Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Soul Food

For some reason I have been wanting to face the south while I am writing or doing much of anything. Has anyone also noticed that facing a certain direction resonates differently with you than before? Typically I create/write facing the north and mediate facing the east. However, right before a great big external shift is to happen, I have noticed this pattern as this will be the third time it's happened. I only want to face the south when I am in my creative space or in any space (if I have a choice). The first time I paid no attention to it. The second time happened May/June/July around that time and I felt a disconnect with myself of sorts. This time it happened after I changed some things around, the energy flows differently in my creative space. I had to let it settle to see if this is where everything wishes to be. Naturally I started thinking about the pattern. Normally facing a different direction (literally), it happens when something is going to shift or has shifted. I see things or have been seeing things from a different prospective. Literally of course with me facing a different direction but also when I leave my creative space the world looks different too which that didn't happen before. Anyone else experiencing this too? 

I realize this is the shift to higher dimension as I am seeing things in a New way. I feel the energy around me being stronger. People and conversations are resonating differently. I wish to release things that I know are negative or just don't connect with me well, I don't want an answer of why I just want to release it after acknowledging what I need to receive from it. This is a very powerful energy force.

I have been starting to read things on the planets and things going on with this. I feel really creative. I also had a major release of something of the old, which years in the process what now is my final last contribution of it. I have one last piece, but it's written and done; I know it will be and sending good vibes with it. Once I did this I literally felt weight lifted from me that I did not know had embedded in me. Now I am thinking of new projects and inspiration to create. I love going to the beach, and I had been creating art from the stones and shells I find at the ocean. I was reading on Facebook, a Divine Companion who also started creating stone art. This reminded me of what I had also been called to do. I will share these, when I feel the time is right and also offering these if you wish to have one. I love creating things. It makes me so happy and full of bliss to just be. I have been enjoying the gorgeous bright sunny day. I realize that everything happens for a reason. I had plans to go out today, but this morning I was pulled not do all of those plans that there were other things I needed to tend to. Sometimes you may ponder this in whimsy workings of the Universe- if I had done this- then my wonderful experience I had as a result of me not doing (original plans) -would have been different. I received two lovely beautiful messages that had I went and done my original plans (instead of what I was guided to do) I would have waited longer to receive them, and they were exactly what I needed.

I of course have to share what a lion as an animal guide means as this is part of the message I was meant to receive. I will share the information I found as
I do not want to summarize as the words are too beautiful and powerful.

"Lion's medicine includes brotherhood, letting go of stress, strong family ties, strength, courage, energy, self fulfilment, feminine energy, co-operation, community, Power of feminine energy, creativity, intuition, imagination. ...

The coarse grasses and scattered trees to be found there offer little protection from the outside world and make them a prime target for hunters. Lions are frequently spotted lying around not doing much. They seem to be radiating the words don't bother me ‘cause I’m busy relaxing - one reason why the energy of fearlessness has been linked to this proud animal. Mankind associates the lion with fearlessness because of its mighty roar. From the lion we can learn how to be fearless if we allow ourselves to relax long enough to learn from it.

Their is great myth and lore shrouding the lion. The Egyptians linked it to power and wealth. And also in ancient Egypt, a young lion symbolised the rising sun. So if Lion enters your life, you may experience your own true, radiant selves - your soul - rising to the surface. The Lion is the symbol of the sun and of gold, medieval alchemists associated Lion with sulphur. 

Lions are perhaps the most social of the big cats. They live in communities called prides., living together in harmony and hardly ever fight - although the male lions are very passionate and can become very jealous (ah bless!) of the females. They work as a team to kill their prey. Males roar to scare prey and force them towards the females, who wait patiently for the right time to attack. Not only do the females hunt and feed the pride, they are also the primary caretakers of the cubs. The males protect the group from predators, however they do not look for confrontation or attack unnecessarily. They only attack when challenged and will fight to the death. Really though, they prefer the peaceful and simple life. All adults are affectionate toward all the cubs, who live a playful and worry free existence. 

The lion represents and means many things. Some of these things are family, cooperation, and community. Lion people need to understand that one's well-being is based on living and working in harmony with others, without giving up one's individuality. 

The key to the balance between self and others can be discovered in some of the well known symbols associated with the lion. First off they are the astrological animal related to the sign of Leo, which rules the heart. Leo is ruled by the Sun - another symbol of Lion. At the same time the sun blesses us with life giving warmth and light, the warmth of an open heart gives comfort to all who are touched by it. Coeur is the French word for heart, the root word for courage. Courage comes from the heart and from a deep sense of personal authority. 

When we have the courage to be true to ourselves, we will be empowered to act and live in ways true to our own soul - the true meaning of elf esteem, without any illusion. Not wearing a mask and having respect for oneself as well as others, such as not comparing oneself to others and lowering their worth in order to increase one's own value. Those who come from the heart and are able to relate well to others are capable of leadership, achievement as well as the type of success that inspires other to accomplish things. 

Lion teaches us the magic of group energy and interaction, as well as the secrets of silence and patience. We must study ourselves deeply to know and understand ourselves - our strengths and weaknesses, and to wait for the right moment to act and take full advantage of a given situation. Learn the correct way to use power from lion. Always be centred and peaceful, but if need be, don’t be afraid to fight for the things you are interested in. 

Lion presents lessons to be learned in dealing with groups and your role within those groups - work with others cooperatively. You have the ability to be a great leader but get a grip on that jealousy. Lion in your life means avoiding confrontations and being stealthy. Take the easy way to meet your goals - do not confront them head on. Trust your feminine energies – creativity, intuition and imagination. But don’t be afraid to roar if threatened." -By Ina Woolcott

We are all guided things for a reason. Once I read more into lion animal guides, I see how yes this does resonate with me and how I may be viewed and how I view myself. Ironically it fits my personality as I like to be centered first before I move and I often will only do so if I am passionate about it. I also feel this is a mirror guide as well. If it gets shown to you even about another person, some aspects also are drawn to you that is embodied in you as well. For instance once I read more into meanings and association I am true to myself and act within my own soul. This seems to be something coming up frequently that by acting as my true self, I no longer need to wear a mask or change for different people. I am my true self always. I have been embodying the feminine aspects more and to have this association connection to myself it's about team work, wanting to have that balance. So if you have a dream or receive guidance listen to it, even if it's about someone else. In this case, I feel like the lion message was meant for both of my Playmate in Light and myself. As well as sharing to see if this animal guide resonates with you.