Sunday, August 4, 2013

Inspiration: Self Discovery ... your journey

Some things have been on my mind, as many of us are on our own self discovery journeys. For whatever has brought to you this place. It's a time of change and discovery. However I have started to notice some patterns that have emerged. I wanted to sort of bring my prospective to some things that have worked for me and perhaps they will work for you.

One thing society is very set focused on is fitting in this tiny neat box. After a while we get caught up in wanting to fit into it because its all around us. However in trying to get ahead in a job or get to a certain
social status we loose ourselves. If we are in a relationship we get caught up in the things that don't matter like what to cook for dinner, why won't they commit to marriage yet or daily things that just put stress onto it. Life is organic it's meant to move and not be stagnet this too goes for plans. Nothing about us should be rigid. Just because you had a dream when you were 18 and started a job in your 20s, it may not fit with your goals anymore. It's ok to (maybe seem totally crazy to your family and friends) to want to quit this secure great job just to seek something else that you are not getting out of the career you have now. Fueling your soul and giving your imagination something to expand upon is important too. If you were successful in this job you will be with the next project you get into.

Often times when we are imbetween one relationship or imbetween one life shift we get depressed or sad thinking of what we lost. Instead, we should embrace this time to really take time out of the
craziness and just breathe to learn who is this person I look at in the mirror every day? What makes him/her tick? What does he/she want most out of life? Forget about preconceived notions and what other people think of you. This is the time to let go of all negativity in your life. Realize further what no longer serves you. I like to take a huge life shift as an opportunity to change and an excuse rather to take a deep look at yourself and your life. Why did it go bad? Why did it end? What is different now than it was before? It may be very subtle, you might not be aware of anything. Something however brought you to this point. Embrace it and make this worth your while. It is your time to self discover who you are. This journey is your own not any one elses. So stop trying to impress anyone but yourself here. This is your life at the end of your journey you want to smile at all that you have done with your last breath.

Many times the hardest things are saying goodbye to ideals and even people in our lives. Some people are only meant to stay with us for a short amount of time. As we shift and change our relationships also
shift. Friends are often in this category. Not all friends evolve and change with us. It's ok to let go of those that no longer serve us. During this time look into why are you truly friends with a person. If they seem to take and take from you and don't really offer or bring much into the friendship what is the true purpose here? Every person can make up their minds of why they have a friendship alive in their life. However, there are toxic relationships that really only drain our energy. Those people who are so willing to take from you, desperately needing advice from you at any hour of the day or night. However when it comes to them doing anything out of the way for you, they seem to always have a convient excuse on why they can't follow through with it. Be mindful of
these, at the time they may have helped make you feel useful and have a purpose at a time you were down. But is it really helping you now? As you evolve in your jouney certain people may never change. During this time take into account how these people make you feel, who is draining your energy or bringing negativity into your life. Turn off your senses to these so that you don't take in their negativity. Especially if you want to keep them in some capacity in your life or let them go completely. A true friend will understand that you need time for your own self healing and will be back when you are ready. Some of the best friends, you may not talk to for years and then for some reason you start talking again and it's like no time has passed.

As you learn more about what makes you tick, who this new you is transforming into. Also look at how you react and how you introduce yourself to new people. This is the time when you can leave the negative. This is your self journey. You get to chose who you want in it. Make it your own. Include people who are positive and happy and loving life. Why bring drama into your life? Unless it's good drama. Leave the past in the past. You get to choose what these new people get to know about you. It's not a sense of hiding or concealing but past lives can stay in the past. It can be a challenge to go on this self changing journey and when you do meet or run into people from your past or who know of your past, they may not be aware of your mind shift. These cases you can politely say you have moved on from it, its in the past and respect not bringing it up. It's not rude or anything, these people may geunuinely just be catching up and that was the last thing they rememebered about you. The best thing anyone ever told me, was refering to these things as just a past life. It can sound a little cooky but it does mean we all can in one lifetime have many past lives as we change and evolve into different versions of ourselves.

Embrace who you are. Many times you either are going to embrace who you are and be "this is who I am" you can either deal with it or leave. Or you can be more timid and conceal parts of yourself until you ease into it to not "shock" new people. Both are different approaches. But think to yourself why do you feel the need to keep parts of you under a blanket? So to speak. Why not be fully who you are from the start? If you are approaching a new place, for me I like to just be me. Sure I like to dress a certain way, before going I do think ok maybe I should cover up more, because I might offend or get weird looks. This still crosses my mind when I go to someplace new. But the shift happened where I do acknowledge I still have these old thoughts. The old me would listen to this voice, and go change into something more appealing to what I think would please. Now, I have come to realize I am me. I am unique and who I am. I shouldn't hide any part of me (unless I really want to) but it doesn't serve a purpose I am who I am. What do I care what a stranger thinks of me? Even more importantly what do I care what a friend thinks of me? I'm not trying to impress anyone anymore, just doing what makes me happy. I am the only one who matters. Sure if somone likes how I look or act, that's a bonus! So the next time you are going to some place new, try this if you aren't doing it already; just be you. Do you.

We all have things that are quirks, I no longer see them as negative. If you do get a negative comment on you, just smile and give that person some extra love vibes, don't let it get to you at all. It's just one insignificant thing. Be confident be this new you. I'm loving learning new things about me every day. It is about being grateful for each and every thing in your life. Good things come there are times when it rains and in those times it washes away what no longer serves us. Don't try to get out of the icky parts but breath and know that it will pass like clouds but you have to learn to be ok in each stage of this. The good parts will come back again. If you are just now starting to see a rainbow be happy. Take it slow, all your hard work will pay off! Good things come to those who breathe, sit in stillness, have patience, just show up to your life every day. It's as simple as breathing. It just naturally comes. Do the hard work, do you (which really isn't that hard at all) and the thing which you have asked the universe for ... it will come naturally when you let go ... and don't push or try hard for it, the universe has heard your call, your wish, your desire, your dream. Let it go and have faith and trust that when the time it will come, just like your next breath. So in the mean time practice some self love. =)