Sunday, October 20, 2013

Guiding Companions

I woke up feeling so New on Saturday and refreshed, a pleasant wake up call. I did participate in a Full Moon Circle completely magical being able to share the experience. I received much guidance as well as what's
next to come. The veil is being lowered more and more as we approach the 31st. However as we become in Oneness and into the New we are exploring more into the unknown. I feel it appropriate to mention that we all have to be of Loving Awareness but at the same time negative or lower forces can invade our 'space' while we are meditating or doing work in these areas. This is when calling upon guides or releasing this energy once you realize it's not of your own. I have noticed being in Divine Love and radiating that love around me as a shield has been the most helpful using collective energy and my mandala when I do so in my own sacred space. However that being said, if we are all of Divine Love then there is no need to shield or do this- but since many of us are still transitioning I did want to mention this. 

In this Circle, I was able to connect and contact my Animal Guides, Guides and Angel which I can call upon at any time. I will be providing this service soon, once Divine Timing so if you'd like to meet and know who your guides are this will be coming soon. The veils are being lowered and this morning I woke up feeling anew because releasing things even small things that were of the Old taking up space that aren't needed anymore. Now is the time for transformation, to recognize you've been in a cocoon - you started out as a spastic butterfly moving around flying about frantically trying to achieve all that you were taught you needed to obtain in your life. Once you realized this was not serving you, you decided to take care of yourself, to wrap yourself up in your own Self Love - to allow the Divine Mother to nurture you in this cocoon as you embark on Self Discovery. Now you have felt the change without really always peering at yourself, but when you see others you notice they are different and it's because you are different. You leave this cocoon no longer as a butterfly (that is of the Old) but as a radiant Dragonfly ready to embark on this New Mystical journey a life of transformation and beauty and magic all around.

I had a dream, not so pleasant ... sort of odd- I will share it as it does relate to where I feel many are at. I was not in a familiar place with people who "knew" me. I was walking in the 

mud when it started to rain and cleaned me off. I encountered lost people on my journey frantic to get their 'work' done but loosing sight of the larger picture here, it's not about mundane tasks, it never has been. It's about the in between moments. All they wanted me to do was their work for them, to assist on their jobs. I next moved to a familiar house but there were different areas in this- things were being put up out of fear, fear of being on the ground. The ground which symbolizes our grounding and connection to Mother Earth. We cannot transform being out balance and connected to the nurturing of Mother Earth. I then witnessed multiple versions of the same creatures being placed in a box which a goop and mixture of things were added and then poured over these
creatures. The point: it was their time, to see who would survive, mostly they were all willing to just have this poured over them this green/blue thick mixture many just sank, some fought. I could feel the death coming and knowing it was just wrong yet no one could 'see' it or feel it. It was then I noticed that some of the copies were of a Divine Companion- which I wanted to pull him out, but no one would let me. As though my Divine Companion could hear me, he fought to get free and did so jumping out of this box. Looking at me, not in disgust or horror but instead with relief that I had recognized him inside or else he would have been lost. Some how all his hair dried instantly and he began to just frolic and run around playfully. 

This brings me to when I woke up, my Divine Companion was of course right next to me. I felt relief he was beside me. I will share that 
during this transformation we may get caught in something that seems like a good idea from a collective who seems to know what they are talking about. At the same time, if everyone just follows without thinking where is the growth and expansion? Where is your heart? You have to be willing to look beyond the veils they are opening up for us. We are being asked to trust and let go, but with this there are also things and people that can be deceiving not understanding the way of the Light. This is what I felt and saw once these creatures believed going into this box was a good idea. The fear being set in their minds that this union would release all fear would aid and assist. When it is not practicing Ahimsa, the art of which we need to not harm ourselves. Part of transformation is to be kind to ourselves. Again how is going into goop where our lungs get filled up helping? Other than just sucking out our life force taking away our originality.

Ahimsa is being non-violent, non-harming, and non-injury to yourself or others. To embody this it all starts with you. I have been talking about Self- Love however to practice Ahimsa we need to focus on our self first on our actions, speech and thoughts. How do we treat ourselves with these? Next start with our body and what do we do with them, do we smoke? or drink? these are harmful on our selves. Once we are being gentle with ourselves then Love naturally comes in. Ahimsa and love are not the same thing but one comes with the other. Since we are all energy this includes non harm to animals and plants as well and acknowledging we are all energy we all are of Sacred space and acknowledging this.

Once we are being kind to ourselves while we are in this cocoon we can begin to listen and hear. Last night truly was beautiful, I heard

many many graceful harmonious voices some I could understand while others I AM yet to understand their language. The feelings of their sounds still is enough. Only when you open up and are balanced and only in a place of Divine Love can you reach this. It is to embody nothing but Love. This starts with yourself to lower your guard down but also to be non harmful. I love flying around feeling all this energy. We are of the New. Transformation. Beauty. Grace. We all go into this at different times, for me I can see out of the cocoon I see what I look like I've seen my reflection in my crystal at my heart center. I still feel like I have more I can experience my wings can expand even further. There are no more limitations. 

We all have Clairvoyance abilities we all sense answers in different ways, however you have to be Open and ready to receive these answers (and they may not come in the conventional ways either) last night I have been trying to develop one of these skills- it is beautiful when I can see it growing. Yes this is scary because I have used my other gifts and am use to them. However when a new gift is developing there is a lot of unknown. Which reminded me how many of us are experiencing so much New but we have to just Be and know it's okay. I see the beauty in this knowing for me this is the next step. I see why this is one of the slower developed gifts is because I was not allowing it to come out of fear. Once I of course let go of fear, this has been coming to me more over the past couple of weeks. I do still get startled when I notice it (which of course is natural) but I know I AM not reacting out of fear anymore, because when you start embracing Clairvoyance it can be startling because
Answers come at any given time anywhere and everywhere. My throat is starting to get raspy feeling, which I was not going to share this gift as of yet, but I AM being told to share of it. Clairaudience is what I AM being called to nurture and develop. I see however that now I must hear and listen to further carry me on my journey as I have gone as far as I can go with my other gifts. This is where I AM, this is what brings me forward more in the New. It is alarming as I don't know always where the voices come from sometimes I can make out clearly the message other times I hear something and my other gifts such as clairsentience assists me. We all use these collectively but some times one will dominate over the other in a situation. If you are willing and wanting to learn more about this I AM being called to share and assist guiding others. I will offer my services to this, email me for details. I AM not sure how long I will provide this service. 

Enjoy the energy around. I will be writing more about the next Lunar event coming up, but in the mean time just listen and feel and think of all that you are truly grateful for. This is all a gift and we all just need to express our gratitude to everything and everyone around us. 

Please also share your Full Moon pictures or ritual experiences or anything you are grateful for. On Instagram account hash tag: #PadmaBella #PadmaBellaLove