Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mercury Retrograde June 26-July 20, 2013

Mercury Retrograde
The Mercury Retrograde happens three to four times each year. It's when the planet Mercury appears to be traveling backwards in the sky for about three weeks. Since planets move at a fast pace and don't go backwards, what's really happening is the illusion, since the Earth is orbiting the Sun at a different speed than the other planets.

The retrograde of Mercury happens from June 26-July 20, 2013. Mercury's shadow period begins June 9-August 3, 2013. The shadow refers to when Mercury is moving at a much slower rate. Since Mercury rules over: speaking, negotiating, buying and selling, formal contracts, documents, listening, travel, mail & shipping, etc. During this time decisions can be a challenge. It's not advised to sign contracts or start a new business, expect delays if you do. Be mindful of spending as its easy to be careless with it. However the positives of this retrograde is that its best for re-organizing and reflecting things in your life.

Activities to do during the retrograde
Use this time to find a new way to express yourself and inner reflection. Reorganizing and reflecting is helpful when we are able to look at the world slightly differently to a new prospective. During this time we can experience heightened inner awareness when meditating, can rework old plans and review past work, while journaling. Note that the more receptive you are to resolving or adjusting to whatever comes your way during this time, the more productive and rewarding you will be during this experience. Remember what you wanted to manifest during the Super Full Moon, now is the time to figure out and plan how you are going to make this come to be- while not acting on it since Mercury rules communication and it will be easy to get messages crossed, its the time to plan and tread lightly.

- Re-establish priorities
- Reconsider or redefine your goals
- Reconnect with people from your past
- Review finances
- Reorganize your home or office
- Reconnect with people from your past
-Review, revise and edit written work
-Discover past errors or oversights
-Conduct research and investigations
-Revive projects that were put on hold

What can we expect?
During this time we get the opportunity to get a new prospective and what our sensitivities are so that we can get a new understanding to what our interdependence is with our environment around us. There's opportunity to learn how to relate feelings to our mind and body, and even to relate how our feelings are or are not bringing us what we like. Remember what you set out to want to attract during the Super Full Moon. This is when we get to assess how we can manifest that into our lives. The next three weeks is a sort of bridge into the new year, where we can reflect by looking back or within us. So what you observe with your insights trust the final ones over any initial ones that come into you mind. If you notice something that needs more attention nurture that. This is a time to reflect what has been happening in the past and currently to give us more insight on what is coming. Expect major choices and changes to be thrown at us to move forward into viewing a greater vision. Be warned that we may get frustrated that our means of old communication is not doing the same as it once was. It's time to reflect and find a new means of communication.

Mercury will rule from mid-July through mid-October 2013, this Mercury retrograde will give us many signs and signals which we can apply during the Mercury rule. It's going to be a time of critical choice and change. It's the opportunity to look what we have already experienced in the past before we move forward at the end of the retrograde period.

This marks an important phase shift in our lives, the beginning of a new way of living, feeling and knowing. It will be an intense time that won't make much sense while we are in it, but just go with the flow, it will be understood later.  So for now just focus on planning and not acting quick on anything. Have patience all things will happen in their own time. It's about the process regardless how we feel or think right now about things maybe not moving forward as fast as we like, it will come soon enough we just need patience.

It's key to trust yourself and trust your gut and senses. Intuition proves to be very powerful and will help you be more productive, so go with what feels right. Since the Mercury retrograde is in Cancer, it brings a powerful wave of nostalgia. A sudden draw to the past or a sense of longing to return to a past experience, situation, or relationship may lead to a feeling of comfort. Past relationships also are prominent in giving a sense of safety with the reemergence of old friends, connections or family may also be feeling this and begin to reach out to you. Be prepared and receptive to what comes up and if you still have loose ends that need to be tied up use this opportunity to process feelings or emotions that were not addressed before. It's a great time to look at what you want to keep and what you want to let go of.

The past two months had a lot of change both within ourselves and in our external world. Now is the time to just process all this change and become familiar with what is. To prepare for moving forward. The shadow time is to reflect and plan. When Mercury goes direct its the time to act and move forward with stability.

The Grand Water Trine
The Grand Water Trine begins when Mercury goes stationary retrograde. This brings stable and flow with great ideas, connections and interactions coming due to the addition of the Moon trine Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter creating a equilateral triangle (120 degrees from one another). Water signs rule our emotions, passions and spiritual connections. Neptune in the sign of Pisces will stimulate creativity and our connection to the Divine. Saturn in Scorpio brings increased patience, investment and insight. While Jupiter in Cancer brings family love and real estate opportunities. This begins July 8 through July 27, 2013. July 20 Mars joins Jupiter and it brings additional energy, its completed July 26 when the Sun enters it all. And if none of that made any sense these three planets reach their climax it brings vibrations that are beneficial to use bringing with it inspiration that we can accomplish anything.

Most important
This Mercury retrograde is a time of RE: - rebuilding, revisiting, and rewriting. So if you find yourself rethinking or reevaluating someone or something in your life pay particular attention to it. It is not a time to start new projects or new relationships because at the end of this retrograde you may find you don't want to be with this new person. Note: if you're sign is a: Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces; the effects of this year can intensify and really get to you.

The key point during this time is to listen to your gut, what is going on on a deeper level within you. If there becomes a deep need to break free from something or someone, before you act; pause and reflect what is making you feel the need to act this way. Explore what things from your past may be contributing to these current thoughts, and your present situation how that is influencing your thoughts. As well as reflect on the direction you see yourself in the future. It's the time to be gentle with yourself and see what's really causing a reaction within you. Is it someone from your past coming into contact with you? A repeat of a situation you get to revisit? Whatever you are faced with take time to meditate with it. By mid-October you will be able to start your journey with more stable footing because you were able to be gentle with yourself and reflect on what it is you truly want and made all the planning preparation so that you are now more ready to move forward, understanding who this new you is.