Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Dove and The Eagle

Photo by Padma Bella
As I posted on Facebook, I had an amazing weekend was writing an article yesterday but in the middle of it received some sudden news. I do not feel called to complete or even share the posts I was working on. Maybe at another time. I do feel called to share messages, so for a while I may just be posting more on the Facebook Page. I will share pictures to awaken or inspire us. This morning I was reading parts of a Psychic book, which got me remembering and thinking. Even at my most difficult times, others look to me for strength, inspiration, and if I stop writing it stops their hope and I need to be self-less and push through.

Photo by Padma Bella
I received messages over the weekend if they speak to you see why and what it stirs up. I was very inspired over the weekend with wanting to experience life and just go out trying new things. After I did my Full Moon releases I felt magical. Even in a candle release ritual, look at the light source behind the candles. What do you see?

Moving Mediation
Moving mediation over the weekend were each magical in their own way. In one I saw a white dove flying enjoying life, then an Eagle came and bit the neck of the dove. I became disturbed by this. The Eagle flew away and the Dove kept flying not even phased, other than it had blood on it's white feathers. Within seconds the wound was gone and healed and the blood just vanished.

I let this go, but also felt called to look more into this, what further message this is. This is a symbol of how we are all able to heal ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. A situation may seem impossible at first glance when reality we can overcome it.

Doves represent peace, love, understanding of gentleness and communication between the two worlds. It helps to sooth and quiet our worried and troubled thoughts. In stillness we can appreciate the smaller things in life. We need to be still, when we hear a Dove the veils between the the physical and spirit world are the thinnest. Also when you see a Dove it calls you to be mindful that this veils wish to allow you to pass through them. Doves are also connected with Amethyst which work together to symbolize when you are facing or will go through a big change or transition. When we feel overwhelmed we need to focus on inner peace. Doves hold feminine energy which connected to Mother Earth and our maternal instincts calling us to release and bring harmony.

Doves represent love a symbol of Aphrodite and Venus. The dove is a monogamous bird, revealing it's connection with romance and eternal love. We are called to unconditional love. Look at relationships in your life with partner(s), work related, family, or romantic- is there harmony or friction? What areas may need more peace and calm. If there is peace and ease it's showing a sense of innocence in your life again. You are in wonder and playful in your experience.

Photo by Padma Bella
Eagle's symbolize strength, courage, wisdom, healing, creation, knowledge of magic, ability to see hidden spiritual truths, ability to see the bigger picture/patterns, connected to spirit guides/teachers, higher truths, balance, dignity with grace, intuitive and creative spirit, grace achieved through knowledge and hard work.

Eagles call us to look at life from a different prospective on challenges in our lives. We should not always rely fully on intellectual solutions but find balance with guidance from Source and Spirit. Eagles bring independence, vision and strength flying fearlessly. Eagles beak and jaw is the strongest part of it's body. It has the ability to crush or be gentle. Here the lesson is we use our mouths for speaking which is connected to our jaw. We need to control what we say, in what tone we speak in, how much and when we communicate and speak to others. We can easily and unintentionally hurt another or even crush them with our words without even fully realizing it. Here, in relation to the vision I had. The dove was minding it's business when the Eagle decided to disrupt this. Physically there was a violent exchange as a physical wound was created. The Eagle representing external forces. However the dove was so at peace and balanced within that this which could have been a fatal injury, but did not phase it at all. The dove continued flying knowing it would be OK. The Eagle seeing the injury and the dove not showing signs of distress (the hurtful words did not hurt at all) the Eagle healed as the dove also healed, with mutual healing occurring. We can't get caught up in fear but open our minds and hearts to see the past (the wound that should have taken the dove down) when we are not restricted and have faced our fear living with an open heart- these things cannot hurt us or stop us from our enjoyment and joy of our lives.

Photo by Padma Bella
Inner Work
We all have to do the inner work to pass these tests that come up in our lives. We have to have a clear vision of truth to live in balance. The Eagle reminds us we have to always be connected to Source and allow the gifts to flow. We can't judge but only act in kindness and encouraging others out of Divine Love. We are being called to embrace our true emotions, but also learn how strong and powerful we are and to not over step as we could damage or hurt another person.

Photo by Padma Bella
Two in One
I also have been called that the Dove and Eagle are of the same, connected and same being. As we all have multiple aspects of us. I read an article about the connection and Dove and Eagle coming into the same being at the Full Moon Eclipse, we sense change and we have to be aware of duality but our consciousness works beyond this we are all working to Oneness and shifting our consciousness further. We can't get allow ourselves to get caught up in any webs, including the issues or problems of others.

Photo by Padma Bella
Over the weekend, when I was out on a walk I saw a dark circle shadow on a leave that was taller than me. It caught my attention right away as the sun was hitting this leaf. I immediately wondered is this a ladybug? Is this my ladybug? I pulled down the leaf to discover an all red ladybug. This of course I took as a message from Source. I felt this is exactly where I needed to be and felt grateful that she was returned to me. Which reminded me how on the beach I had a beetle land on my camera lens right before I saw the blue dragonfly.

Photo by Padma Bella

Photo by Padma Bella
Beetles assist in transformation, metamorphosis, rebirth of the soul to a new spirit. Beetles lead us to harmony for the coming changes by being able to use intuitive gifts in aiding what you need more during this time of change. Beetles call us to look at where we are in our journey. Light is shed on problems and solutions by seeing the correct prospective so that we may figure out how to navigate at the current stage of our journey. Beetles teaches us persistence with grace, how to trust the process that everything will be. We need to be in proper movement with our actions so that we can regenerate into our new Self.

Photo by Padma Bella
Dragonfly embodies the beautiful balance of changes in emotional and mental aspects as well as the effects of the body, mind and Spirit. Dragonflies bring the message of transformation, shedding old illusions, releasing old perceptions and changing patterns/habits. We cannot stop change. We learn from the Dragonfly to move with speed and precision but always with grace. This change comes on the emotional and subconscious level based on our perception we can choose if it's a positive or negative rebirth. We must keep balance during this time, we have much support during this transformation. The pain or hardship won't last forever it's temporary. We gain wisdom from this experience and come out in the New with joy, enlightenment, freedom, filled with Light in the New. As Dragonfly live about two months, the period of transformation and lessons will last this long. If we accept these changes without resistance we can overcome this in a shorter amount of time. Dragonfly energy is a gift.