Sunday, November 3, 2013


I feel the need to write, I woke up feeling excited and much like a child does on the morning of a major holiday. I of course had last night completed my new moon ritual (for myself) as for some reason I felt it right for me to do so hours before the Eclipse, to write down my hopes, dreams and things I wish to be. I was oddly not excited about it when I was writing it- until afterwards (I realized this was my final release) I did as I always do read over the past month and previous month. In October I actually slightly changed my list of manifesting, because I felt the old list wasn't serving me fully and I felt it was written in fear of oh I need to have these things worded this detail oriented or else they would not come to be. This however is silly and I could feel the energy from those words. So I decided to switch it up and just write from my heart simply because the universe knows what I truly want in terms of details as I think about them often and I don't need to write specifically every tiny detail (I use to do that) and to each their own.

I will say that it was therapeutic to write and also to read things which have come to be. Some oddly very similar occurrences to how I wrote it. I have been noticing delay with my Internet connections all weekend. I say solar fares most likely the cause. Today so much is shifting and changing. I am noticing things which I may have reacted over differently. For some reason there's such a calm about me, a trusting and knowing. As I have changed. I see others changing. It's comforting to know that those who wish to transform are doing so. While it's also interesting to see those who have chosen to stay asleep. They reach out to me, and our conversations are just different now. I can see it, I have to choose who resonates with me now. I see who I once was, I see that mirrored still in certain people who have held on to who they thought I was back then. Not that it's wrong or a false claim, however they chose to distance themselves when I started this transition. Everyone has to make it be a choice for themselves. You cannot offer guidance to those who do not wish it or will not ask for it. Even if you think you may be helping them they may understand on some level but they may have to do the work for themselves. Maybe you have been
starting to encounter this as well. Someone you have known for years, possibly been in a relationship with they come back looking for comfort, reassurance, a good time whatever you shared before- you have two options here. If you have Ascended or began the transformation you will quickly see that you are different when they talk about you it's almost an out of body feeling like "ah I don't do that anymore" the good qualities of course we mostly still embody. The next option is we may be tempted to fall back into the old pattern. Which you may or may not do this- there is no right or wrong. I have been hearing of this happening more and more. We all want to do the right thing, we do care for these people we were talking a lot or living with these people or have more permanent connections with them- however you do have to look out for yourself too. There's a means where you can speak with them hear all about their own journey, but also know that it's not your responsibility to fix them. If they are just looking to fall into your lap like they use to really look into your inner knowing. If you are confused sit with it in the stillness to really see if you can feel this out.

Many of us have chosen the light to be awake, and with all this light naturally people who saw us before in a different way, go oh I want what they have. And therefore talk with us again or reach out, however not all will choose this and that is their journey. Even if you care for them but they are still acting of the old, you do have to let them go to seek their own answers. You may give them tools but you cannot hold their hand while they figure out all that they need to. They are seeking your guidance even if they are mistaking it for something else. I have been able to reflect myself hearing about some Divine Companions experiencing this. How would I react? I of course always act in grace and compassion. I know what my path is, but it's taken me a while of internal reflection and being in stillness in the darkness. So we are given this opportunity when people from our past enter again, we get to see perhaps what more work we need to do on ourselves, or will see that they no longer resonate with us, or they still have more work needed and they are asking for guidance, or you both are balanced and are choosing to be together while you both work on your transformations.

Of course right now negative fears get stirred up, I like the releasing of writing them down and actually sitting with these emotions not stuffing them in. So all weekend as they have come up for me I have embraced them and been sitting with them. This is the only way to let go forever to them. It's been a bit challenging however I do feel lighter this morning. We are in dark times in the New Moon, but the beauty comes out of this after the great winter comes the beautiful gardens full of color and life. I am amazed at what fears have come out for me, however I realize that they hold no merit but they were still holding on to part of myself.

I believe why I woke up feeling like a kid on the morning of a holiday. Since as a child we rarely knew what the day would hold. We were only told minimally what we needed to by our parents or guardians to get us from point A to B. Often if it was really something exciting like going to the toy store after school we were never told until we were already in the car on the way there. So here life is the same way (and I am recalling thinking this before). We can all feel the excitement that something wonderful and joyous is coming we can't see it but we are en-route to it. We are experiencing magic in the unknown, we were not afraid as children but trusting and loving and just enjoying every simple moment. We are being called to be in this now to be playful and just take every moment as it comes. Everything will Be as it should. The activation from the Eclipse brings so much, I am noticing a big shift in me already and allowing us "me" time to just sit and be and meditate you will start to notice things too.