Friday, November 22, 2013

Epiphany Energy Burst

I had an epiphany this morning, last night was very stormy. All I wanted to do was sit and listen to the rain. This morning it was cloudy but not rainy. I realized that if you get out of your head everything becomes that much easier. If not easy itself. I literally feel like the rain has cleared and washed away all the stale energy off and away. It's amazing how lifted I feel when I rolled in this morning yes it is winter-ish weather. 

Turn It Off
Turning the mind off and becoming efficient in movement. Knowing the core basics everything just naturally flows. Getting caught up in the ego or in the mind or in the surrounds around you. I have known this for a long time (as this week is focusing on your unique self) that I naturally lead. If I hear something with not much else to go on, I just go- I trust in it verses waiting around for someone else to do it first. This has led me to become a pioneer of sorts because I have noticed my fearless nature is coming back awakened. In stillness I am steady and courageous and that is where the confidence comes is trusting in the inner knowing. All these we all have in us, we don't need external forces, but for those that still operate this way- notice who you are looking to. Are they ego based? Or are they beating to their own drum and your energy resonates with their energy.


During the death transformation phase, yes I took time out for myself (as many of us did). I did not realize how many relate or look to me- it's not an ego thing as I see each of us has something to teach the other. However when we are all cleared our energy flows and everyone we come into contact with is a bit better a bit brighter because our own vibration is up.

Energy Burst
Another energy burst is happening, with all this fair rain - I feel so much energy, I can't wait for the lightening that I feel is so strong overhead. Happy Friday indeed! Today is a double master number 11.22- 11 is the number of Light for inspiration and receiving guidance and visions from Source. While 22 is the master number which gives energy and strength. We are able to manifest what we wish, can you feel this inspirational energy?? We are in Sagittarius now, embrace this fire within us as we look to the future with abundance of joy and harmony and bliss. The Sun and Moon is in a Trine today which brings a beautiful balance between our Light and Shadow self, Masculine and Feminine sides, we are able to use this magnificent energy to manifest our desires. All I have been wanting and wishing and doing is daydreaming.
I have been having many visions lately including last night. Repetitious ones, I am not called to share them. They are magical and the main symbolic message is the coming together, the joining- also being able to take a step back and go slow, to notice when we have to halt. Not quit not postpone, but just stillness and stop- to then look around at all the magnificence that this is really all happening. If we rush too fast, or run to this beauty we will be road blocked and natural rain will make us stop as we cannot get there if we rush. If we are slow and steady we will reach this bliss this beauty- as we will all reach it anyway, it is our destiny. It is in the journey that we learn the most not the destination. So if we know what the destination is already- trust that it will happen, so then there is only the journey to enjoy in bliss - the here and now, the curiosity the mystery the ecstatic happiness. Embrace this time as we all come into this new of self - discovery and remembrance.

Above all continue to be grateful for everything, I promise it does help in all aspects of your life. Enjoy all this energy around, have a beautiful and Happy Friday & Weekend!!