Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Harvest Full Moon in Pisces September 19, 2013

I'm so excited for this new Full Moon happening September 19, 2013 at 7:13AM (ET), 4:13AM (PT),
11:13PM(GMT). This is called the Harvest Moon because it's closest to the Autumnal Equinox which happens September 23 this year. This Full Moon helps with the harvest by providing more light at the right time than other full moons, which means it will light up the night sky. However if you are wanting to do a meditation for the U.S. participate the night of September 18 or in the wee early morning during the waning moon, prior to the actual direct turn of Full Moon.
"So the night of September 18-19 has the brightest, fullest moon for the Americas. For us, by the night of September 19-20, the moon will be waning.
Meanwhile, in Asia, the moon turns full after sunset September 19. People in that region of the globe will call the night of September 19-20 the night of the full moon. In fact, September 19, 2013 is the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival in Asia, which is linked to this full moon." -
This Full Moon in Pisces is about creating a powerful portal for your spiritual growth. This whole year
has been coming up with manifesting and deciding what it is you want. This Harvest Moon is about harvesting what we have sown. Neptune is Pisces ruling planet which means Neptune can take you beyond the boundaries of the typical time and space of reality. So get ready to experience a break through to a higher level of consciousness. This allows us to see the bigger picture in our life and it might be the epiphany moment you've been desperately wanting all along. Dreaming and envisioning the world as you want it to be is key here. It's about visualizing and getting to the point of actually feeling like you have it already for a sense of peace to be created. This is what living in harmony and partnership is like for yourself and the world. Listen to these questions: what do you dream about? What makes your heart sing? What gives you your purpose?

Saturn, Venus, and the North Node are conjunct in Scorpio. What that means is you need to use all
your resources here to build something valuable. Resources being (time, energy and money). Saturn allows us to build slowly however it will create lasting success and delivers you to your dreams ultimately. The planet Saturn asks us to analyze where you are on your path to destiny. To evaluate all aspects of your relationships, work, and resources here to be a teacher and tester to see are we really happy with what we have in our life? If you find something not working for you, this is the best opportunity to let it go, release these things, people, relationships that are not working for you anymore. Listen to your truth. Don't be afraid to speak your truth here (if you start to get a sore throat) it means you aren't speaking your truth somewhere in your life. And Saturn in this Pisces Full Moon will reveal the truth to you (so be listening) it can come in any form too while you're ready for it or not so be ready for any sign. This is the reality check and ultimate grounding we will need during this journey. We keep to keep positive in this harvest time, so stay clear of all negative thinking. If you start to find yourself having doubt or any negativity, acknowledge it and then take a deep breath and let it go release it, and don't give another thought to it, because it's not going to be of any help. This negative thought will only bring you down. Take action and speak your truth (whatever that is).

This Pisces Full Moon is about having faith, going with your spirituality (whatever that means to you),
and following your intuition. This is your time to dream, mediate and be creative. It's really all up to you to create what it is you want here. Be aware that you will be hyper sensitive to all things. This may be noticeable by having to stay clear of loud noises, not wanting to be around crowds and even needing to stay away from negative people. It's the ultimate time to be in nature to allow Mother Earth to ground you and nurture you. Embrace compassion to yourself and others. Any growth is real and also can be painful, be kind to yourself during this growth. It can be in the way of expanding your intuitive side where you notice psychic "just knowing" moments.

This is not the time to question or wonder what is that? Just go with it, and trust your intuition, trust your gut. The negativity or doubt is just the ego getting in your way, it serves no purpose other than to create fear and fear stops us from growth. From stepping out. The ego creates unneeded stress that does not make us feel better at all. Take some time to just mediate focus on breath and quiet the mind. Find something that balances you that gets you out of your head like gardening or fishing or some activity that takes you out to nature or petting an animal.

Pluto turns direct on September 20, which pulls in Pluto's energy is power and transformation. It asks
you to own your power and to take responsibility for yourselves. Which means you need to know what you want. This is key to know where Pluto falls in your natal birth chart. So look where it is and those areas is more of where evolution area of your life is wanting to travel (or might be a starting place). Pluto is also associated with obsession and regeneration, it creates a power struggle while Pluto is in transit. Pluto will take and only take things which are no longer needed (that are obsolete) so if you notice in your natal birth chart it focusing on one particular area, look to what you can release from there. What we need for our destiny Pluto will not take (what we no longer need it will take). This is a great cleansing and letting go release we will be able to experience so let it go with Pluto.

Pluto and Saturn are making their final sextile, which means we are to release the structures, limitations and behaviors that we have out grown. It's Pluto's way of communicating with us its time to take that big giant step forward toward our destiny path.

This Harvest Full moon is reminding you the assistance that's available, which is if female to embrace
other connections with fellow sisters on this moon. Bring our energies together. This is the universe bringing us to provide us with what we need. It is the push in the right direction, with support to empower us to be on our life path destiny. It's the time to open ourselves up to magical forces of magic and miracles. Not to be limited by the five senses or of "how?" It is time to believe in yourself and live from a place of magic and miracles, your inner child where anything you imagine is possible, there are no limits of any kind! Be generous. Give and receive when necessary, share with others allows you to attract what you need! Often people have problems receiving both money and love. Be aware that love and money are the same energy. Both are not earned. Love is received. So if you really want love. Are you ready to receive your heart's desires? Love is not earned, it just is. So just be what is.

Since this Super Full Moon holds so much energy its a great time to mediate to
become calm, mindful and still. You can mediate by yourself under the Full Moon, in a sacred space at home or connect with like-minded people for a group mediation. 

*Send Blessings/Love and Light to People who need it
Using this Full Moon power to send healing energy, forgiveness, pink light, white light and love to friends, family, co-workers, strangers, enemies; reiki is also powerful healing tool used during this time as well. You can also send peaceful energy to world experiences or back to Mother Earth for all her support. It gives you lots of good karma for being selfless and thinking of others during this time as well. It's a great time to do acts of kindness and get rid of any negative energy you or others might be holding on to.

If you already use crystals you can use them during any of these activities listed above. Which we sell at our Padma Bella Store.

Seal all or any of these with a prayer of gratitude to the Full Moon and Universe. You can create your own words an example is: Full Moon I am grateful for your presence and I am joyful to be with you again. Be with me now and sign your light and love upon my desires. May your energy assist with the manifestation that occurs will be for the highest good of all concerned. And so it is! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Namaste.  

You can now go about the rest of your night. Feeling happy and positive that you send out to the universe all that you want to attract and just be patient.