Thursday, September 19, 2013

Harvest Moon Energy leading into the Fall/Spring Equinox

Leading up to the Fall/Spring Equinox (September, 21, 2013). Its the day after the Harvest Full Moon, have you assessed and looked what things you truly desire but fell short of? This whole year we get to Harvest all we have planted from the last Spring Equinox. Pisces is about helping us visualize and use our imagination which are the essential elements of the Law of Attraction. So we get to use these tools to create planting new seeds in our minds to produce the crops we wish to have and ultimately desire! In the Harvest Moon we let go of all that did not serve us anymore, that negative energy. So that we may be ready for the coming Equinox and to plant new seeds for the upcoming New Moon. 

Friday, September 20, 2013 Scorpio/Venus is in three planets leading up to the Equinox. The Ceres-Pluto Trine (that went exact on 9/17) is still active. But today we have a Venus-Ceres sextile- which means it throws luck in finances your way. A Venus-Chiron Trine can help the healing of old emotional wounds be more harmonious, while supporting mentorship around relationships, finances and creativity. A Venus-Uranus Quincunx allows you to make adjustments in relationships, finances and overall creativity. Ceres-Chiron opposition helps to finally get you into some direction to move past financial challenge that needs to get resolved. Pluto also goes direct today which allows you to put into motion any plans you've been making that are related to transformation or the release of what no longer serves you. So if you are still lingering onto a wee bit of stuff that you did not release on the Harvest Full Moon, now is the time to let go. Release the control of your ego and just come into bliss of the known.

Saturday, September 21, 2013 We get to further purge what we no longer need in way of: possessions,
relationships, concepts, projects, ideals, etc. The Saturn-Pluto Sextile creates mutual reception which in short makes it easy to let go of the "not needed" stuff to then create a stronger structured plan that creates your needs now! This Sextile started on 8/19 and peaks on 9/21 which ends on 10/19. A Ceres quincunx Uranus allows to give adjustments to benefit your self-esteem and/or finances. The Sun-Jupiter Quintile gives great energy and inspiration while giving some inspiration on health before Virgo leaves the sun. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013 The Sun enters Libra which the themes
of this are relationship and creativity. This is also the day of the Fall Equinox which the energies of: relationship, beauty, creativity, harmony, equality, balance and fairness are all brought into play. So we notice an overlap of themes: relationship and creativity, so be aware of that during this time. Its the time to cleanse your mind, body and soul. Start setting your intentions for the fall here. We will have another article focusing all on the Fall/Spring Equinox.