Friday, July 5, 2013

July 7-8 ... New Moon ... Let go of Fears

Many people are starting to notice the either extremely positive effects of self discovering and
conquering or feeling down, negative and wondering why does my life suck. For those that seem like everything is against you, it's not. The reason why some seem to be coasting this Mercury Retrograde is because like me, I put in the hard work since the last new moon. It's all a process, there's no magic words that give you a direct plan to follow. You have to just breathe and with each breathe change happens, its a gradual thing. A lot of pain and soul searching. Along with stillness, meditation, not trying to manifest any one thing. First you must be okay with silence with finding who you are and what makes you tick, before you bring up anything or any person you want to manifest into your life. The plan only can happen once you realize who you are. The good news is that if you slacked off and did not do any of the new moon manifestation suggestions I gave last month you have opportunity to start this month with the New Moon coming July 8. How the key point is don't wait until July 8 to do all these things. You need to read through and start drafting your plan now, because anything you write or think July 8 will begin to manifest, so you will want your draft plan all laid out before then, there's not scratching out or erasing of (oh I didn't mean THAT!) 

I do advice and suggest going back and reading all my previous blog articles if you really have no clue why anything isn't working for you. I do offer mediation classes, how to use the law of attraction and how to materialize things to you. This is not manipulation to make that long lost love come back into your life- it doesn't work like that to make them simply miss you terrible and just randomly pop up at your door (although could happen-) for the most part this is about positive thinking shedding all the fears and negativity out of your life and then the universe brings those with like vibrations to you.

Venus in Leo Trine with Uranus
From July 5-7 Venus in Leo also Trines Uranus in Aries- which ignites passion and creativity. So to fully harness this creativity we must align ourselves (inner and higher selves), to then fully experience these creative solutions that will come from reality. Venus hold love/values that demands appreciation and will be carried by the risk-taker of Uranus. This is a time for freedom outbursts. When Venus harmonizes with Venus in Leo, you get selfish energy. However this doesn't have to be viewed as a bad thing, just look out for yourself and do what's best for you during these days. Such as hang out with people that make you feel amazing. During these days put yourself out there since you have something special to offer. Don't be afraid to try out new or out of the norm romantic encounters. Surprises in love can occur during this transit.  You can also use this to your advantage to use this influence to do something out of character just for the fun of it. Don't worry you won't get out of control, Trines are mild energy, so there's little risk of your falling down. This Trine is one day before the New Moon and Saturn Direct so you can celebrate with something "just because" it makes you feel good before you move ahead with your straight clear focused Saturn Direct Plan.

Jupiter in Cancer
This Mercury Retrograde which became direct last Wednesday, is setting up opening the door for
Jupiter to move into the sign of Cancer, which emphasizes: home, family, relationships, and emotional/financial security. These activate the power of your emotions and your feelings is a major focus during this Mercury Retrograde. Remember it stays Retrograde until July 20. We need to examine how well we've learned to integrate thoughts with feelings. Only when one communicates with your head and your heart as one can your world listen with wonder and appreciation. Present day matters might need to be put on hold while you go back and clean up some items left behind.

Saturn Direct in Scorpio
July 7, 2013 Saturn turns direct in Scorpio. This means you will be faced with careful effort to create deeper unions with one another. You also are faced with having to re-
examine where your fears regarding these deeper unions come from. During this time you need to ask yourself: do you and do they have the courage to rise above your & their fears of rejection and loss and take the next step towards the next chapter to join together into a more meaningful union? So if someone out of your past pops up and wants to have a chat or meet with you, really pay close attention to what feelings that stirs up with you. Sit with it, before you give any answer of agreement. It will pay off to know more about yourself first before you go ahead and interact with this person. However, don't let fear and the past control you- life's too short. If they are stepping out into the unknown you should too- you once or do have some kind of connection and the universe is saying there is something here- time to make the connection deeper. Saturn stays direct in Scorpio until March 2, 2014. You may already notice certain events flowing into motions or you may not yet- don't force anything but just be aware of small signs that begin to pop up. We also become more courageous loosing the fear of taking risks. Therefore allowing us to embrace the new, unusual and out of the ordinary regarding romantic involvements. This is a sign of being ready to experiment but may not mean ready to commit. 

New Moon
As you prepare the remainder of the week for the New Moon coming Monday, July 8, 2013 allow yourself to ponder and reflect. The Moon also conjuncts Mercury on July 8, more about what that complication. So take this time to wander with your heart and mind open not looking for any one particular set destination, but a free find it by chance mindset.
means in a bit. This New Moon is in Cancer and will come at 12:14AM (Pacific) and 3:14AM (East Coast), and 7:14(UTC). In Cancer, we get to dive deep into out most intimate and vulnerable core. Along with the Mercury Retrograde, we get to glimpse into the past to bring up things we've left behind. We get introspective and become reflective to then look deeper into our inner most nature and sense of self. To understand more fully our true self. This New Moon comes right as we approach a T-Square with Uranus and Pluto, meaning we can look deep into ourselves for a means of transformation. There is the opportunity to realize that change begins with us, not anyone or thing else. We are the root, if we want something in the world to change we have to change first for the world to change and vise verse. Use this opportunity to stand still, get away from the routine and stress from normal life, and just see what's within you- your true core self. When you do, don't think about what you see, instead take the intuitive approach and feel what's there. This New Moon is a charging station to allow us to charge our self battery so that we're ready for the rest of the journey that lies ahead. The end of July will bring lots of time for action. So in this now moment, let yourself open up and take in the yin vibrations. If you have no idea where you want to go, don't push in any one direction for now. Just use it for observation and deep reflection. If you try to force any one thing it will only lead to frustration and

The New Moon trines Chiron in Pisces, which means the time to open up visionary, psychic and intuitive channels. This particular Trine is supportive, nurturing, and integrating. So even if turmoil comes up in our lives, take it in strides and trust that this is making you feel this way for a reason to set you up for receiving later. We get to use this time to expand our perceptions and lead to new ways of healing and integration. 

Ultimately this New Moon will show us that we are not alone. Despite all these emotional roller coasters we feel we are being put into, there is always support and help we may call upon if we truly need it. It's needing to trust in the Universe that if we need something to just put it out there and be ready to receive.

Manifesting under the New Moon
I will include steps to do a manifesting ritual under the New Moon. I did this the last New
Moon and used Reiki. Many people have asked how I did this, and I am including it below- a regular step by step guide (not including Reiki). There are no tricks, you do have to put in the hard work to get results. I can't simply fix away manifestation tricks. You get what you put in. If anyone asks me to do it- your journey is not my journey. If you are unhappy with your life, give this a try. It won't hurt- and best case you get some of what you wrote down to manifest into your life. Not that the energy under a New Moon is powerful so if you do intend on doing this- please plan and write out your brainstorm ideas before the actual day of the New Moon- so that there are no oops into what your write on your real true manifest. Theory is that anything you think or write on the day and night of the New Moon has energy to manifest so you have to then be positive and only project what you truly want. (read the Setting your New Moon Intentions into Motion section to create your list).

New Moon manifestation rituals are created to expand the space within us and around us to where our desires, wishes, good health and well being are created and realized. Before you start this ritual its imperative that you know exactly what it is that you wish to manifest for yourself. (So create a draft first.) 

It is also recommended that your intention requests be stated as precisely as possible to ensure positive results. Any intention that is mentally focused on, voiced out loud, or written down on paper carries that power.

Preparing the supplies:
-You will need: a notebook, a pen, cedar incense.
-Prepare a clean and uncluttered sacred space, indoors or outdoors, where you will hold your New Moon ritual.

Setting your New Moon Intentions into Motion
1. Cleanse your sacred area by saying an opening prayer to cleanse stating that intention.

2. Clear away negative lingering energies with safe incense. 
3. Center and ground your body by whatever means is most appropriate for you:
    -Sit in a quiet place and mediate
    -Light a lavender scented candle
    -Drink a cup of chamomile or mint tea
    -Before or during the ritual, intently ingest a blend of flower essences that offer grounding and manifestation properties.
4. Open your notebook and date it. Write down these (or similar words):
    "I accept these things into my life now or something better for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned." Below your intention statement, begin to write down a list of all your desires. Your list may consist of only one item, or you may have several pages written down. Do not limit your list of items. Continually add other items to your list as often as you wish. If possessing many things in your life makes you happy and content, you should not deny yourself these things by limiting your requests.

5. Close your notebook and put it away until the next month's New Moon where you will reopen it and rededicate it.