Monday, September 30, 2013

New Moon in Libra October 4, 2013

I have been enjoying all the change going on this past week. We are leading into the New Moon on Friday October, 4, 2013 at 4:45PM (PT), 8:35PM (ET). A new cycle begins with each New Moon. Many of us have been feeling a great energy shift. We all have been experiencing this differently. Whether it be wanting to go on a retreat away from the routine, feeling more tired, wanting to just go out and be in nature, there's no right or wrong but a way to get more connected with our Divine Self. I have been experiencing a lot more dreams- and a lot more need to sleep longer hours. I feel so much more than just the crisp cold in the air despite it being sunny and "hot." A lot has been sending messages of just getting more in tune with who you are and just knowing what you know. I have noticed a great shift in myself not really needing so much validation from outside sources but just trusting in my knowing.

The Full Moon I was able to release a lot and with the Equinox let go of even more and clean out a lot of stuff mentally and physically. The changes may be really subtle or if you are more sensitive to these then you may be experiencing a lot more. I can talk more about that- at a later time.

Libra Cycle
The New Moon in October is in the Libra cycle which makes this a time to really look inside ourselves and to look at personal goals we want to have to embrace all the positive energies around. The theme (as I've been shown a lot) is all about balance. Creating the balance first starts with our Self. If you don't know how to Be or do something how can you expect someone else to be able to? It's all about mirroring what you want. If you encounter someone and you get frustrated because they are not reacting or doing as you want, they are projecting like a mirror those aspects of yourself that are not fully working functionally yet. I have been noticing this a lot, it goes with manifesting and law of attraction what you put out you attract back. Same goes for balance. If you notice you are giving too much away- you may be asking too much of others too. Self love I have talked about before. To create balance you have to be whole and to get there you have to have self love. Unconditional love to yourself and to others. If there's a relationship that you have been chasing after, stop chasing. It's running because you still are driven by the ego. Something that is balanced isn't going to change anything, it will know that it comes with Divine timing all that is right.

Characteristics of Libra

Some characteristics of Libra: Making peace and harmony with all that is around us, creating balance in our lives, valuing partnerships of all kinds; and learning to develop these skills. Many of us want to focus on relationships. I am often asked a variety of questions on this. I will be offering more services with guidance and inspirational sessions on a donation base. With this New Moon, is opposing Uranus and square Pluto what this means: Pluto is about transformation, Uranus is about association with change, and Libra is about relationships. So This can mean what you'd like, I see it as transformation brining change in relationships- this can be how you act in any type of current relationship, or healing a relationship that you have been harmed in the past- something isn't working as it was (change it!) and to look at personal goals we want to have to embrace all the positive energies around. 

Balance and Self Love
The theme (as I've been shown a lot) is all about balance. Creating the balance first starts with our Self.

If you don't know how to Be or do something how can you expect someone else to be able to? It's all about mirroring what you want. If you encounter someone and you get frustrated because they are not reacting or doing as you want, they are projecting like a mirror those aspects of yourself that are not fully working functionally yet. I have been noticing this a lot, it goes with manifesting and law of attraction what you put out you attract back. Same goes for balance. If you notice you are giving too much away- you may be asking too much of others too. Self love I have talked about before. To create balance you have to be whole and to get there you have to have self love. Unconditional love to yourself and to others. If there's a relationship that you have been chasing after, stop chasing. It's running because you still are driven by the ego. Something that is balanced isn't going to change anything, it will know that it comes with Divine timing all that is right. 

Organizing and "Knowing"
In this New Moon its a time to focus on balance and what areas you want to improve on. Libra is about organizing. I have been having many feelings

and just "knowing." I have been called to let go of a lot that hasn't been serving me. Ever since the last Full Moon I noticed a shift literally. The Equinox further created a portal shift, and now I am being called towards a Small Portal (what that means yet I don't know) but I do feel the need to share it, without full answers of what that means to me. How it came to me was me just experiencing love, from a person who's face I could not see, and I knew it didn't matter who this person appeared in my dream because I already knew who it was. But I was being asked to just follow- the face and situation changed within the dream, but each time the feeling I got was the same, and I feel the Small Portal is me. It's what I am experiencing because not every shift or change has to be drastic. I've been doing lots of various things and yes some things have been huge I feel here and now the subtle things are what we are being called to see to witness. 

Horoscopes can be telling but also have to see what resonates with you. I don't mean driven by the ego of "I don't like what that says, so on to the next." Instead go by what your gut says, and if you "don't know" that means you may not be fully connected to yourself. For me, I AM to the point where I just know and Divine Timing is showing me a direction. If this makes no sense to you, yet, you just aren't at this point yet. Many of my horoscopes I've read however, some have really really resonated with me and fit me so well. 

Dreams and Divine Guidence
There are times I've been drawn to dreams but it's about what I feel more than the image. I wish you to really find your center in this New Moon. Take time out of your "busy schedules" to make everything

really simple. Because it all is so simple, our ego and our mind just makes it complicated. Worrying just feeds fear and makes us not sleep at night or get sick. Things just are. For me, I've stopped worrying- naturally I can't do anything about the future, yes I still get anxious or fear but I sit with it acknowledge my feelings sit with them and then let them go like a butterfly up to the ethers. Yes I can foresee the future, but I don't know when they will happen, and its not like I can pick what events I see. It just is. Divine guidance shows me things, and sometimes I don't feel the need to share because its not the right time or not my place. I'm still learning more about what I "see" but dreams are more. People often just dismiss them, and if you are at this point, that's where you are. There is no right or wrong. Give it a thought, regardless of what your beliefs are if you have been having dreams you can remember before you look them  up in a dictionary or online write them down, and then just sit with how you feel they mean to you. 

I am starting to take donations as I mentioned above for guidance, this will be how to incorporate methods into your life, you can always chose to use them or not, but I am not going to fix your problems. If you have ailments I do offer energy healing services- and this along with the guidance is the best method to understand why you may be ill or injured. Contact me via my email: for more information on it.

New Moon Manifesting Group
I also am offering a New Moon manifesting group on this Friday for the New Moon. I started offering this as a test last month, and now offering it donation based $11 or more; we will be doing a group

integration activity. If you are not able to make it to the scheduled time I can let you know of an alternative. Just basic information it will involve a manifesting, law of attraction activity- along with combining energy and light. I will use my crystals to help channel and include Reiki energy as well. Last New Moon I performed this, and it was truly magical. Hopefully you will be able to join our circle. If you'd like to join email me at : (before Friday please) ... I am also working on updating the website to offer more products, and if there's something you'd like me to offer- let me know. The latest call I've been receiving is how to guide people to love and Divine Union. Stay tuned for more info on these projects!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Free Write #1 September Full Moon/Equinox Ends=Beginnings

I wanted to sort of just do a free write. A lot of change has been happening as in the greater community sense but also with me individually. This past week we experienced a Full Moon and Equinox opening a greater energy portal. A time encompassing change and letting go of things that were of the old ways (of our thinking) and preparing to embrace new ways of thinking, new beginnings. Many readings I've had and even just feelings I sense this now.

I've stopped wearing my crystals for some reason after the Full Moon I just didn't feel them resonate with me, I didn't need to wear them. They are charged and I regained their energies but I feel them with me (even when I'm not in their presence.) Which might be more of my awareness too. Leading up to the Full Moon I was getting many signs, and some I was aware of them coming to me, but I didn't know how to read them yet. I got many different ailments which weren't mine. I didn't ask for them, but for some reason they came to me. Which I see my purpose was to help others who didn't have a voice or means of an outlet to release this blocked energy. Their connection to me, somehow in subconscious called to my subconscious and, well what happened happened. It was an unusual time for me, because I got signs that this was coming. I just didn't know the exact meaning of it, until after the fact. I took about a week prior to the Full Moon extremely sick (of different ailments) and just searching a lot of searching in terms of what this meant for me in my life.

It sort of just kept unraveling different layers within myself. That I truly hope was also received by those other persons, because with any healing of symptoms which are just of the mind ... the true learning comes from what they symbolize of what the higher self is trying to tell you, you need to work on what is off balance. So right away, when I really thought what do these mean in the greater sense, I immediately began to understand the bigger picture. Bigger than me and these other people. And it brought me back to my purpose. I've always helped others find their voice, through my own courage and willingness to openly just share my story. Growing up I had an active imagination which I feel a pull back to that creative Divine self. To have no boundaries, I never liked the word "no" because it was so final and there is never anything final, just change shift your view to find a new way around the "no" to get a better way.

So it came to my previous passion which has always been writing and stories. I was always able to write and share my stories and that in turn my sharing of myself would make others (often confused, shy, intimidated or just lost) to feel comfort and an inner knowing of "oh you are so brave to just share, and my situation might be similar or different, but I feel non-threatened to open up and share my story too). It has taken me a while to understand this. To me it just seems natural that everyone is open and honest- but really its this sense of security and balance and ease I bring to people. I don't ever really see any "shy" or "introverted" people but just creative souls who have a different language of communication than the vast majority. I can read their language. It's always been interesting the people who have crossed my journey some have been extremely shy or closed off not having their voice- I'm still searching for all of my purpose. But to write from the heart is all I have really ever done.

This bringing back to what really led me on this journey was returning to a sense of familiar to me. I always was called to a service of helping others from an early age I had elderly drawn to me, where I understood their language towards the end of their lives. Two great teachers of mine, I sensed when it was the very last time I would see them. Both knew I could sense it around them and I looked unafraid into their eyes and I remember to this day that look. To really see into someone's soul at the end of their journey when they have mastered and learned all that there is for them to learn. And seeing how no one else could see it, but they were so craving for anyone to see it, for this knowledge to not be lost. Most people get sad or can't deal with a sick person stuck in a bed. But as a young child I didn't like hospitals but when I had a higher knowing that they needed me to be there, I just was. This distinct thing happens they all have taken my hand. Looked into my eyes and either expressed their wisdom to me in words or just in feelings. I won't go into specifics of what they told me as this is between our souls, I wish to keep this. Nor is it important to share to everyone what I learned.

However, to see the beauty- I just remembered I was at one funeral last year and someone from my family I hadn't seen since I was much younger. She had lost much of her eye sight but she knew by touch and my voice who I was, and she took my hand and we had an exchange right then, and even she knew that this was the last time she was going to see me. Her daughter sitting next to her just dismissed it like oh my mom is just being sentimental. But I was the only one who felt and knew this truth. It was a beautiful exchange, and of course it wasn't a big surprise when a few months later I got the call that she had passed away, very peaceful death. Because she had like the others spoken her truth, to those who would listen.

Yet I was always guided on who I should see. Some people I didn't get to see or speak with them before their passing, my guidance wouldn't allow me. I see that it wasn't my place or purpose to see them, the reason isn't for me to know. But looking at the bigger picture its an interesting view.

So much of last year was all about endings for me. I in a sense became desensitized to it because I had to survive. The most beautiful death I've ever experienced was like a fairy tale really. We knew she was going to die (me and her) but for the sake of the story and everyone else who was in denial, we pretended like she was going to get better enough to get out of the hospital. But looking back we both had a knowing- her being my best friend in the whole world. It was in our eyes, every night we'd say good night like we had for so many years before, but each time it was each of us letting go of the other just a little more. At first I resisted obviously as its only natural. When I finally realized it that it didn't matter what I wanted, this was going to happen. I was being given the greatest gift of all. The ability to let her go each night. And each day was a blessing that I was able to go back and spend another day with her. Until finally when no one else was around we began to have a conversation unspoken that to this day and forever I will treasure. The unspoken words, the things that have no words really.

Her death was the most beautiful. The first death I saw in person. It was truly magical and her last words to me was nothing spoken. Yet she's the one who truly awoken me to my true gifts and for that I'm forever grateful that for her she created who I am. So even after that loss, I was able to comfort others much older than me deal with loss. I could articulate feelings and just had a sense of knowing what was needed.

Even now, with this Equinox all this old is transforming me into something beyond. Where I've been getting pains here and there that come but then quickly fade away which I know are not mine. I feel thankful that I am being sought for assistance. Perhaps these only know how to reach me on this level, they can't yet express in words. Often there are things that I just know, and I don't feel its always my place to just tell someone because where would the lesson be? Like the sore throat I got, I knew the reason as soon as I learned the root of where it came from. Had I explained the reasons right up front there would be no lessons to learn. So for me its truly this sense of learning where the balance is. Which the theme of balance has been spoken to me on many levels that my quest is in this on many aspects. I continue to see where I can embrace this and where I need more work in. As to not give away too much of myself, but then where can I give and not feel a sense of loosing me.

Thinking about it, its hard for me to relate to someone who's never experienced a death, or even a significant death doesn't really matter but just loosing someone you were close to. Mainly I wish no one ever experiences this, but reality is it happens. It's just fascinating that someone can go most of their life without any death. Lucky I would say. Me I experienced my first close death at the age of 7. It's been around ever since. For me to articulate loss, and its different for everyone but I've seen and observed how various people go through it. How I act here or there with any other kind of loss that isn't a death, sort of is tied in. Obviously I take loss a lot better now as seeing if I love unconditionally as I always should I should be happy that this person is just moving on with life, and not in fact (dead) and it took a while for me to really get that. For me its needing to speak truth about it because its the ending of something and even the true end of life, deaths, they speak their truth to me. I speak my truth to endings. Again coming back to finding your voice, your truth. It's the end, what does it matter about anything other than just speaking your genuine self and speaking your truth? If you do see this person again because your journey and quest together isn't truly done then why not still speak the truth? In my case I always know a lie, I would rather be told truth, but I understand that sometimes doesn't always make sense to a person because their truth isn't yet known to them they are just acting out of something else that isn't their truth, and then they can't speak because they are acting on something not of truth but of confusion or the bright and new and shinny syndrome. In which case, that makes sense of the energy block, because they cannot express words because it would be a lie but yet how can you speak the truth if its not yet know or they do not yet understand and it creates this block of energy that cannot flow. Afraid that figuring out why those feelings are there, means reaching a truth higher than anyone. That transcends the ego. Which is the ego is still driving. Once the time is right to let go of the ego the truth appears and then the voice comes out and radiates. Which to me I feel and it resonates with me.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fall/Spring Equinox Brings Balance and Harmony (September 22, 2013)

Fall/Spring Equinox September 22, 2013 which happens at 1:44PM (PT), 4:44PM (ET).

These are the seasons of balance and harmony when the days and nights are equal length. The Equinoxes are doorways or openings of the magnetic field of Earth. This balance occurs because the sun rises and sets over the equator, lining up exactly due East and due West, regardless of where you are on Earth. Enjoy this coming portal time of self reflection, and with Scorpio degree in Venus it will bring True Divine Reunion and lasting Reunion. So lots of reunions happening in the next coming months. Give some time for you here. Self reflection and integration.

This balance of the Equinox Solar Effect creates a reduction in the magnetic field of Earth, this allows us to access other dimensions (beginning around 24 hours before and ending around 24 hours after the exact Equinox point) so we have three days to use this energy.

To explain further the typical thick veil between Earth and dimensions beyond the physical become their thinnest and a Magnetic Threshold is formed. It is charged and pulsing with energy as the walls of density collapse. An example of this is a time to collapse our own conscious boundaries and listen for messages- or send messages of our own through this opening. The time for magic to create balance. Dream big.

For those of us in the US we are experiencing the Fall Equinox which we seek balance by looking back on how the seeds we planted in the Spring Equinox have grown (seeds being dreams, plans, goals, etc). What have they produced? What progress has been made? Was the full bloom what we intended? Did some projects die? Or we have changed so much since the Spring that the blooms are no longer what we truly desire. It's a time to bring what we have thought of during the Harvest Moon into our minds. What is no longer serving us. We can use this coming energy of love and light to help us get to the path we want what we ultimate desire to have. We get to reassess our progress and find a new way of thinking as we further transform into a new being.

For those down under it is a time for the Spring Equinox. It's about creating balance but using the vibrant life force energy, since it's been dormant during the winter months. Now you seek balance to plant those seeds. Now is the time to visualize and dream up your entire game plan for the rest of the year! Decide what things you want (dreams, plans, goals, etc) that you wish to set into motion. Look to what you want to manifest in your life and start to visualize. Dream big! This is the plan you are setting up for your entire year. Use this great heightened energy to really search deep for things in your life you are lacking and would like more of or things you would like to have change. There is no limitation here in this, the energy is expansive, change the old ways you do things here. Find new ways, its all about transformation into this new season this new way of being!

For those of us experiencing the Fall Equinox the coming energies will last for the next three months. There's a sense that there's so many things we want to do but so little time. Which will mean variety is going to be what is best. There is a Five Point Opposition, which shows that the path to your destiny will have challenge and require perseverance which tells to not give up there will be no instant gratification here! But if we stick with it we will come out with the destiny we want. The presence of Venus hints that relationships may be a critical factor in this phase of our journey. So we will want to choose who we partner up with or have around as this can have impact. We still want to release all that which is no longer helpful to us as we realize it. Finally after the Harvest Full Moon in Pisces which had many of us feeling floaty and out of it, we will be grounded and have a stable feeling from the Moon in Taurus. This will help us in the clearing processes to have a release of those old emotions and just stuff we don't need or stresses that are just taking up space. Taurus qualities are stubborn persistence so we may really need to work hard on certain releases here.

There's financial opportunity along with the energy of physical manifestation. Finding what
our ultimate purpose is which we can find a boost in self-esteem to lead us into this direction. There's a great sense of healing the wounded healer. So be kind to yourself as you learn things that didn't work out or things that you need to heal for a greater sense of well being.

Here is a great article I found describing what you may be feeling recently- (if you don't relate to it, that's fine) we are all at different places in our journey

Fall Equinox Rituals

These rituals do not require you to be of a certain spiritual tradition or religion. They are
simply an intention putting into place a series of actions that can be done alone or in a group. This allows your ideas to be shared with others or just for you to individually set an intention to explore ways you personally want to renew, create or replenish your own personal path on your journey. I like to play calm meditative music during any of these processes or songs that remind you of things you would like to manifest into your life to bring up your energy vibration. The stronger your vibration the better.

1. Plant some Bulbs
You can plan them in an outdoor space in a pot or in the ground. Find your favorite bulb for
spring or summer. Grab a small bag of soil, good size pot (if you don't have these already in your home). As you plant the bulbs state your intention for those things you want to nurture and gather energy during the winter months. Water when you're done planting and let your intentions just sit in the soil. After the Solstice shoots will begin reminding you of your intentions and inspire you to keep working on your wishes as the seasons more forward.

2. Clear Space
Another great way to celebrate is to clean out physical things that you no longer need. 
Things that you have been holding on to that hold bad/negative associations. This is a release of objects that energetically you need to let go of to move forward. By getting rid of these negative items, we are able to allow more positive energy to flow around us. Fall and Spring cleaning are two important times in the Equinox when we need to be full of positive flowing energy. You can also smudge each room (with sage) or use salt water (in a spray bottle and spray around) to or sound to clear the psychic energy. 

3. Find your Balance
Look at what is in balance in your life. As I talked about before assessing people, things and events in your life that you need to bring more balance to. How do you give and receive? Is there a balance? You also need to physically feel balanced during this time too. Take a walk outside or in your garden barefoot and imagine yourself really connecting to the earth. 

4. Create a Dream Pillow
Dreams can be so powerful to give us wisdom and answers to so many things. With the longer nights we can use this time to have creativity and our intentions come to us even more freely. You can either sew your own dream pillow and be as creative as you like, or you can simply fill a muslin bag with herbs and stick them in your pillow case.

Start with two seven inch squares of fabric, natural, non-synthetic materials (preferred cotton or silk velvet is traditional). Pin the right side together and stitch 1/2 inch from the edges on three sides. Turn right out out and fill with about 2 cups of any combination of the following dried herbs: Hops, lavender, flowers, mugwort, rosemary, rose petals, chamomile or more ideas are below. Note: Padma Bella will be offering these soon at our store if your are interested in just purchasing them.

*Catnip: Relaxing, helps bring deep sleep. 

*Chamomile: Calming, relaxing, and said to keep bad dreams away. 
*Cloves: Brings warmth and an exotic feeling to dreams, add only 2-4 per pillow. 
*Hops: Relaxing and brings peacefulness. Lavender: Soothing, relaxing and eases headaches. 
*Lemon Verbena: Uplifting, used to add “lightness” to dream blends. 
*Mugwort: Greatly enhances lucid dreaming and helps with remembering of dreams. 
*Peppermint or Spearmint: Enhances clarity and vividness in dreams. 
*Rose petals: Brings warmth and love, may be used to evoke romantic dreams. 
*Rosemary: Traditionally used to bring deep sleep and keep away bad dreams. 

Then stitch the remaining side closed. Tuck this dream pillow underneath your regular sleeping pillow. At bedtime turn your regular pillow over so you breathe in the fragrance of the herbs all night long (or place it inside your pillow case). You can be as creative with the patterns or if you want to stitch some ribbon work on your dream pillow, be as creative as you'd like! If you aren't very crafty you can place the herbs and flowers in a muslin bag. Speak your intentions aloud as you either sew or place your herbs together, so that it will aid in your wishes for your dream state. 

5. Goals and Gratitude Ritual
Our opportunity to alight our life goals with the energy of the season. On a piece of paper
answer these questions: 

-What new things have happened in the last year that you are happy with and want to keep in your life? This can include people or other changes.

-What is currently present in your life that you are fairly happy with, but you wish would work better or flow more abundantly?

-What have you been working on that has not yet manifested (shown up) up for you?

Take as long as you need to answer these questions, you can answer them some days before the actual Equinox. Remember
you have September 20-22 to harness the power around the actually Sept. 21 Equinox. On a new piece of paper go and from question #2 list them in or of priority and importance in your life. Repeat this process for question #3 and #4.

Once you have completed this its time for the ritual part. You will speak aloud this so pick a quiet private space.

Light a candle. You can create a sacred space with objects that represent the season for you, the changes you want to incorporate and the gratitude you feel. Options are leaves, seed pods, shells, rocks, crystals, incense, etc.

Take some deep breaths to calm and center.  Take our list and say aloud:

"I am grateful for _________"

Looking at your prioritized list from #2, say:

"I lovingly ask that _____ (read your list aloud) flow more abundantly into my life."

Next say:

"I ask that _______ (state your response from #3) enter my life."

Take your answer to question #4 and say:

"I ask for guidance and courage to bring _____ into my life experience."

Once you finish you may want to write in a journal to fully explore your thoughts and
feelings; and incorporate any wisdom that has come up.

Seal this with visualizing all that you have read aloud, breathe into it. Feel it, visualize and feel that you already have all these things. Then as you blow out the candle let all those thoughts go that they will happen as you've sent out the energy into the universe.

Harvest Moon Energy leading into the Fall/Spring Equinox

Leading up to the Fall/Spring Equinox (September, 21, 2013). Its the day after the Harvest Full Moon, have you assessed and looked what things you truly desire but fell short of? This whole year we get to Harvest all we have planted from the last Spring Equinox. Pisces is about helping us visualize and use our imagination which are the essential elements of the Law of Attraction. So we get to use these tools to create planting new seeds in our minds to produce the crops we wish to have and ultimately desire! In the Harvest Moon we let go of all that did not serve us anymore, that negative energy. So that we may be ready for the coming Equinox and to plant new seeds for the upcoming New Moon. 

Friday, September 20, 2013 Scorpio/Venus is in three planets leading up to the Equinox. The Ceres-Pluto Trine (that went exact on 9/17) is still active. But today we have a Venus-Ceres sextile- which means it throws luck in finances your way. A Venus-Chiron Trine can help the healing of old emotional wounds be more harmonious, while supporting mentorship around relationships, finances and creativity. A Venus-Uranus Quincunx allows you to make adjustments in relationships, finances and overall creativity. Ceres-Chiron opposition helps to finally get you into some direction to move past financial challenge that needs to get resolved. Pluto also goes direct today which allows you to put into motion any plans you've been making that are related to transformation or the release of what no longer serves you. So if you are still lingering onto a wee bit of stuff that you did not release on the Harvest Full Moon, now is the time to let go. Release the control of your ego and just come into bliss of the known.

Saturday, September 21, 2013 We get to further purge what we no longer need in way of: possessions,
relationships, concepts, projects, ideals, etc. The Saturn-Pluto Sextile creates mutual reception which in short makes it easy to let go of the "not needed" stuff to then create a stronger structured plan that creates your needs now! This Sextile started on 8/19 and peaks on 9/21 which ends on 10/19. A Ceres quincunx Uranus allows to give adjustments to benefit your self-esteem and/or finances. The Sun-Jupiter Quintile gives great energy and inspiration while giving some inspiration on health before Virgo leaves the sun. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013 The Sun enters Libra which the themes
of this are relationship and creativity. This is also the day of the Fall Equinox which the energies of: relationship, beauty, creativity, harmony, equality, balance and fairness are all brought into play. So we notice an overlap of themes: relationship and creativity, so be aware of that during this time. Its the time to cleanse your mind, body and soul. Start setting your intentions for the fall here. We will have another article focusing all on the Fall/Spring Equinox.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Harvest Full Moon in Pisces September 19, 2013

I'm so excited for this new Full Moon happening September 19, 2013 at 7:13AM (ET), 4:13AM (PT),
11:13PM(GMT). This is called the Harvest Moon because it's closest to the Autumnal Equinox which happens September 23 this year. This Full Moon helps with the harvest by providing more light at the right time than other full moons, which means it will light up the night sky. However if you are wanting to do a meditation for the U.S. participate the night of September 18 or in the wee early morning during the waning moon, prior to the actual direct turn of Full Moon.
"So the night of September 18-19 has the brightest, fullest moon for the Americas. For us, by the night of September 19-20, the moon will be waning.
Meanwhile, in Asia, the moon turns full after sunset September 19. People in that region of the globe will call the night of September 19-20 the night of the full moon. In fact, September 19, 2013 is the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival in Asia, which is linked to this full moon." -
This Full Moon in Pisces is about creating a powerful portal for your spiritual growth. This whole year
has been coming up with manifesting and deciding what it is you want. This Harvest Moon is about harvesting what we have sown. Neptune is Pisces ruling planet which means Neptune can take you beyond the boundaries of the typical time and space of reality. So get ready to experience a break through to a higher level of consciousness. This allows us to see the bigger picture in our life and it might be the epiphany moment you've been desperately wanting all along. Dreaming and envisioning the world as you want it to be is key here. It's about visualizing and getting to the point of actually feeling like you have it already for a sense of peace to be created. This is what living in harmony and partnership is like for yourself and the world. Listen to these questions: what do you dream about? What makes your heart sing? What gives you your purpose?

Saturn, Venus, and the North Node are conjunct in Scorpio. What that means is you need to use all
your resources here to build something valuable. Resources being (time, energy and money). Saturn allows us to build slowly however it will create lasting success and delivers you to your dreams ultimately. The planet Saturn asks us to analyze where you are on your path to destiny. To evaluate all aspects of your relationships, work, and resources here to be a teacher and tester to see are we really happy with what we have in our life? If you find something not working for you, this is the best opportunity to let it go, release these things, people, relationships that are not working for you anymore. Listen to your truth. Don't be afraid to speak your truth here (if you start to get a sore throat) it means you aren't speaking your truth somewhere in your life. And Saturn in this Pisces Full Moon will reveal the truth to you (so be listening) it can come in any form too while you're ready for it or not so be ready for any sign. This is the reality check and ultimate grounding we will need during this journey. We keep to keep positive in this harvest time, so stay clear of all negative thinking. If you start to find yourself having doubt or any negativity, acknowledge it and then take a deep breath and let it go release it, and don't give another thought to it, because it's not going to be of any help. This negative thought will only bring you down. Take action and speak your truth (whatever that is).

This Pisces Full Moon is about having faith, going with your spirituality (whatever that means to you),
and following your intuition. This is your time to dream, mediate and be creative. It's really all up to you to create what it is you want here. Be aware that you will be hyper sensitive to all things. This may be noticeable by having to stay clear of loud noises, not wanting to be around crowds and even needing to stay away from negative people. It's the ultimate time to be in nature to allow Mother Earth to ground you and nurture you. Embrace compassion to yourself and others. Any growth is real and also can be painful, be kind to yourself during this growth. It can be in the way of expanding your intuitive side where you notice psychic "just knowing" moments.

This is not the time to question or wonder what is that? Just go with it, and trust your intuition, trust your gut. The negativity or doubt is just the ego getting in your way, it serves no purpose other than to create fear and fear stops us from growth. From stepping out. The ego creates unneeded stress that does not make us feel better at all. Take some time to just mediate focus on breath and quiet the mind. Find something that balances you that gets you out of your head like gardening or fishing or some activity that takes you out to nature or petting an animal.

Pluto turns direct on September 20, which pulls in Pluto's energy is power and transformation. It asks
you to own your power and to take responsibility for yourselves. Which means you need to know what you want. This is key to know where Pluto falls in your natal birth chart. So look where it is and those areas is more of where evolution area of your life is wanting to travel (or might be a starting place). Pluto is also associated with obsession and regeneration, it creates a power struggle while Pluto is in transit. Pluto will take and only take things which are no longer needed (that are obsolete) so if you notice in your natal birth chart it focusing on one particular area, look to what you can release from there. What we need for our destiny Pluto will not take (what we no longer need it will take). This is a great cleansing and letting go release we will be able to experience so let it go with Pluto.

Pluto and Saturn are making their final sextile, which means we are to release the structures, limitations and behaviors that we have out grown. It's Pluto's way of communicating with us its time to take that big giant step forward toward our destiny path.

This Harvest Full moon is reminding you the assistance that's available, which is if female to embrace
other connections with fellow sisters on this moon. Bring our energies together. This is the universe bringing us to provide us with what we need. It is the push in the right direction, with support to empower us to be on our life path destiny. It's the time to open ourselves up to magical forces of magic and miracles. Not to be limited by the five senses or of "how?" It is time to believe in yourself and live from a place of magic and miracles, your inner child where anything you imagine is possible, there are no limits of any kind! Be generous. Give and receive when necessary, share with others allows you to attract what you need! Often people have problems receiving both money and love. Be aware that love and money are the same energy. Both are not earned. Love is received. So if you really want love. Are you ready to receive your heart's desires? Love is not earned, it just is. So just be what is.

Since this Super Full Moon holds so much energy its a great time to mediate to
become calm, mindful and still. You can mediate by yourself under the Full Moon, in a sacred space at home or connect with like-minded people for a group mediation. 

*Send Blessings/Love and Light to People who need it
Using this Full Moon power to send healing energy, forgiveness, pink light, white light and love to friends, family, co-workers, strangers, enemies; reiki is also powerful healing tool used during this time as well. You can also send peaceful energy to world experiences or back to Mother Earth for all her support. It gives you lots of good karma for being selfless and thinking of others during this time as well. It's a great time to do acts of kindness and get rid of any negative energy you or others might be holding on to.

If you already use crystals you can use them during any of these activities listed above. Which we sell at our Padma Bella Store.

Seal all or any of these with a prayer of gratitude to the Full Moon and Universe. You can create your own words an example is: Full Moon I am grateful for your presence and I am joyful to be with you again. Be with me now and sign your light and love upon my desires. May your energy assist with the manifestation that occurs will be for the highest good of all concerned. And so it is! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Namaste.  

You can now go about the rest of your night. Feeling happy and positive that you send out to the universe all that you want to attract and just be patient.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Meditation to Wholeness (40- Day Meditation)

At time for a variety of reasons we get anxiety that we are not complete and feel that things or people or events are not happening for us. Mostly we dwell on why aren't these things
coming to us. When the reality is the process the work has to start with ourself. To receive all the answers which are already inside each one of us we have to first be whole and content with who we are in the present moment, the NOW. Not the past, that person is gone and we can never be who we were yesterday or five seconds ago. Nor can we be the future person because all those events in the future which shape us have not happened yet nor can we even grasp who we will be in the future. Both are dreams of the has been and the will be. So instead just knowing you already have everything you need now and the true work is being happy with who you are now and that is to start first with a sense of wholeness and completeness with what is right now. 

I have found true comfort and freedom from meditation. There are a variety of different 
meditation techniques. Try different ones out but the truth of anything is you have to stick with it. There is no instant gratification here. So after a day or a week, if you start something and think "I don't feel anything" "Nothing is happening!" you are instilling negative energy into the universe that this "isn't working" therefore your energy being sent out is negative and it will take longer for the positive benefits of this to come to you. So embrace the unknown. Looking silly, sounding silly is the first step of letting go and being comfortable with who you are and your sense of completeness stems from that. 

My goal is to help every person feel confident and help figure out who they are, right 
now, so that you may help to shape the future you want to have happen through manifestation. However, you first have to start with the now, the presence, the true gift of life which is living in the right now because that's all we truly have. Many of us have heard "you are whole already" you have everything you need. Yet we continue to feel like we're going in circles- we experience holes in "ourselves."

I invite you to try this 40 day challenge. After 40 days comment and share your experiences. Also at the end of each night journal a bit about your experiences with your day. Record each day (if possible) which can be a very short thing, just talking about your feelings and changes your noticing or anything that makes you happy to write about. Everyone can spare three minutes, so no excuses! 

This meditation is inspired by and with its foundations in Osho's "Meditation for Fear of Emptiness," it is an answer to recognizing that we are complete, but also feeling it, too.

From my start of my meditation practice I have noticed a huge difference. I hope to share more techniques with you.


Whole / hohl / : (noun)  thing that is complete in itself

1. Begin in Balasana (Child's Pose.)

2. Start by kneeling on your hands and knees.

3. Release your toes to the floor and separate your knees about hip width part. (Or extended Child's
pose spread your knees our further a part). Note: you can use prompts if needed.

4. As you exhale, slowly lower your booty towards your heels feeling the tailbone lengthen away from the back of your pelvis.

5. As your torso folds over your thighs, lengthen the back of your neck before your forehead rests on the floor.

6. Rather than the usual hand/arm position for Balasana, bend your elbows and place your palms flat on the grown in alignment with your head. Like a full-body prayer or bowing pose.

7. Feel the weight of your shoulders lightly spreads into the shoulder blades.

8. Take several slow breathes into the belly and your lower back as you rest here.

9. Breathe naturally. Be reverent. Be present.

*Duration: Start with three minutes, then 5 minutes, working your way to 11 minutes per meditation.)

"Enter into your own womb and just be there. No technique, no mantra, no effort- just be there. So every night go into that space ... within three weeks one day you will suddenly see such blessings arising, such an upsurge of energy, such a joyous quality to your being." Osho (from Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously)

Practice for 40 days and/ or anytime you need grounding and the ecstatic reminder that you are, indeed whole.

This is a great introduction to meditation. Clear your mind. If you feel a thought come into your mind, acknowledge it, but let it go like a passing cloud on a windy day. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Moon in Virgo = New Beginnings

Leading up to the New Moon
Leading up to the New Moon especially September 3, watch for lower energy. Use this time leading up to the New Moon to get completed old projects. We want to get rid of the clutter (literal and in our minds) that doesn't serve us anymore. Clean up the energy around us. The energy will be low, so just focus on clearing out old stuff. On the New Moon goes direct at 4:36AM (PT), 7:36AM (ET), we get the enjoy the energy for most of our days. Use this also to focus on Reiki healing, jobs, and those dependent of us. Use this energy embrace the enthusiasm that will be coming our way. 

New Moon in Virgo
This month we get to experience the New Moon energy in Virgo. Which means we are planting the seeds of the "perfected parts" Virgo gravitates towards along with healing our wounded parts. We get to embrace our Virgo purpose while we get to channel the water trine of Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. Chiron opposes the Virgo New Moon which allows us to use the water trine waters to heal. Jupiter helps us see our needs while Saturn shows our shadows. We need to start to view what needs healing in ourselves. Some may not be pretty but now is not the time to stray from reality. It's finding a balance within our selves and in our relationships with others. A Virgo trait is to discern what we believe about: money, power, the environment, health, work, and spirituality. Now is the time to figure out and just know what we truly believe in these aspects. Just give yourself a good think about how you feel about each of these and how you may create a plan or goal in them for yourself. 

Embrace Your Inner Virgo
As you begin to think what can I do here, use the Virgo energies to get some goals planned. Great opportunity to just write them down. Make a list or a "Virgo-to-do-list." Then begin to check them off as you get to them. If you want to do the manifest ritual on the actual New Moon, that's great too. Concentrate on new ways to get your daily life organized. Virgo words: analytical, intelligent, reserved, critical, helpful, conscientious; find ways to incorporate these into your personal goals. Virgo loves to be "The Perfectionist," for things to have an order to them  Positive energies are all around for new beginnings. If there's a new project you've been wanting to start, why not start paying attention to the details get down to making it happen, embrace even small accomplishments on your way to the big goal.  Virgo is also about service to if you see someone you can help with a project, go for it. The "random act of kindness" works well for Virgo. Getting a stronger handle on our own personal health is going to make getting our goals happen a lot easier. Spend some time getting a health regime down, research how to eat healthier or maybe just a better way to organize the clutter in your mind. What do you really need to be thinking about every second of the day? I'm pretty sure the more quiet your mind is the more sanity you will be saving. Sometimes less is more in terms of what is swirling around in your head during the day. Use the Virgo energy to make important changes in your life.

New Cycle
The first day in this new cycle on Friday, September 6 we get to enjoy Mercury entering Libra, which means focus on key relationships over the new couple days (however do not start anything new during void course of this cycle 3:10AM-12:12PM (PT). Relationships started under this influence may feel burdensome over time, they may last longer than most.)

This New Moon joins Venus and Saturn on September 7-9. There of seven visible planets in the sky! If you're a morning person, just before sunrise if you look into the pre-dawn Eastern sky you can catch Mars and Jupiter. Mars is the reddish planet, Jupiter is white and almost as bright as Venus.

New Moon and Planets in Mercury
Since this September New Moon is not connected with another planet, we get to use it to figure out what we want out of life. Also setting up for September 14-19 when Mercury enters the Uranus/Jupiter/Pluto energies allowing us to be guided to see the bigger picture and think outside the box. The September month of Virgo will conclude when Libra enters the Autumnal Equinox on September 22. 

In the mean time this September New Moon is meant for new beginnings or even starting back up again with something you put on the shelf for a while. Enjoy the Virgo energy!