Sunday, November 10, 2013

Direct Mercury 11.10.13

Today Mercury goes direct at 1:12PM (PT), 4:12PM (ET). Last night I experienced a very fun night having a gathering which had been talked about for years. As it seems people only come together for funerals and baby showers until you change it. We shouldn't wait to see people dear to us until an obligation event happens. Life is really too short and passes so fast. I remembered that I am not alone that in all our silence we are all survivors we are all strong and courageous. Sometimes you have to go back to roots to find this. It's what was needed before Mercury goes retrograde because so much of the past was released. All these extra things I didn't know was stored up got released. I received some news (which I was not expecting) even that I needed to hear my reaction very different than say what it may have been a year ago. Laughing is so therapeutic. We often forget this, or don't laugh enough. Laughing for hours non stop not caring what we looked like or what anyone thought. It was bliss to go back to that innocent state we use to be when we were children. I didn't have to explain myself I simply have always been accepted.

I woke up this morning early and enjoying the sunrise. I feel the releasing of those final things. Since Mercury turned Retrograde we have been looking at our old wounds, the inner stuff we needed to resolve, and overall just dealing with the past that still had hold on us (even in our unconscious). Now we have shed our skins and peeled our many layers like an onion we are ready. We get to look to the future as nothing is standing in our way. If you feel some things still release them after reflecting on them, but notice there's no real attachment to these anymore. The date is very significance as 1 is the number of new beginnings when we get to plant our seeds of the future and our dreams get planted. We have three 1s which makes this a very powerful day. Zero is the number of Divine Protection so today being the 10th we have 1 (our Self) having Divine Protection so that we may move freely in our hearts with deep belief in ourselves that our dreams will be. So start dreaming bigger today. With Mercury going direct we get to experience light freedom in our hearts flying the perfect eve of the 11:11 Gateway!

It's beautiful here, we should not be weighed down by anything at all. All thoughts should be positive and expand upon them. Life is good. I have noticed a great shift in me. I am very very grateful for all this beauty around me, and all the beautiful souls reflecting Light back to me!