Saturday, December 28, 2013

Intimacy of You

Mountain Sunset
Photo by Padma Bella
Much change has been experienced. Many are noticing a "change" in myself. I have heard others that are also being expressed this by those in their life. "Change" can be measured by appearance or presence. Lately, I have been noticing that I cannot answer many questions about the "how" or "why" or "when" all this happened. I was speaking with my Sister in Light and for now we have both noticed a shift. When speaking about things to come, it's all view point, of "why not" it shall be as we wish because it is of the future. We have no control of it in either direction so why not send the vibe to the universe that it will be positive and as you wish it to be in outcome? I even see it in my reflection that I am outwardly transforming when internally I feel both tired and energetic all at the same time. Sleep is how I integrate and receive all the work I have done. The remembering. Although now waking I am being called to visions while I am awake as well.

Yesterday this concept of "allowing the intimacy to come" I meditated on for quite some time. The truth that in this journey to Ascension, the Awakening, it is a personal journey that we do alone. Yes we have companions and guides that aid us as we are all going through this together. No one can do this journey for you. You decided to begin your Source Self Ascension Embodiment. This choice was yours alone (even if it was in your subconscious.) There does come a time when we all return internally to really listen to the words, feelings and emotions that come from our True Self, our Soul Self. We have traveled as a Soul Traveler to this existence. The Ascension is one which is walked alone, when guidance comes is when we need a push along or inspiration. The sharing of messages and experiences which of course trigger more remembrance.

I recall when I first began my journey I had no one to ask questions and some of the time I had no idea what I was experiencing. This led me to have to go internally inside myself to seek these answers for myself from Source. We develop our relationship with our Soul Self and with Source through our own silence and stillness in meditation. It is the time when we are the most vulnerable and the most intimate. The layers of the old and ego are already shed, we are now open to receive and to ask all from Source. We may channel all the gifts. Here, it's being ready to hear all that comes as moving forward it's all about the higher good for us and all. It is easy to shy away from intimacy with yourself because it's looking deep within yourself which you cannot escape from. Knowing who you are. One of my gifts is being able to peer into Light Beings and see their Source Self. Not all the time does Source wish me to revel as it is for the individual to discover. However, when I do view the pure full Source Self of an individual it is very humbling as I accept them as they are as I too wish to be acknowledged.

"Inner Truth" Crystal Grid
Black Obsidian, Quartz, Blue Agate, Rose Quartz
Photo by Padma Bella
In between the Gateway and the New Moon we are in an unusual beautiful place. Anxiety has began to stir up images of past lives and even our past from this life. In my view, I am seeing how it literally is just a movie being played out as I have very little emotional attachment to any of it now. When I do, I acknowledge and see what areas I need to address. Last night I had a crystal healing session which revealed many new things which shed light to why certain emotions come into play. Depending on where you are in your journey of Ascension these symptoms are going to be different. For me, I have just been having to take naps at random times for new integration to come in. I have no physical pains as other times I have experienced. We have traveled after living many lifetimes- some many lifetimes on this earth. Wishing to get it "right" when they were all correct in how they had to happen we learned our lessons we remembered how we had to change each time we returned. For me, the message has been not getting wrapped up in the "fails" as this is an old term. Things all happen as they need to as when we have a challenge and we overcome it the victory is so much sweeter. As now I feel even stronger and more in the embodiment.

"Heart Balance" Crystal Grid
Carnelian, Adventurine,  Chrysoprase, and Orange Elestial 

Photo by Padma Bella
This intimacy with myself over the last week has been really evolving. Taking time out for myself, with my Divine Companions. I see more of myself, when I are fully and truly intimate with myself. This is when we are truly capable of being fully intimate with another. When you can express to yourself without judgement what you feel and what brings you bliss, this openness is extended of course out to that person whom you are intimate with. Intimacy of course expanding beyond just a physical connection or relationship. It is the experiencing of all aspects of each other on all levels of existence. You may ask me how can this be? As we come further into our Ascension Embodiment this is going to be shown more and more. How connections can be beyond time and space. When we can expand our communication through the air. Some of us can already use this clairvoyance gift while others will continue to develop it.

"Inner Love Guide" Crystal Grid
Fluorite, Yellow Calcite, Aquamarine, Rose Quartz, Quartz, Carnelian,
Chrysoprase, Orange Elestial

Photo by Padma Bella
This year is coming to an end we have sought and discovered many truths. It is how we have asked the questions. Answers may not have come how you expected it. However the answers did come (or are on their way). I have been reminded of something which I had sent out to the universe long time ago. What is my purpose? Why did I have all these experiences? What was the lesson for them? For me what I wish to share is that I have learned I am an independent being capable of anything. Often I did not want to accept this. Now after many times of this coming up, acceptance that I am an independent being. There are some things which I must go alone. Certain discoveries that are for me alone. Once I came into acceptance of this the Universe gifted me with blessings in forms of various Light Companions. Even now I see that phase of my journey when I needed to embrace my independent Soul Self I did have to experience alone to appreciate all sides of myself. Now for this new cycle in the Ascension I will continue to be blessed with not walking this journey alone any longer. I do recognize that some do have to experience this for a time. Often it is a dark time when negative energies come in and make us doubt our gifts or even our true self. It is in the darkness we truly learn our Light.

Dream Quartz
Photo by Padma Bella
It does get better. So many of us have experienced our darker sides in 2013 known when certain people just were no longer "good" for us. When it wasn't a good match not a good fit. Our internal knowing kicked in. We now create a sacred space in our external world for remembrance and for our True Source Self. I invite you to create something (even a small space in your home) which you place things that please you. This may be crystals, books, candles, incense, photos of loved ones, trinkets. It may even change daily. Create this space for yourself as when you get overwhelmed or need some time of calm you may come here. I am offering crystals as well, if any speak to you and you wish to receive contact me.