Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October 9, 2013 Venus and Leading up to the Hunter's Full Moon

Much shifting and change going on, yesterday we had solar flares and you either experienced or are experiencing an increase in energy of the need to retreat internally. I was hyper on Monday and wanted to sleep much of Tuesday, today I Am balancing out to see what New has been brought in.

It's about the releasing of things that are not serving anymore as we are in the waning part

of the moon. We are leading up to the Hunter's Full Moon October 18, 2013 which we will also have a Lunar Eclipse on that same night. Venus entered Capricorn on Monday and she will reveal what we value in relationships and how we behave when we are romantically interested in a mate. Venus has moved from Scorpio to Sagittarius on October 7 and remains until the end of October. Venus will call for us to be more adventurous in love to seek freedom and space. We are being called to gain experience, knowledge that will then lead to pleasure but watch out for Venus as we may start to idolize someone or thing. Remember this, as to stay grounded in the Now. 

I have been talking a lot about going internally and trusting your inner Knowing the

intuition side of it. This has a lot to do with Mercury which is moving through Scorpio. Since Mercury turns retrograde on October 21, it is calling for us to analyze beyond the surface. It is calling to get under the surface at what are our inner knowing trying to tell us, what instincts do we have which this often leads to our shadow the darker side of us. As we all want to stay positive and in the Light we also have to embrace our dark shadow side because we cannot be all of one we need to have balance. All things align when you embrace both aspects of yourself, and both have equal lessons for you. During this time emotions and sensitivity is increasing which will have you be mindful to not allow paranoia or negativity creep in which is of the lower self. This serves no purpose, acknowledge it and see what truth this can bring you to help release it and let it go. 

Mercury aligns with Saturn three times this month, yesterday on the 8th in direct and
again on the 21-22 which is retrograde, which is a time to get serious. So here is time for internal reflection of what do you really want to work towards? What are things that are going to make your life better? If you notice things or people that are getting in way of your inner knowing of your path, here you get to release these and prepare to finally release on the Hunter Full Moon. If you find people or things you want to keep in your life because they will bring value to you, find ways to improve those relationships. Listen to Venus and how actions get called upon you. I will be writing more leading up to the Full Moon. I will be doing another guided Full Moon Energy Meditation Healing Group if interested email.