Friday, December 27, 2013

Crystal, Pairs and Meditation

"Dream" Quartz Photo by Padma Bella
I have been away from writing, off on retreat and just having all this latest wave of energy settle. I do wish to address something that I started speaking about last week after an amazing retreat. I am now noticing new wavers using this same term however this does not resonate in the means it's being used. The term oneness. Yes we are all one, connected. However, we need to not confuse this with the collective. In one view, yes as a human race we are all one, one person is oneness and a group all sharing energy is a whole in oneness but this is very very different. This is a collective sharing energy. This is not to be confused with the Divine the Sacred space for those of us Awakening in this Ascension. I heard this term Oneness used this morning and immediately felt how this is going to be twisted and manipulated much like the twin soul/twin flame terms have been adopted by the new wavers.

Amethyst Photo by Padma Bella
Crystal Remembrance Retreat
This week has been very up lifting. Last weekend I went on a retreat with my Companion in Light. The 12.21 Gateway held much energy and remembering, new crystals have also magnified this. I have been getting use to my new crystal companions. Some will stay with me for a bit but some are seeking new guardians. So if you wish to receive one, contact me. I am taking requests as well. I wish to offer crystals along with a meditation mandala or Remembrance Stone. Or if you would wish to receive a package of energy healing, meditation mandala and a crystal this will be offered for some time. Crystals find you for a reason they do allow us to learn more about your self and your purpose. The Divine Remembrance. This Ascension, this whole time in 2013 we have been releasing to make room for where we are right now which is in the settling. Right after the Gateway I noticed some old still stirring up however this has gotten less and less as each day passed. This is the way to acknowledge it and really see how far you have changed.

Crystal Grid
Photo by Padma Bella
The Crystal Retreat, my Playmate in Light and I played with crystals, created grids and meditated. Much remembrance came. In this, I started seeing more into the Oneness element. I wish to speak further how this term is different (verses the collective use) for me it's of the Divine, we are all connected yes, but for some certain souls we are coming into our own here. It's beyond thinking of logic and pyramids and travel. We have already arrived from our various constellations and beyond. Those of us who have traveled far its really thinking outside the box. We have traveled as Light Beings, in Light from the Stars. All of us have a reason, a purpose. It's opening up your mind to really have the space to be able to expand even more in this remembrance. As I was hearing just a limited view on traveling needing a physical vessel of transportation. When in reality we don't 'need' any of that we just are, we are so much more than that. We just are. We go where we wish to go with no restrictions. Let forces outside of yourself guide you.

Quartz Grid
Photo by Padma Bella
On this retreat, I saw many things in meditation. Various Lemurian Crystals have wished to work with
me. Even now I am just settling into their vibrations along with my own. My remembrance of past lives are coming into play. Crystal castles and so many colors and images. I have still more time I need to sit with these before they come into a message. Be gentle with yourself be mindful and notice everything you experience right now.

Pairs of Divine Reunion
There are only certain souls that are in true Oneness. This dual connection we share with one other person in a pairing, again the image of a triangle. This male/female and their connection makes the third side of the triangle. The reason why Dow Crystals have such Divine Energy in them. They channel and transmit because they are all about the triangles. It's knowing you can go about this all alone but you it's helpful to reach your full potential with your other half, the female side to come in and create balance to this whole remembrance. We of course have both elements male/female within us internally this is balanced with our own Divine Love unconditionally for yourself as well. However, some of us have traveled in this lifetime with the other half to our pair. A pact from past lifetimes of when this remembering occurs. The puzzle piece that just sort of clicks into existing. As when one is balanced the attraction of manifesting comes into without even always conscious thought coming about it. It's the words beyond the words. When you just know it's a good match. It is naturally a created external male/female balanced element that comes when awakening mutually in physical presence. This calm and bliss and peace feeling that comes when there is no more trying to "find" this person or this experience it just is in front of you. The manifesting and the visions and the remembering just happens from unfolding by the Universe. Many speak of wishing to experience this, not all pairings are in physical form for this lifetime. Some are separated, but still mentally linked. I wish to speak about this in terms of pairings as the other terms that have been used before I feel are muddled as it's simply is Pairs of Divine Reunion.

"Magnificence" Crystal Grid Photo by Padma Bella
Moon Energy
For me I have seen many many things. Ironically some are visions which have been happening. Some are of remembrance. I really wish to speak about this coming year. We have released, we have tons of energy around. New Years Day we have the Full Moon. So much aligning has been happening for those of us who wish to change life change us and change all. There are no limits anymore. Limits are of the mind. New Years is all about setting resolutions and what you wish to change or improve in your life. Many create something but don't stick with it. We are changing this concept up now. As we already embody what and who we are, it comes into setting into the Universe, the dream, the idea the concept of all we wish to be now. As if we already have all it because we do have it all now. For those of you who have been on this manifesting journey with me since I started in June (of this year) lets continue with it. If you are new to starting I will be writing an article for this January New Moon and if you wish begin.

Photo by Padma Bella
With all this energy many have been called to have days off, which include myself. I still am very much in my experience. I do however wish to write. Take notice of any body symptoms you are experiencing right now. I have been feeling much strength beyond the physical. We are being awaken to the intimacy with it all. In our new body we practice grace. Aware of where we are, how we move, as many times we rush rush it's going about with grace. Moving with awareness. We experience more. Aware of more. The Rebirth of this Ascension moving forward if crystals are drawn to you during this time, embrace it. Listen to their message. It is living in pure Divine Bliss. It's one thing to just say you are this and that and a totally different thing to embody it and be and truly be. As why speaking of being in Oneness it's not a journey everyone will walk. It can and already is taking different meanings. For me it's the warning that it's sensing who is genuine here and who is just talking. This experience is for the Wayshowers of the Light Beings coming into Divine Remembrance. There is Harmony, Bliss and Divine Love. Yes we may love everyone, we come in contact with. Our appreciation and acknowledgement that yes we are all of Love of Oneness in the view of the collective. However, for those of us who are Light Beings or Wayshowers, we appreciate everyone of all forms even those who are still sleeping. When you experience Oneness with your Light Being creating your Pair, it is a Divine experience far beyond all else.

"Quartz Cave Portal"
Photo by Padma Bella
I wish to share today I had a vision it took a while for me to realize what I was seeing beyond a meadow. I saw a quartz, but it was me looking through a crystal seeing a meadow on a sunny day with a vision of something that is to happen. A particular crystal calling me to view through it in my minds eye. Visions and premonitions etc can happen in all forms right now. Try new things right now be open to the experience. I look forward to writing more on this. Share any experiences on our Facebook Page or with me personally if you wish to have a private channeling session.