This week there was a rain storm, it poured and washed away all the remaining stuff. For the 12.12 Portal we walked through- we have shifted more and more each day. The Full Moon we felt alignments and shifting happening some more. Magic all around. Now we step forward into the New. The 12.21 Gateway is to usher us into the Now. Many awakenings are happening some accelerated. If you haven't gone consciously into the Portal of 12.12 it all comes when it comes it's all here waiting for you.
For me I have been feeling so much magic around. Coming into my gifts more. Awakening even more. Several times I've come to write this article. Each time the Universe had other plans for me. The message is all the same. Take time out to enjoy all that you have around you. You are enough. You have everything you could ever want already.

Look to what animal totems visit you. Look to colors that catch your attention. What numbers do you notice? Dreams also have been giving messages as well. This is all Source connecting and talking with you. We all connect and experience things in our own way. This is about awakening to all that is.

My inspiration has been coming out in designing unique Soul Remembrance Stones which reflect the I AM presence in each of us. These are unique to your own energy vibration. I offer these along with my other services. There are more new projects I will begin for the new year. I wish to offer along with the Meditation Mandala you will also receive guidance from me about how to incorporate meditation into your life. I'm very excited into expanding my work with crystals as well as the Padma Bella store line of bath products. Until January 31 you will receive a gift of a healing session along with any other service.

Venus turns Retrograde as well on the Winter Solstice as we have the Ursid meteor shower which peaks on December 22. If you are called to a ritual for this Winter Solstice. Make it unique to you. This is the first day of winter the longest night of the year. In darkness our inner Light shines the brightest. Be unique to you. Do something you love. Spend time with those you love. Or take time just for you and be happy. Light a candle and meditate to it. Be content with where you are right now. We are entering of the Light. Shine your Light.

Photo by Padma Bella
I received confirmation once again today. As for no reason I looked to the time, it was 4:44 a message
from the Universe. As I wish to share this, remember you will feel when Divine Remembrance is working magic in your life. 444 your dreams, ideas, and visions are being manifested into reality. You are building the foundation for your dreams that will also benefit others.

I picked four cards for this Winter Solstice since today I am seeing the number four. All the cards speak of a means to further awakening.

The first card is "Make Music" express yourself through music. Play an instrument, listen to the radio, whatever this means to you incorporate music as it lifts the soul. Our vibrations are raised when we have music in our life. Be mindful of songs you hear on the radio, what lyrics draw out at you. The messages and memories often this is Source speaking to us.

The second card is "Romantic Partner" as I have drawn this card many times. The Twin Flame energy of remembrance. Romance is either here for you now or it is coming. Find new awakenings to yourself and with your partner.

The third card "Body Movement" shows you must find ways to incorporate movement in your life. When you move do so with grace and mindfulness of how you move your energy. In grace we experience bliss, when we stomp around we are moving too quickly. When you dance everything flows. Be imaginative and childlike in your expressions. When you are making music with a romantic partner you find body movement to express your self physically.

The fourth card "Awakening your True Self" guides that this Winter Solstice is our awakening. Finding the natural beauty of you and the clouds are lifting we may be in the longest night of the year but in this reflection time. You went through so much this year, all the challenges to come out a brand new person. Trust where you are in your life, your authentic self, your true self is shinning brightly now. Learn who this is, what this is. The foundation of truth is being built and all that we have manifested this year is coming to be. As even the numerology 444 is sharing this same message.

So with this reading we are being called to be light on our feet, be carefree and enjoy the music around us. Embrace that we are exactly where we need to be. Romance is here now. Find ways to express yourself, in the physical, as we must also exercise the physical as well as the mental and emotional. All these cards point to this we must have this balance. Why I have been seeing triangles for so long its this message of balance from all these three points. This all coming together brings Awakening your True Self. A fitting way to complete this year.

All this is just us coming into our own. It's really a blessing for me to share all this with you. Happy First Day of Winter!!!