Monday, October 21, 2013

Mercury in Retrograde October 21 - November 10, 2013

I AM already starting to notice technology and websites and online accounts just not working
for me. This Mercury Retrograde we need to backup important information so that it is not lost or disappears. I recently started noticing my phone is not working as it once was, it's tired. In this delay, I get time to think, and remember time before we were so dependent on computers and phones when we had to write down things by hand if we wanted to remember them, often we talked face to face with a person to schedule plans or used a corded phone from home. The simpler times, in some ways, yes now we are all connected and it may seem easier, but in these moments when technology just stops the thought comes into mind do we really need it? I recently have stopped texting. To me this is huge because well life revolved around it. 

Yet it became so mindless we just stopped thinking. Conversations were surface level. After a while I noticed I just had to much to say or others had too much to say. Things were getting misread and how many 0_0 faces could we make to each other when something strange and magical happened? 

I have gone back to not fully traditional letter writing as this is not fully practical with those I know on the other end of the world, but emails are working or long long message chats. A nuance of sorts. I invite each one of you to just send someone a letter, even if it's just a because letter, and see what happens how does it make you feel? Liberating to just send it out and not get an 'instant' reply. It allows for time to think. To reflect. To Be. 

Mercury Retrograde
This has made me reflect on this Retrograde which is very different from how I felt last
Mercury Retrograde of this year. How do you feel? It begins October 21 to November 10 in Scorpio, to shed old conceptions of ourselves and others. Scorpio is about transformation. It also has an air of secrets so be mindful that you may have to be more in touch with your feelings than what you actually 'hear.' Use your clairvoyance gifts (and inner Scorpio) to hear what goes unsaid, however don't get caught up on flaws here. I feel we have been moving forward and releasing much many talk about releasing more and finding what no longer serves you to let go for this Mercury Retrograde. This however does not resonate with me as strongly because we all have released so much over this summer and even since 2012 started, the old patterns and parts of ourselves that just needed to evolve into something more wonderful. To me this period is about reflecting but it's more of a "re-do" energy I feel. Where we have let go, we have reflected - or are reflecting on our lives and Now we get the chance to "re-do" all that we may have stepped away from or missed the first time around we have the opportunity Now to come about it differently with this new knowledge. Scorpio will allow us to further transform our gifts in intuition.

Manifest, Visualize, Dream
I prefer to think in terms of Manifesting thinking now in terms of what is it you want to have in your life? Using this powerful energy to look internally and feel really what do you want at the most basic level possible? Figuring out what are your dreams and just pondering about this, we are all energy and using all that is to manifest or start to manifest all the things we really want that will truly make us happy. I have been doing this for quite a while, some at first seem really silly and small but everything is significant. At time me wishing and manifesting something simple has opened my eyes to larger things I do want in my life. Dwelling too much on what you don't want and what you need or want to let go of sends this negative energy out and we shouldn't always be there. There comes a time when we just need to step out and just Be to every day be grateful for what we have. Even on the worst seeming days - we are all perfect and think of how great it is to be live! Think larger than you ever have before there's no restrictions. Go back to when you were a young child and how you would day dream. How would you play? We need to go back to that time of simplicity when we imagined something it simply appeared. Visualize often. Dream often. 

My new thing I love to do is right when I wake up in the morning (before I actually sit up or really get up) I close my eyes (and if you are prone to falling asleep easy set your alarm to wake up in 5 minutes) and just visualize things I want in my life in a playing moving in my mind's eye. How it feels to have it already and I just enjoy. Then when it's done I smile and give it to the Universe. My mornings have become even more agreeable after doing this. I follow by thinking (although you may write this) all things or at least one thing I AM grateful for. Which I will often repeat this before I go to sleep, or if I have trouble falling asleep I meditate and just visualize things I want to bring into my life and allow it to carry me off to sleep.

For many of us, our gifts and Conscious abilities are shifting and deepening, during this time allow any stillness to sit with it. See if you can feel, hear, taste, smell, sense something beyond your usual way. We will all come away feeling lighter from this experience. We have let go, we have forgiven and we are healing ourselves while learning more of what will make our Divine Self content.

I will be writing more about this and if there's specific information or a topic you'd like me to cover email: for suggestions.