Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How to manifest

I've been asked on several occassions steps one can do to incorporate a daily manifesting ritual (inbetween new moons and full moons.) It's ideal to harness the moon energy to manifest in your life. However, one can do this at any time. To give a brief explaination. New Moons are a time of new beginnings and starting your manifest journey the full moon is when things that you wished to manifest either happened or you reinstill what you sent out to the universe. I have two sets of manifesting guides for New Moons and Full Moons up in previous articles.

Energy leading up to the New Moon is the strongest to visualize the things you want to come into your life. This is the time to start planning. Since we just had a Full Moon we are moving into a waxing moon which is when the energy is being built up and you can be getting inspired for change. If we have just had a New Moon the energy is called wanning and its not as powerful and advised to manifest but there's not as strong power so don't get discouraged if it takes longer for it to be or you have to affirm it at the Full Moon.

Things when first planning what it is you want to manifest.

1. Wait until you have clarity before you call upon the universe to help you
realize your dreams and desires. When your requests are ill-defined, the answers you had hoped for can be vague and the fulfillments just off the mark. Being non-specific in your intentions requests could result in unexpected and possibly even unpleasant surprises.

2.  Think really hard about what it is you want down to the specifics before you write anything down. Also remember thoughts has energy so even your thoughts brings you on your road to manifesting. Any intention that is mentally focused on, voiced out loud, or written down on paper; carries power. That intention is increased if it's infused with reiki.

3. Check when the next New Moon or Full Moon is on a calender.

4. Materials: a notebook, a pen, incense, candle, newspaper/magazines/pictures, scissors, glue/tape, non-lyric music.

5. Light incense to cleanse space and bring harmony. Or light a scented candle that makes you feel calm.

6. Play some calm peaceful music (with no lyrics).

7. Sit in a quiet place and quiet the mind and just focus on your breathe.

Bringing your legs either in a cross position, lotus, (on the floor) or sit in a chair with no arms or legs crossed. Place your hands palm up near your knees and just focus on your breath. Do this for about five minutes each breathe becoming deeper and letting thoughts passed as clouds. The point is to become calm with little distractions, if you do become distracted try to keep the deep breathe while you get up to take care of something. Return back to your calm space. 

8. After meditation gather your supplies. Drink a cup of chamomile or mint tea or any tea that makes you calm if you still need a bit more help settling. The point is to be as clear and open as possible so when you begin you are not stressed. Here, you don't want to be negative or stressed because that gets marked to your manifest intentions which can make it slower to come back to you.

Setting your Intentions into Motion with journaling
1. Open your notebook and date it. Write down these (or similar words):

    "I accept these things into my life now or something better for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned." Below your intention statement, begin to write down a list of all your desires. Your list may consist of only one item, or you may have several pages written down. Do not limit your list of items. Continually add other items to your list as often as you wish. If possessing many things in your life makes you happy and content, you should not deny yourself these things by limiting your requests.

2. Close your notebook and put it away until the next day or time you decide to manifest where you will reopen it and rededicate it. 

*Make a Vision Board
This is a very simple and creative way to visually get down on paper images of things you want to manifest. There are no rules, you just need magazines, pictures, markers, pen, scissors, glue and poster board or just a sheet of paper. Look through magazines for instance to just anything that calls to you or look for specific things you had on your list. If you don't find anything to represent what you have envisioned just draw it yourself or write it out. This process is decide and declare those desires to the universe through visual means. Arrange it any way that makes you happy. You can hang it up on your wall after so that you are reminded of the things you wish to manifest.

*Make a Manifesting List
Take out your list from earlier this week. On a piece of paper write down "I Manifest..." at the top of the paper. Next write down all that you desire (this is key write it in the present tense) keep writing until you can't think of anything else. Don't worry if its just words, sentences, there's no rules to what it needs to sound like. As a thought comes in write it down in whatever form it comes. Some like to put this completed list under their pillow at night or put it at an alter. 

*Candle Ritual
You will need a candle- typical color is white (although you can use different colors).

You will write words or symbols of the things that you desire onto the candle. Next hold the candle in both hands and visualize yourself having all these things and enjoying having them. Visualize this desire going into the candle. For me I feel the energy transfer from me to the candle. Continue to do this until you feel the energy has stopped flowing from you to the candle. Once you feel ready, light the candle and allow it to burn down completely. During this process, as the candle burns its transmitting your desire into the universe. (Do not leave a candle unattended, if it blows out if your outside just relight it, if you have to extinguish it Do Not blow it out use a snuffer instead). 

Visualizing holds so much energy to mediate to

become calm, mindful and still. You can mediate by yourself in a sacred space at home or connect with like-minded people for a group mediation. 

If you already use crystals you can use them during any of these activities listed above. Which we sell at our Padma Bella Store.


Seal all or any of these with a prayer of gratitude to and Universe. You can create your own words an example is: Universe I am grateful for your presence and I am joyful to be with you again. Be with me now and sign your light and love upon my desires. May your energy assist with the manifestation that occurs will be for the highest good of all concerned. And so it is! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Namaste.  

You may choose to do one or all of these, or mix it up daily. The main part is to end each day with stating things you are grateful for. You may not see manifesting happen right away. With time when the universe finds it the right time these things will be. I've had experiences where I kept at it, I didn't see immediate results. Start out and vary with small things, like I want to see a butterfly today to something as major as "I want to own my own house and be married" The small manifesting is a way to get validation that the universe is hearing you. The bigger stuff can take time to come into your life. Never get discourage. Ever! The more you believe and just the knowing it will happen brings this air of confidence to you, which will help you have a better day and bring your frequency up and this gets sent out to the universe and positive will be attracted to you.

If anything else try to journal you can have a manifest journal and a gratidute journal where you write all that you are thankful for that happened in the day or week. 

Any questions feel free to leave a comment below or email me at: Sophie@PadmaBella.com. Happy Manifesting!