Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Much shifting going on, so much energy all around. We are in the New, enjoying the New. I have only wanted to have my Jasper Companion near me, being everywhere with me. As I feel the need to be grounded. The last two days I have wanted to just be on my own, reflective and I have just been listening to all that Is. It's so beautiful. So much magic and mysticism all around. I received a gift in the mail and I could feel all the energy and love radiating from the packaging. I had not seen what was inside this, it was truly a surprise what it would look like? What name would resonate from it? Once I opened it, the energy is really strong. All I want to do is just sit and look in awe of it's greatness. It's purpose work with me is to help others, seeking guidance to come into Oneness. If this calls to you,  and you would like to seek it's energy for your path... contact me so that I may work with you.

There are so many messages around, so much beauty and sun shine, despite it being Autumn here the
sky is so blue and full and peaceful. I feel so much Bliss. I've enjoyed reading that something greater is happening behind the scenes, this makes me truly happy. As I received this gift I Knew once I did receive it- my work would continue further in the New and more things would be unfolding. Which they really have been. It's truly fitting that this would come to me before the Full Moon. As so many are releasing what no longer serves them, for me much of what is resonating with me is preparing for something much greater- that having patience, Grace, being observant to what IS and just letting things be... for it all comes with Divine Timing. This gift, has reminded me of this, that the Time for Reunion is almost here. When we merge and find the Oneness, We must be content and in Oneness with our Self.

As I have written we are preparing for the Full Moon Eclipse at the end of this week. Releasing what doesn't serve us what is of the Old. However all this energy is starting to come to be Now, which it will help us all leading us all to the Solar Eclipse November 3. Much much energy all around, it's not just get ready for the Full Moon and that's it, no. We are always shifting and this is our New way of Being. We are all always improving and after a while you don't even think about it you just Are. Mercury goes retrograde October 21-November 10, which will ask us to reflect once again (but this does not mean shut down and stop everything) far from it, this is just internal reflections. We cannot act like we did last Retrograde, because we are New.

We must find a balance here while one aspect we may want to be with our Self and just Be and
observe, we still have our other half which wants to interact and Be. These relationships need to have balanced between both these. It still makes me smile when I have not heard from someone for a long time, and they just fall back into my life like nothing and no time has passed. We have a bit more catchup topics we need to go over before we can just Be. I have been reminded of this- She reminded me of course of things I had put in the back of my mind, which Divine timing Now I can reflect on those. I feel truly blessed at how we inspire each other and how much she knows my soul.

Most of all for many I AM noticing is we very much need to be grounded - in what means it works for you. (Crystals, yoga, walking barefoot, visualizing meditation). I have been noticing some doubts, but slight reminders to keep coming from the Universe, that these doubts are of the old they serve no more purpose here. These are just meant to push me forward to release them. When you are in your inner Knowing, then there is No Doubt =) this of course is all over a room and it's reminding me each and every day to just have No Doubt. This morning I mediated I saw beautiful colors of deep pinks and Indigo I became centered and still. All is good with the world, we have momentary slips but we are human. The Now is beautiful and there's no need to stress because the past is done we cannot change it, the future is not here ... all we have is in the Now and we cannot be stressed in the Now because we are just Being. Therefore Being in this perfect state of Bliss is easy to obtain once you shut the mind off let the ego go and all is beautiful and wonderful.