Monday, November 25, 2013

Remembering and Awakenings

Photo by Padma Bella
In my absence I have had many new experiences and visions. If I just poof off of here, check our Facebook page: Padma Bella as I often will just a quick note on there (when I am out and about). Friday I received a vision of sorts and it really spoke to me. Below is the journal about my experience in a channeled writing:

Much shifting, I received many messages last night, in silence and darkness- so much silence and stillness beautiful at the same time letting the mind go to not think about anything. Even just letting my feelings drift, it's so beautiful wh
en we just accept this existing in the Now. I have beautiful sleep as all I am called to do, I received messages once again or just enjoying the moment and not getting caught up in old patterns. I have started to notice old patterns come up even old people in my life.

Photo by Padma Bella
All this I am reacting differently, because we can choose to relive the same outcome over and over again by picking the same choices or we can learn from those past outcomes and do something or everything differently this time. I have come to realize that everything before was to lead to this time, this Now, to realize and remember. I trust and know and all this other 'stuff' is trying to shake and rattle us to forget and get lost in this chaos with these other temptations, when there is never been another option another choice we only have the unknown now leading to the certain future. I see so many getting pulled astray (because for them they need to learn more lessons) they have not trusted the inner knowing, the answers we already have in us, but we need to be reminded of these through experiences.

Recently I have come to see and hear all this being spoken to me, we can repeat all this if we so wish to be sucked back up into the lower dimensions of reality and live this way. It's all up to us or we can awaken and change it all. It all starts with us, our self, as we are the only ones who learns and we can only lead by example through our own self. We are the only ones we have. We cannot rely on anyone else, that leads to disappointment, and negativity that we somehow 'failed' on this when the reality and the point is that we may think in terms of wishing to share space and time with others but if they are not in Oneness, we are still living in the lower dimensions and giving our power away.
We cannot guide our self this way. We cannot guide others. We have to be at the point of and beyond even of loosing everything we want, to give it all up to the Divine Timing of the Universe, to say yes I trust you to do as you see fit, to make all that I have seen in it's beauty a reality when you Great Dear Universe see fit and know that I am ready. For every time that I have felt like I need to just stop the thinking stop the chasing stop all of this - I let it go and it then appears. It may not make sense why or when it happens for this does not matter.

Photo by Padma Bella
It will and does happen- but we have to see it for what it is- when it is- as it does not always come in the nice neat image we have always envisioned it but it does come. The positivity we put out there always comes back. We are all Love we are all One. Be grateful for your unique self your unique light. All you can be is blissfully happy that you are whole and complete and perfect. I see so many trying to be whole and happy with someone else, but this cannot be if you are not happy with our self first. Take some time rest, be with yourself, find your unique qualities and gifts that make you beautiful. Take this time to just enjoy the warm sun on your face and the embracing moon as you sleep.

A yellow moon greeted me last night surrounded by white clouds, a sign for me that everything will be alright and as it should be. Over reacting, worrying and even thinking anything but extraordinary is silly- as everything comes, we are blessed each and every second.

What do you see in the clouds?

Photo by Padma Bella
I see a bird/hummingbird, a fish blowing out water or a whale making a wave with it's tail and a dragon.

In meditation over the weekend- I saw bright white and people dressed all in white just wondering 
around in different locations all sacred church like structures. None seemed to be talking but the energy very vibrant. Places I had been before. It was not until I was transported to a white tall structure which resembled a space ship on the outside in certain angles. Inside very tall ceilings with glass light windows which were colored with designs beyond the beauty of stain glass. It is here that I heard the voices, I asked who are you I am grateful to be in your presence. Which a voice replied we are the Pleiadians. They then said you are in destructive danger. I asked for clarification me personally, they said you as in the world- I asked how is this remedied? Their reply love. This catastrophe can be stopped with unconditional love. I thanked them for their message. And within seconds the meditation I was pulled out of it. My feeling great love and warmth. 

Last night I felt a deepness of emotions, after having the most perfect day. I began to cry uncontrollably even though I knew I wasn't sad nor could I stop the tears. I just let them come. There came a point when I wondered am I missing something? Since they wouldn't stop, I asked a friend of mine. She immediately said they are tears of gratitude. You have everything you could possibly want and these are not tears of the old (which we would associate with sadness or loss). This resonated with me, but also I heard the words this cannot work like this anymore, I can't do this anymore like this. This of course puzzled me. In the morning I woke up still feeling a great sense of loss, but what had I lost?
Epiphany Awakening
For some unknown reason I had Internet issues- I tended to this of course all morning the 'technical 
side' of life. Once I did, I had an awakening, I realized I was very much different. I started remembering things and researching. Even still I for some reason just have a different understanding of say everything. Last night I was experiencing the death of myself. I felt like I could not give anymore of myself, I had embraced and given all of me that I possibly could.

A deep sense of knowing who I am came about this morning. Literally that is why the uncontrollable tears and why the words came to me last night as I had to let go of this self to make way for an even brighter new self- I have turned into the dragonfly, the butterfly, the ladybug, the unicorn. Now I have a new sense of self and I have even more to give and experience, than even before. I feel this energy of abundance running around me, even more expansive than I had experienced previously. Today being filled with energy of Merkabah. I haven't noticed a need to take part in typical routines being so caught up in this energy and the remembering. I have been woken up to something even greater of myself. I am even remembering past lives I have had. As for some reason certain souls have been called to me and me to them. After a while I feel like I've known them forever, and no sense of why. Particularly why I gravitate towards certain people when I need guidance or even just simple information. We are all on the same vibrational level. 

Connections to Remembering
Recently I was told to look into my "land"- I didn't fully realize what this meant on a grand level. Today I have been researching nothing more. How certain resources I randomly go to which leads to even more. I should say if you are called to this let it flow, just roll with it. There are times when you will read something but it just won't resonate to you, not everything will. You have to weed out the false truths to you verses the things which speak to you on a deeper soul remembrance level. I am not fully called to as of yet speak of my connections with this or what I am finding. Other than I always knew I was different. There were certain things I was not allowed to speak about or know about. I understand the whys. It was not time yet. I have always been a traveler and wanting to know more. Certain things or events have been left for me to find- as could only have been done by someone or myself- that knows my core Truth my pure soul essence. There have already been some moments when I thought- you have got to be kidding me? That is so something I would have done to remind myself. Perhaps it was.

During my revelation this morning part of me felt scared not in the old feeling of sense but how do I reveal this? Will people think I'm crazy? Will I have to explain myself? What do I believe anymore? All these question really just words I could feel my lower mind trying to engage me into this paranoia of don't share this. When I could fully look above all this- and see that this is who I am, I can't hide it, I can't be anything else but myself. I may not be called to share certain things I am learning as of yet, because I have yet to articulate them within my DNA yet, it's not a fear of hiding. This has also felt liberating to be accepting of myself to feel at home within myself. In which we speak truth and those can only also walk their own truth. I feel one of my gifts is to awaken souls and aid them in remembering, healing wounds and inspiring their soul to create beauty in the deepest and most sacred Love.

Photo by Padma Bella
I also have been guided to create more. Much of my absence I have just been experiencing life. Tomorrow I will go to the beach and go on another beach walk and collect some stones. I feel called to the ocean once again. I will be creating art with these stones and hopefully have more completed for the New Moon. As I have images in my head that I wish to share and I am being called the New Moon or shortly after is when I will reveal these.

What do you see in this tree? I first saw faces now I see a butterfly, owl.

As we experience the last week of November, I have been posting Gratitude on our Facebook Page, for those who don't subscribe I will share for today I was called to be grateful 
for: my personality warmly welcomes people to me and Being confident to share a smile with a stranger.

I will be writing a New Moon article for the coming New Moon for Monday, December 2. Stay tuned for that. Hopefully I will write one more article before I head to the desert for my retreat later this week, I foresee the New Moon article coming together during my retreat or shortly after I return. All in Divine Timing. Many upcoming events- The ISON comet November 27 at sunrise. The New Moon December 2 (for us in the U.S. 4.22PM (PT), 7.22PM (ET), and 00:23 UTC-December 3). The Geminids Meteor Shower which runs from December 7-17 but peaks the night of December 13-Midnight to morning of December 14. Many energies all around, enjoy all the energy that is around, and the awakening coming about for many of us. Embrace it as this comes in all shapes and forms. 

Enjoy the energy from the today's setting sun!

Photo by Padma Bella
Duel energy
Photo by Padma Bella