Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Techniques to Calm and Relax Me

1. 4-Code Words: Think about 4 words that make you smile, help you relax, and bring a peace to your mind and heart. Write them down. Now repeat the words slowly as you breathe deeply in and out. Next time you feel fear, worry, anxious ... repeat these words out loud or silently to yourself until you feel yourself relax.

Example: Beach - Bubbles - Sand - Sun

2. Positive Affirmations & Positive Self-Talk: Say positive and kind words to yourself. Remember that what you are feeling is a natural response. Your body is trying to protect you. Learn to respect yourself and be patient with yourself in the moment. Use words or phrases like these:

 I am ok.

My body is protecting me.

This is only temporary.

I am safe.

I am a strong woman who can get through anything.

Today I will relinquish my fear and worry to the universe where it will be dealt with accordingly.

I don't need to be fearful anymore.

I don't need to worry anymore.

I have been provided all the strength and tools I need to overcome this situation.

I have decided to make my own choices and take charge of this situation. 

I will allow myself to enjoy each moment.

I am a beautiful, knowledgeable, and intuitive woman.

I will use my experiences to teach and help others.

Out of every negative situation, a positive lesson can be learned and shared in the future.

3. Count & Breathe: Take deep breaths through your nose and mouth and count up and back to 5. Try this five times. 

4. Thumb Tap: Tap each finger to your thumb. Start with your pinky finger. Tap each finger on both hands to your thumb then go backwards starting with your pointer. Take deep slow breaths each time. Practice 5x.

5. Tighten & Relax: Relax your body from your head to your toes. Starting with your forehead ... crinkle/scrunch your forehead like you are angry, hold for a moment then relax. Now squeeze your eyes shut tightly for a moment. Now let them relax closed or open. Now clench your jaw tightly. Pressing your teeth together. Now relax. Push your lips together. Now relax. Hold your fists firmly, then relax your hands stretching all of your fingers out as far as they will stretch, now relax your hands and shake them out gently. Use your body and NOT your hands ... squeeze your thighs and butt tightly then relax. Curl your toes to the sole of your foot and relax.

6. Soothing Keepsake: Keep an object, symbol, or picture close by (in your purse or in your car). Take it out, squeeze it, touch it, hold it, look at it until you feel yourself relax.

7. Opposite-Thought Talk: Say what you are thinking. Then try to think of and say the opposite.


THOUGHT: I am never going to get out of this mess.
OPPOSITE-TALK: I know this is only temporary and it will pass.