Friday, November 8, 2013

Messages in the Sand

Much shifting, much beauty everywhere. We are in the rebirth to enjoy and experience our new selves. Yesterday I noticed a shift immediately. Over the past couple months I have seen many symbols relating to motherhood and pregnancy. After a while I saw it as the literal sense but from a different prospective now as well. We are all giving birth to our new selves. We were in the gestation period of nurturing ourselves and expanding our bellies, and now we are experiencing this new all around. 

The time for rebirth is here. We get to experience our new selves, yesterday when I woke up I immediately felt a shift in me. I had two very detailed and amazing dreams. The first one called me to a challenge of requesting that I learn something (I should have knowledge on) but it was not considered good enough. Within the dream I realized that the topic I was being asked to learn was not of relevance, at some point I am going to be called to learn something on a topic I may not be interested in. This is where my journey starts in how do I handle this? I kept searching for guidance on the topic, from the instructor who could only give me so much, then my family who were throwing a baby shower. Then to an old friend, then it also dawned on me this lesson may not actually be for me. A second later we were in a car driving very fast on a highway heading north I believe. So this may be about me letting this go for this person. The lesson might seem like it's mine to learn but it really is not. Once I came to this realization. I woke up. I put some music on, which I notice I enjoy listening to music after 3am and my dreams become more vivid and more lucid. I recommend trying this, something with no lyrics, either meditation music, things that relate to chakras, or classical music. Not a cd where you know what songs are coming next but a radio station of some sorts. See if your dreams and thoughts change.

My second dream was more vivid, it involved a nature walk with a family member who now has trouble walking. This was symbolic as he asked me why I picked to walk with him verses the other family activities I could have participated in, my reply was simply: why not? We walked and then seemed to walk on water, and then began to fly. I saw snails swimming in the water, grasshoppers swimming, dragonflies swimming, and seagulls flying (which I kept bumping into the seagulls) as if I was not too great on the flying. Which come to realize this was in fact my first flying dream ever, so figures I would be a bit like a video game character in movement. We eventually stopped flying and started walking on a deck. I noticed the ocean to the left and then trees lined the deck, full trees with white flowers that created a crown on the tops of the trees. The deck below my feet was wooden like a pier. We walked around and to the right off in the distance I could see a carnival with a Ferris wheel. As we turned the corner I saw a couple walking and immediately I knew they were planning their wedding at this venue. I saw red and gold and then I heard my family member talk to me how they have sponsored a cousin from Spain for his wedding and they got to wear a special title (so that they could afford this fancy big wedding). This was a big surprise like why is this relevant? I woke up and the sun was up already, I looked around expressed my gratitude. Then on the radio the wedding march song played.  A sign from the universe.

Of course being curious about the animal guides here is some information about what each mean.

Snails go at their own pace, but always reaching the destination. We must go at our journey at a steady

pace knowing that we cannot rush anything all will come to be. The snail shells have spiral design which is inward spiraling is our seeking inner conscious for answers. Snails are able to hid itself in it's shell or reveal itself when it pleases. Much like the moon can go through cycles and fertility. Snails also are associated with new beginnings because they emerge from the earth in the spring and come with the rain or cleansing. 

The grasshopper moves to it's own rhythm showing it as a creature of advocating intuition and listening to your own inner voices. Grasshoppers encourage us to listen to our own sounds, our own stirrings of our inner beauty and creativity. We need to nurture our creativity and muses. It also teaches us how to stay grounded with stability, patience, security and solidarity. Grasshoppers call to those with natural clairvoyant abilities as it uses thousands of tiny eyes to create the big picture. We see things intuitively beyond the rational and standards of society, we see the world instead like a child full of imagination. Grasshoppers bring us the ability to get out of ruts and enter the magical worlds with awe and joy.

Dragonflies represent change as able to move with the wind. Since Dragonflies are a creature of water they are symbols of the subconscious and the dreaming mind and thoughts. Water becomes symbolic of the subconscious mind relating to the thoughts we have while relaxed, mediating, sleeping or in the subconscious. We are called to pay attention to our deeper thoughts and desires when we see a Dragonfly. We need to be aware of the outcome we wish to have when deeper thoughts surface with the Dragonfly. We are responsibly for what we see in our life and what we see manifests in gratitude and visions hold energy vibrations and get sent out to the universe. Dragonflies have short life spans reminding us to live life to the fullest and embrace life as a gift each day.

The seagull is known for it's freedom and heart state of mind. Sea gulls are lifted out of the sand without any worry or concerns becoming one with the ocean, land and sky. True freedom and soaring in freedom and joy with an open heart. Sea gulls teach us about perspective that our power is endless has no limits all we need to do is stretch our wings out and we will be carried anywhere we wish to go. This guides us to release our freedom of our heart to just be and open up to Divine Love.

Nature Walk
I felt inspired to create art work inspired by the sun and the moon and stars. I did get to experience my night nature walk on the beach, which I am so grateful for. The journey started with coming across a pile of books left on the floor out to the trash. Various books the main theme of them being: Secrets of Magic Seals, Psychic Skills, a Meditation guidance book, Women are from Venus Men are from Mars and some others. Sign from the universe to seek more guidance from the magic seals and psychic skills. I will be reading and sharing more insights I get from these books. Next I noticed the night sky, very crisp Autumn air, amazing company and some cats doing their thing in the streets. We all have our own journey to experience we cannot be worried or try to bring others along with us. They will naturally begin to notice us changing and us shifting. Not just by how we speak and act but also our outward appearance. Pictures of myself keep evolving where I have a glow about me that I did not some months ago, and with every picture I appear different. People often tell me I have a glow about me, so even if you don't say anything people around you notice. I have noticed that yes I have stopped talking to certain people just because I have drifted away from them, they do sometimes come back and wonder what I have been up to. Some are interested in learning more. However one cannot talk to a person for an hour and convince them or make them understand all that you wish them to. If they want to remain asleep they will, if they want to awaken it has to be their choice and their seeking. I for a long time did not give any guidance on this for years in the beginning when I was first coming into realization and awakening. So it might take a while for you to all this out figure out to articulate it outwardly, because if you feel like you are trying too hard or can't voice what you want to make them understand. You need to develop your own inner knowing first. There is no "making them understand" at all. If you feel compelled to share you are not yet in the knowing yet. The higher minds just are, they just exist, we don't go out and seek people out. Yoga for example is not just something to do as exercise it's a way of life. It's how we live our life. All the lessons we learn on the mat we take off and apply to ourselves and to those around us and to life. We go on a magic journey every time we step on the mat which is far more than just poses. For me I have felt this great need to speak my truth yes, what I channel. However it took me at least a year before I started expressing this to others. 

Once my Playmate in Light and I reached the beach pure magic happened. Large rocks were at the

entrance and the sand calming. We seemed to be entering a lost time. I felt like we were entering Atlantis. No one else was on the beach just calmness and stillness.

Ironically it was just as I had viewed the beach in my remote viewing meditation on Wednesday night. We were called to visualize "a vista we were blessed to see" which the first thing my mind went to was the ocean. Many times in mediation I have gone to the ocean at night where it was too dark to see much, you could barely hear the ocean yet could feel it's presence and smell it in the air. The water sparkled in it's deep dark beauty. I just recalled this for many months this is what I had been experiencing, and here it was in front of me.

I was also guided the next time my feet touched sand to just calm my mind and just express gratitude for all that is and having this experience. At the time, I heard these words spoken to me on Wednesday night I didn't understand the full meaning. Of course until last night. The more I am each guided from dreams, in meditations or things Divine Companions tell me I am learning to take it in acknowledge that I may not fully understand why this is being told to me. I also have come to realize that only when I am open and my Divine Heart is open and I am just receiving is when I get the experience, the thinking and the Citta Vritti just stops is when I experience bliss and the understanding of what my guides have given me the meaning comes. It never comes when I search for it or when I question. So I have actually come to stop questioning (for the most part) I do but won't get the answer. Until I let go. Which also is how I explain if someone is seeking guidance and they are asking questions or just aren't getting it and your words keep going in circles or you get frustrated you aren't letting it be, you are forcing it to be. The guidance is not coming it only comes when you are in your own knowing, which is when your mind chatter the Citta Vritti stops and you are just speaking Truth and no explaining actually happens but you are channeling truth from Source directly for what that person needs to hear not what you want them to hear.

The sand was very soft and flat like walking on a cloud. The ocean very very calm. The water seemed like a blanket you could go out and walk on for a long distance the wet sand going on forever. The waves were very calm and soothing, and of course we saw baby ducks (the type of birds specifically I couldn't make out) so they shall be called baby ducks. Again the theme of new life starting. They would run to the water as it reached out and then run away as the waves came back in. It also was a moonless walk, it had already set, but earlier the moon had seemed closer and larger than any other day this week. The stars were very bright with the ocean. Messages in the sand where a spiral in the sand, some sea serpents, other shapes, writings and a heart. 

The calm waters made it a magical walk, as approaching a line of lights reflecting in the water. They were magical in their order. 

I saw star of jasmine and palms. Heading back the night air changed and shifted because time stopped. All the lights I saw and noticed were either yellow, orange or red reminding me of the sun. We are all made up of light. Even in the darkness where we may not be able to see fully in front of us we still have faith we still have courage we still trust that we will get to where we are going even if we don't know where we are going. I had no idea where I was going on this nature walk but I trusted and just existed in the moment. The most magical moments are when we are just existing. Senses change at night as I observed colors and even orbs of lights and the energy coming off like beams. We all have to be our own Light in the darkness, if you are lucky you will have another Light walking beside you on your journey. I am truly grateful for all, and being able to experience Divine Beauty last night.