Thursday, June 20, 2013

Super Full Moon June 23, 2013

Super Full Moon
June 23, 2013 this Full Moon is the closest, largest Full Moon of the year its also the closest encounter to the Earth for all of 2013. It's the closest SuperMoon of 2013 (the second of three in a row). So what does this mean? Astronomers call this type of close Full Moon a perigee full moon. Perigee describes the Moon's closest point to the Earth for that given month. The last SuperMoon was May 24-25, 2013. However, this June Full Moon falls even closer to the time of perigee. The crest of the Moon's full phase in June and the perigee actually fall within an hour of each other, which is why this SupeMoon is even more amazing.

The next closest Moon encounter with Earth will be August 10, 2014. The Full Moon will be even closer November 14, 2016. And that November Full Moon will be the closest Full Moon until the next one in November 25, 2034. The closest Full Moon does happen each month so a normal ocuranace however there are planetary alignments as well from the Summer Solstice. If you miss this one there will be another SuperMoon in July, but this one is the most super of this year.

The Full Moon Effects
The energy level is higher during a Full Moon. We can reflect upon our lives and ourselves, in order to see more deeply into our inner souls and those of others. The power of the Moon is tangible and also unmistakeable. We can feel our power and the power of the world so we will be drawn to the illusive and mysterious. Since the Moon is ruler of emotions, our emotions will be heightened during this time, so try to be positive so that radiates our life. So we shouldn't be happy, we're elated; we aren't mad, we are furious; we're not interested, we're excited; we're not sad, we're depressed ... get the picture? So lets be elated emotions will be very powerful an can manifest so be mindful.

Since emotions are heightened, you need to enter this Full Moon being aware of your emotions so you will be prepared when an emotional high comes. Often the Waxing Moon phases we use to learn how to control, grow and understand how to structure our emotions. But if you haven't then today is a great time to start, so long as you don't let it catch you off guard. If you find confrontation with someone else, realize that emotions even negative will be provoked more so than normal. Since we have the Yin and Yang at play with the Sun and Moon at opposite ends, we can use this energy and confrontation to our advantage to see what manifests with this Opposite and what it manifests to us. So look in the mirror when you see opposition and see how this reflects on you. Is this person giving you information that you've missed about yourself or your situation? Even in opposition you can still learn from it which could make your approach more balanced and structured.

We are half way through the Lunar Cycle, so there's a natural feeling of culmination. Between the time of the New Moon earlier this month and the waxing phases leading up to this Super Full Moon, there's been a building and evolving which has manifested. A goal has been reached, even if you aren't fully aware of it yet. During this time you will see things you've been working on coming together, so look out for them or maybe reflect on your life lately. Has any subtle things been working out in your favor? Did you have any dreams or vague visions during the New Moon? We can see them clearly now, so the sense of manifestation and completion is upon us. It can be as simple as your idea towards your goal has become a plan now or the actual project is just about complete. Whatever it is however big or small,  things are happening. If things have been seemingly going wrong for you, you will now see the results of that be manifested as well. Perhaps now you get preparation and the right mindset in order to be successful to change where you are at.

Now is the time for change and breaking habits and routines. It's a time to bring things to an end, where needed. So why not clean out that closet!! It's also a very creative time with endless possibilities so try writing poems, songs, paint- using the Full Moon as the subject. So use this creative energy for work or play or just creative thinking. However be cautious at making firm decisions right now as logic is not the strongest at this stage (especially on the Super Full Moon). So assess where you want to 'weed out' what no longer serves your life. Look at excess in your life, and objectively see where you can eliminate some of it.

Maybe there are some unanswered questions or things you haven't been able to see quite full or clearly. This Full Moon will be shedding light on our dark corners in our lives. These things have been hidden or just gone unnoticed, they may be negative or just routine things in your life. Either way the light from the Full Moon will help us see these things illuminated in the dark. So use this time to evaluate everything in your life to see hidden potential, look for mistakes,  or maybe find hidden opportunities that you may just now realize is in your grasp. During this time you also will have a greater sense of self as your emotions are strong, you will learn more about yourself too.

Signs and Kite
This Full Moon falls in Capricorn being the second of three SuperMoons. The syzygy (the alignment with the Sun), is intensifying the effects on the earth and on people. The Full Moon's energy gets amplified because its happening so close to the Summer Solstice. Since the planets form a unique pattern in the sky during this Capricorn/Cancer Full Moon its hope there is the most positive energies around.

The kite indicates success and positive energies and when there's a unique planet pattern in the sky its called a kite. This kite is made up of the water grand trine, with Sun in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and the Moon in Capricorn. The Water Grand Trine seeks tranquility and peaceful exchange. We are asked to open up to subtle energies of the unconscious and to our feelings. Psychic powers become stronger since what we are attuned to the emotional flow around us, so be aware of heightened senses.

The Sun in Cancer will seek a stable emotional body that is capable of giving and receiving love. Here the planets will allow us to clean up from the Sun being in Saturn. Saturn allows us to clean up since Scorpio t4ends to hold on to negative feelings, this moon we are able to see how it no longer serves us. We have a choice if we trust our true feelings. Neptune in Pisces allows us to open spiritual potential and visions to heal views about ourselves and others.

This Water Grand Trine helps us align our feelings and find our mission to be open to start a new journey to confront any issues facing us. The Capricorn Moon gives support and nurtures our needs creating visions for the next new project. If you have an early water sign or Capricorn will be especially attuned to this Super Full Moon.

This Capricorn Full Moon requires a stronger sense of self during chaos and confusion. But it can help to promote plans and projects so you can have motivation to complete goals. Since we have a rare Water Grand Trine with Saturn, the Sun and, the Moon; we can make our dreams real to be aligned with your vision with the current reality. You can raise your vibration to live leading with your heart. The Sun helps us confront serious issues, situations and even difficult people. This is where thinking positive comes into play since perception is everything. Look at what you have and all you are so then you may realize the satisfaction you have.

A few hours after this Full Moon, it reaches powerful Pluto and unpredictable Uranus. We learn about power from Pluto. How we get it, keep it and how to give it away. Remember that you are in charge of your own power so be open to what needs to be changed and a change in thinking will be needed. The message of this Super Full Moon is that with hard work and discipline your dreams can come true. Patience is key.

In the days leading up to this Super Moon, its the Waxing time which means time to sow seeds and plant crops of those things we want to attract into our life. So even if you are just starting today, begin to think of all the things (experiences, people, objects, etc) you want to mainfest into your life. Plans you have thought of but may not have done anything with them. Now is the time to plant those seeds. Leading up to the June 23 Full Moon, make a list of all the things you want to attract, plans you want to move forward with, don't think about the how you're going to do it. Only focus on your wants and desires. The manifesting stage starts here, its all a process.

In this waxing stage of the Moon is when we get to start attracting those things we want in our life, so when the day of the Full Moon comes we already have planted the seeds in the ground and they may receive the energy from the Full Moon. It's just a matter of creating a physical visual of what we want in our life and also letting go of those things that no longer serve us anymore. Stay tuned I will be posting how to harness the power of this Super Full Moon and the activities you can do to continue to bring forth manifesting what you most want.