Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Many Adventures Beyond the Destination

So many adventures. A much needed vacation away from writing. I did write an article, but decided not to share it (from last week). I needed to write it at the time, but it doesn't resonate with me, maybe I'll post it another time.

Last week I did decide to stop writing (temporarily) as I mentioned on our Padma Bella Facebook Page, I had been reading that we are in a void. We are in between the Old and just reflecting where we are. Last week I began to notice I did not feel like I fit anywhere but being in a form of limbo. It was not until I read more accounts of others describing this void that it resonated with me that this too is what I had 
been feeling. Which for me I felt like nothing could give explanation and writing was not the way to go for me personally. Last week two things happened I noticed where the Old me use to be and I no longer fit there, and another instance where the New me that is coming to BE is.

I however did feel in the void as I do not know fully what this new me is going to be. I let it go this need to know. I enjoyed the process of it knowing I would turn out as it would turn out. Which to me was a great way to enter into my vacation.

For me this vacation was a true adventure as I only knew major things I was going to visit but all the details I did not know. I enjoyed watching the sunrise and after that all I wanted to do was take pictures of the journey with my camera. There were times when buildings gave off energy that I was called to (which never has happened before to this degree- there had been times I could notice something but this was almost constant) shapes colors smells; all seemed richer. Even getting stuck in traffic, before (the old me) would cringe and become annoyed- this has changed for me too. I did not see any negative and my prospective on how I handled even this has changed. In even this small shift a major accident on the side of the road- only took a few minutes to pass up as all the cars kept driving past. Bringing me to prospective, it's all about how you handle something- that's all you can have a say over. 

After a while, once getting out of the high populated areas, were many mountains. I began to feel magic. Sporadic trees scattered on these mountains, who planted them? Some trees I felt fairies live here. I noticed the same child-like essence I use to have on road trips that I went on as a young child this was returning to me here. I loved to look out the window and daydream. There were many many hours of just road and endless possibilities for me to just Be and daydream. I had taken this drive last year and during this same point I was 'bored' going crazy and just well again bored. 

Here, I really enjoyed this time to reflect and be and being appreciative of even being able to go on a vacation to be on this adventure. So many possibilities and after a while I could even feel the energy come off the mountains and the trees they were speaking to me, not yet in a language I could understand but I could 'feel' it. I then started thinking about how often do we just past something and give no notice to it? Of course, being a driver in our life we get to decide where we are going and are goal oriented or driven to get to the destination. However, being a passenger we get the luxury to just 
observe, to Be. Both have equal qualities we have to be both. However, in our life we should create balance to allow this to be both the driver and the passenger. We need to in this New embodiment notice the things that we may have in the old just passed up in fast speed. The destination is not the important thing at all, it's the journey ... the in between that is where true realization and learning happens. I have been told this so many times, during this drive I really got it. Which once I started to see the magic all around I stopped thinking and allowed for it to come. I noticed trees more. I noticed things that when I would be driving I may not have. So for my adventure was to open up more senses which to me came in day dreaming and getting out of my head to get in my mind.

Shifting and Energy I noticed this new SF bridge gave me a negative vibe for some reason, I still am not sure why this resonated with me. I did take many pictures to see if that would give me some clarity. It may have been spirits as I have not visited an place with deep history (since starting all of this shifting). How does this picture make you feel? This is the one which resonates with me the most, I will not give my interpretation of it as to not influence your own. However this is the new bridge.

Once reaching San Francisco, just driving the streets I noticed old historic energy all around. I could almost envision the people who designed the city years and years ago what they wanted people to see and feel when entering this city. There was traffic which gave me more opportunity to sit and Be with the energy all around, instead of just zipping past it. I brought my camera and wanted to tell a story with pictures, this is what I always use to do when I was younger, I loved photography. I still love it but this is something like art that I just for some reason put aside. 

I really enjoyed the nature walk. It had been a really long time since I had walked these streets in San Francisco. I had no expectation other than getting to Pier 39 (was the only "plan"). Many people were walking on the side walk once I started walking I noticed energy all around really strong old historic energy. Certain buildings I could tell the history - the vibes and some of the piers I passed I felt and became transported in time when these were functional piers what life would have been like for workers here. What would it have looked like back then? This is one building which I got a strong vibe from that I needed to take a picture of it. Many of the piers did not want me taking pictures of them but I could feel spirits. This of course is all new to me as I don't recall being this sensitive or to this extent. I had before going on this vacation trip asked for protection from my guides, and my angels as so I would be protected in those that I would come meet. I have noticed that being just of Light and Love even negative vibes or energies are not harming because reflecting so much positive out sort of cancels it out (for lack of a better term). I am recalling a specific energy on the walk back, where I passed an old building which had a very very strong negative energy as something very bad and negative happened. I only wanted to get away from it as fast as possible, it wanted me to touch the walls- even now I feel that and I wanted nothing to do with that energy as I walked past I had to cleanse and push the energy out so it would not attach onto me but call upon my guides.

Beyond the senses
Back to the nature walk, all of it besides that was really enjoyable. I came to a

dock and I became transported in time the closer I walked to it, I could feel myself shift and change as though I was turning into another person. I could see beyond the modern boats that were there. I could feel the pull of the past what sailors and women were feeling and what it would have been like. It was magical I was so inspired by this, I did take a picture to capture for me this energy, however this is a bit past where my sensing started as I became caught up in all of it. Walking and experiencing all this, it became another observation that people from all over were doing this same exact walk along with me, yet how many could actually feel and see this? How many were just zipping through this walk to get to the destination? How many were open to experience all this extra that is beyond the "normal" senses? It's all here to be experienced by everyone, yet how many truly do? This is another thing I began to recognize this New I am being entered into is sensing so much more and seeing things in richer colors, not grainy (like my phone often takes pictures now), but clear and bright and full. 

I received many signs on the walk to the "destination" one being I just happened to look up over my head and saw a dragonfly going in the opposite direction as me. It was too fast for me to take a picture of it, however it made me smile I see the transformation. So different from where I was back in September, and now here I am walking, enjoying and so is the dragonfly flying. It just seemed to be going with the flow. I was on the look out to see if I could see anymore but this of course was the only dragonfly I would see on this trip. A sign that I am where I am suppose to be.

The destination Pier 39, this became a very bittersweet point of my trip. As one

of my angels was suppose to make this trip (but she never did). It's one of the many things we talked about how much she loved this place. So many things she was suppose to do I have been doing- completing and finishing the thing she could not. However I did feel her with me on this whole adventure, (even down to breakfast on Sunday at her usual table) there was an extra chair already placed at the table which I knew was showing she still was with me. All this made me realize the purpose was for me to learn all her secrets all the things she loved about all these places and all these things so that when I traveled to these places alone I could recall and she would be whispering in my hear- see ... remember? I went into all of her favorite shops, I will continue to post pictures from the adventure on my facebook page: Padma Bella ... as I took too many to fit all on here, so look for them. I also may create a photo album to share all of my adventures (seeing what resonates).

For me the Ascension really happened when I embraced the New, to just Be walking in nature and being able to just experience so much more (than ever before). It was not even me trying to Be anything at all. This is when I noticed it the most. After visiting all these places- stopping at the view of the ocean, I am still called to the water. There was fog around the Golden State bridge which slowly began to move up the mountain the longer I stayed. Many boats were in the water and for a while it was enjoyable to just stand still and just Be. To be with my angel as she enjoyed this view so much even she was aware that we have to just stop and be. 

I went into one particular shop which had many different crystals, I was drawn to a white stone (which I do not know what type) and also a Bloodstone- for that particular day. However the moment I touched it I felt the energy, but did not resonate with being it's guardian. I did notice though that there was a pull from all the crystals as I walked away from the shop something wanted me to go back. I knew that none of those crystals were meant to be with me. I noticed another shift when the old me would have looked at the clock and decided I should have lunch because of the 'time' however here, in the now I was not particularly hungry. Being on a time limit for play, I decided to continue walking. 

Beyond the Destination
Reaching Fisherman's Wharf was a celebration to celebrate Pier 39's 35th Anniversary with many different merchants in a street fair. I right away could sense fake crystals, which I could not do before. I came to one shop which had crystals, I was drawn to three large ones in particular, I held a large Clear Quartz which really called for me to hold it. Next I held a large Pink Quartz ... afterwards I immediately felt relief and calm as apparently some energy from the other crystals and shop had attached to me and these crystals which were much larger and had a stronger energy cleared me of it.

I took many pictures of trees one in particular I started seeing colors- right before reaching a beach. This really called to me as I am still being drawn and called to the ocean, so I walked in the sand. I for some reason feel home at the water, regardless of where I am. What do you see in this picture? 

For me this is the greatest balance there are trees and then the water, which the main point was to get to Pier 39. Had I just stopped for lunch (as I would have in the past) I would have not reached here. The end of the path literally took me to this magical spot. I feel this is where I Am meant to be, also a shift in prospective came because I allowed myself to just walk until I felt it was time to stop. As you may notice the fog also cleared. This leads me to ask, how often do feel free? Many people were standing on the steps I wanted to get in the sand and water. So I just walked in ... others started to do the same. After a while many were enjoying themselves because we should all enjoy these moments when we find paradise. I took many pictures at this spot which I will share at a later time.

Letting go ... 
Once I felt enough at this spot I started walking back, once again I saw more signs like a mermaid literally on a sign, which early on in my journey I had on multiple occasions been called a mermaid. I enjoyed seeing this pop up here on this trip. Mermaids and shells were more things I noticed when I was walking on this part of my journey. When I was close to the land side of the streets, nature and fairy magic is what I would notice more ... and a bear statue ... bread in the shape of bears, singing bowls, then I came to a place that was handing out free samples, and even this was yet another sign. I really enjoyed my nature walk. Heading back, I could feel the energy around me from the trees and at times the buildings as I mentioned before. 

This particular Pier I passed next to it I feltmuch energy resonating. It was not until I was on the other side of the street that I felt taking a picture of it was appropriate. Do you sense anything from it?

Tree magic
I was called to take many pictures of trees I passed. I will also share these throughout. I will however share one which at the time I didn't not know why it was calling to me until I uploaded it and as you will notice there are many different colors and shapes that have come into the picture. Many times when I felt the presence of magic and fairies my pictures came out either blurry or there was distortion in the image. This has to be one of my favorite pictures of the day. What do you feel?

I took a picture of these leaves on the grass, no special effects, no editing, what do you notice about the grass? What do you notice in the leaves?

The day ended reaching my hotel, and heading out to dinner (because it was too gorgeous to order in). Even this drive I saw magic. The water I passed had a sense of calmness. I felt like I was back on the East Coast as I looked out my window.

Returning from dinner I caught the sunset, even though this picture did come out blurry it still to me captures what I felt looking at this sunset. For me it was all about colors and the feeling I got from watching this sunset, being in focus is about control about the old, when you can't see this fully in focus you get to notice transitions a lot better. Here in this point of the void we aren't seeing things in whole yet because we are in transition we know what's there but it's still slightly out of focus much like this sunset- we are setting the old into the horizon. Yet there is so much more grandness and beauty all around. Taking ourself out of focus we can Be and experience the magic and beauty all around.

The next day was a huge contrast, as it was overcast and cold eventually raining. None of that mattered it was about something greater, d
uring this time I began to feel the New approaching, driving back watching the sunset. The rain stopped and in the mountains I could feel the shift happening. Strong winds were moving the clouds and a cleansing could be felt. A group of birds were flying happily in odd patterns, just enjoying to fly. This is where we all need to be, just out in nature not caring about what we look like it's all about feeling, finding like- minded, like souls who resonate with us.

We are in between Eclipses of the Moon and Sun and bringing us into the Void which is to allow us to Be and the transformation into something bigger is approaching. At this point I started to really feel it, taking just the leap forward. I have been feeling all my old reactions all the ways I would normally be- this is not me anymore. This trip allowed me to see it even more clearly than before. We each reach this point differently, I could feel myself shifting and shifting for weeks, however not until I was out of my element literally and someplace else I began to really just experience it even more strongly. As the sun set there was a bright star on the western horizon, it kept calling to me, I'm sure it was a planet and not so much a star. I used an app to see more information on it, and it was the constellation of my birth sign (which I felt fit) why it was resonating with me so strongly.

Guidance & Services

I received guidance to offer more intuitive guidance sessions for a donation. I also see offering my art work as another - I will be posting pictures of the artwork I have completed however I will be giving these as well as personalized ones- Many of us are seeking something specifically on our journey. For me I received art work that is for my journey. Today I received a message as to why I have been called to this so much, why balance has literally been a theme spoken to me for months and months. It all has to do with Energy and what element I am drawn to what represents me. So if you are just drawn to a specific thing, and not sure of the 'why' don't let it get in the way of progress instead just go with it, take the intuitive approach (as it will make sense when you are ready for it). If you would like art work please message me- I am taking orders now. Or if you would like one of my other products or services contact me as well. I will be writing and also creating a New Moon group for over the weekend. Contact me for more details on any of these.

Overall I really enjoyed my many adventures. I have many more stories to share, however this is all I am being called to share at this time.

Crystal Play
I feel that its time to share the crystal grid that my Playmate in Light and I created on the Eve of the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse. We played with the crystals, I have read various articles on 'How to create a crystal grid' however in this case we just played ... allowing the crystals to speak to us. I love more of an intuitive approach. I will say the first time I took a picture of this crystal grid I thought my camera did not take a clear focused picture as on my phone it did not appear to be in focus. My Playmate in Light shared his picture he had taken with me. I will share both and we took them from the same angle however you can see how the crystals respond to us even in a photograph. 

My photograph:

Playmate in Light's photograph:

What resonates, what emotions, what feelings, get evoked in you as you view this crystal grid? I am leaving this one nameless as I do not feel called to name it- it will just Be ... 

I need to include this as I am trying to type in the title as I almost always create a title for my articles after I have written in full everything, I am typing and keep getting an error message (which I have never received before) another sign about titles? I can only type a word before the error message pops up.