Sunday, October 13, 2013

Aries Hunter's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse October 18, 2013

We are going to be experiencing Cardinal (controlling) energy, with a Cardinal T-Square being formed
with the Sun, the Full Moon, and Jupiter; as well as having Uranus and Pluto squared off in the Cardinal signs. This all means that we may feel pressure, have a competition we need to overcome but the challenges will be something we enjoy. We are missing a part of the puzzle, to make this next part of our journey successful, is what this Eclipse Full Moon is showing me. This Full Moon is the first following the Harvest New Moon, which is called by some Native Americans as the Hunter's Full Moon, as we must go hunting to prepare for winter. Many of us have been thinking about what we want to release on this Full Moon and with that we are noticing a void, something that has been missing from our lives all Summer. This can be different for each and every one of us. However, now that we are releasing we are noticing we are missing a limb that we may not have missed or needed before but now that we wish to move forward we need this essence.

Penumbra Lunar Eclipse
This Eclipse occurs in Aries, who's qualities are called the pioneers of the zodiac as they fearlessly will walk into the unknown. We are being asked to look at all the possibilities as we head into this New that surrounds us. Perhaps you see what you are seeking off in the horizon, know that you have three points already: The Sun in Libra which offers their heart to others, Aries allows you to embrace your inner hero, and finally Jupiter calls for you to open up, and share things to someone you may not normally. These are all ways of releasing as well as building the New.

Full Moon in Aries
This Full Moon happens at 7:38PM (ET) in 25 degrees in Aries, the Lunar Eclipse happens at 7:50PM (ET), we will be asked to get a hold on all the energy this will bring. It will bring up emotions as well, let them go without worrying what anyone else will think. If you've been setting goals, manifesting lists, previous New Moon rituals; you will be seeing all your hard work starting to pay off, and this hard work is being rewarded. If you have been less assertive in your goals, this won't be rewarded and you will just be asked to change this if you would like to see fruition. This Eclipse will have an impact on us for up to six months, so lets make this a good release and all to the universe of what we want to bring into our lives.

Aries is a Fire sign which allows us to use this energy to release what is no longer serving us. I have gotten many requests for Releasing techniques for this Hunter's Full Moon, which I will give a guide for those wishing to participate on your own. I AM offering a Group Full Moon Meditation Ritual Energy Healing with a donation to participate which I will be using energy healing, cleansing, crystals, etc. which past months have been very fulfilling for other participates who have joined me. This is all remote so if you cannot participate at the exact time I offer this, you can still enjoy this. Email me for more details.

Much of us have really been having a calling to let go, as there are two parts to this month. After the New Moon, many of us have wanted to retreat and go internally, and go out in nature. Embrace
this part of us, we are still in this phase until the Full Moon. Enjoy this week of letting go, releasing and giving yourself some down time, you don't have to be social all the time. Some of the greatest moments of change happen when we are still. Embrace the void, it may feel uncomfortable to be idle and sit and listen, but leading up to the Full Moon this is exactly what you should be doing or being called to do, is sitting with all the old patterns that have not worked, and releasing. Allowing the New that has been coming into your life, knocking on your door which can only work if you are of a clear mind without the clutter of the old still holding space in there.

The second part of this month after the Full Moon we are being called to start back up again. As we
have released what we no longer wish to have because it no longer serves us it's time to not dwell in the past any longer for that is of the old.  After the Full Moon we are asked to restart, refocus and just flip the switch back on. We are all energy and sometimes with so much change moving towards the New, we have to just shut it all down to rest before moving forward. Embrace the death of your old self with this Full Moon. And welcome the rebirth of your New Self. You are being called to have harmony and balance in your life so take notice of those things and people which make you feel good and smile and happy and don't add any chaos to your life, this is the direction you are being called to resonate in, in this Light. We are all being asked to shift into a higher level of awareness, some are experiencing this by way of taking up new activities which allows you to quiet the mind, changing your diet, being more creative in drawing, or music. With all this New it's natural to fell anxious or fear of that void, give and release all this up when you do your Full Moon release ritual. This no longer serves us.

This is the time for coming into your own, who is your true Self, the I AM? Trust in the inner knowing voice. You are naturally being dawn to others with higher energy frequencies, as likes attract likes. By knowing yourself better, you will be able to hear Spirit. Connections will be stronger and your conscious awareness to others in relationships also shift because what you are reflecting out attracts and you will see that in those looking at you. We are all energy, so the energy we push out is coming back to us, even if we are not in constant contact with those people who resonate with our same energy.

Part of this release also involves how you live your life externally, it's a great time to start a new diet,
a new exercise plan, clean your house, get new clothes- look for ways that you can externally reflect the change you have been going through on the inside. If something no longer resonates with you, clean it out and donate it to someone in need. It's about getting rid of the old that no longer serves us, as many of us cleaned out in the Virgo Moon we may now clean further.

I am including a Full Moon Cleansing Ritual ... it comes in two part which the preparation may be done any time before the actual day of the Full Moon.

Full Moon Cleanse Preparation
1. Create a sacred space, preferably outdoors under the moonlight, or by a window so you may look
out into the Full Moon). You may also just map out where you wish to have your space located if you cannot set up days in advance.

2. Gather supplies: Paper to burn, pen, scissors, candle(s), matches/lighter, water (to put fire out if needed), incense, sage for cleansing, BBQ/fire pit/cooking pot (anything to burn paper in)-note this will get extremely hot so be cautious in what you choose.

3. Write down on separate pieces of paper (or cut out each) write down things you want to release that no longer serve you (relationships, people, addictions, pain, fears etc.) This can be a word or sentence. Before each sentence write down "I am releasing..." or "I let go of ..." note if you are preparing what you'd like to release on paper ahead of time write the releasing in quotes as to not prematurely release them. Just as a space holder to remind you on the actual night of the Full Moon.

Full Moon Cleansing
1. Cleanse your sacred space, set up alter with any items you wish to have present. If you own any crystals that you'd wish to have present, totems, etc next begin with an opening prayer, a sage smudge and/or burn some incense. Invite your guides, angels, masters or teachers to be at your side through the ceremony. (If you wish for more guidance on this please contact me and I will give individual clarification).

2. Light one or more candles. Light incense. Sit and look to the sky and just focus on your breath, you may meditate here if you'd like. Feel yourself in direct relationship to the Full Moon, to nature.

3. Perform a grounding exercise, take off your shoes and stand barefoot in the soil, grass, sand, and just look up to the sky and feel
into Mother Earth.

4. When you feel ready read hand write your list over again, but this time on separate sheets of paper and do not include quotes around each. When you feel ready read aloud the words you have written on each piece of paper:
    "I am releasing..." or "I let go of ..."
     Read one piece of paper at a time out loud feel it resonate and light it on fire and place in your fire pit, watch it burn and feel it's energy release from you. When you feel compelled start with the next piece of paper read it out loud, and repeat this until you have read all you have written. (You may also do this in form of candles- write things you are releasing on candles and watch them burn down-however I have noticed the paper method is the most efficient and greatest release is found).

5. Allow the transfer of energy of what you are releasing into the fire feel it leave you and enter into the
fire (you may notice the fire flame growing- don't be alarmed as this may
happen). Feel calming from the water at hand, and call upon the crystals to aid and your guides to aid in releasing.

6. At the end of the ceremony once all the releasing has occurred, watch the fire burn to ashes until there is no more flame. (If you must blow out the
flame do so mindfully and at the end say "I release, I let go.") Thank the Universe, guides, angels, masters and teachers. Express your gratitude. Take the ashes and either bury them in the soil or release them to the ocean or lake.

7. Sage cleanse the space which you have just released the energy to release any negative energy that has lingered. Also sage the spot where you have
released the ashes. You may feel anxiety in your heart center if negative energy lingers or have another sensation don't be alarmed just linger longer with your sage, and tell the negative energy to "be gone" or any other words that resonate with you.

8. Keep the candle burning until it goes out on its own, you may carry it inside with you to a safe place to let it. Place it inside at your alter and place things around it to remind you who you are becoming. Flames are sparks which reminds us of our inner inspiration, what burns deeply in us to watching change, to take this step into the unknown.

9. Sage cleanse your house since this Full Moon is all about releasing do a Sage cleanse around your house, in all rooms in all corners and everywhere, releasing all the old energy and negative vibes that may still linger.

10. Place all crystals under the Full Moon for cleansing so they may be cleansed by the light of the Full Moon. Feminine crystals are
especially needing to be cleansed under Full Moons, however you can recharge all of them under the Full Moon you may do so as putting them in a window or put them in the soil under the light of the Full Moon, but place a marker so you know where you placed the crystals and you may retrieve them later.

I will be offering a group version of this, which you will have access
to my own personal crystals, mandalas as well as my energy healing aiding in your releasing. If you'd like to participate, email me for details which only requires a donation, and it will be accessible to you following 11pm (PT) on October 18, 2013.

Look to the sky for ISON Comic happening October 20-21, 2013. You will need a telescope for this month. However Comets, ISON, Ecke and Lovejoy are expected to come in November with better viewing.

*Revised Update: Also read the addition to this article, discussing further into after completing the Full Moon Ritual. The link to the article: "White horses in the waves".