Monday, December 30, 2013

New Moon New Year January 1, 2014

Getting ready for the New Moon that falls on January 1, 2014. So many gifts for all to receive with this New Moon. There are a variety of things which can be done to prepare for this New Moon which I will discuss. You may do all or some or any that resonates with you. All has the energy of the goat with the "I can do anything" mindset of Capricorn. Below are ways you can prepare for this abundant energy of the New Moon.

The Super Moon also the New Moon occurs January 1, 2014 at 3:14am PST/ 6:14am EST/ 11:14am GMT.   
This New Moon is closest to the earth and in direct alignment with the Sun and Earth which makes it very powerful.

Imagination Crystal Grid
Amethyst, Quartz, Rose Quartz, Agate, Chrysoprase Orange Elestial
Photo by Padma Bella
Cleansing out & Organizing
For me personally I have noticed some old patterns coming up with the holidays with those around me which then gets into my aura. So what I wish to call upon is if you have been feeling this stagnant energy or even slightly questioning yourself lately, to do a cleanse. If you have time to reorganize your home (do so) this is simply cleaning out the old clutter, donating things you no longer need, or just literally cleaning up around your living area. I have already done so on Saturday which I feel so much more free. Many of us have received gifts for the holidays and with these they may hold energy from the persons who gifted these to us. So also doing a cleanse around these new items is extremely helpful. It's realizing that we have done so much hard work, of course it's natural for a bit of doubt to settle in when we have been speaking with family and friends that we may not routinely speak with. Their energy may have latched on to us, and this we cleanse away. We are enough, we have made all the progress and we are where we need to be. Remember this. Sometimes taking some alone time is needed to gain this power back.

Sage Cleanse
Another option which I highly recommend is doing a sage cleanse of your home, even if you just don't have time to fully clean and organize your home. Doing it minimally and a sage cleanse will help move that negative stagnant energy out.

It is very helpful to take a small step back as in to visually see where you are now to just assess and look at it all in the bigger picture. It's all happening but often slower than we "like" or can appreciate when we are rushing by. Instead, we have to stand still and notice and reflect on all that is in our life now, we move forward with this. Taking a moment to pause ever so slowly in self reflecting time. We are moving forward even as we take a step back it is only for a second and not to go backwards or back out of where we are headed.

Visions and Validation
I have been having older visions revisit me lately. Some are reminders to me of how far I have come
and also for inspiration to keep at the work, as all this is to be. It's not a matter of getting discouraged or thinking anything else other than we do manifest with the new moon, we all have visions we've had at some point on this journey. I see all these as gifts and blessings. Many I have not shared but yesterday I had a new vision which related to a string of events that is set in motion. For me, this is validation from the universe that everything is coming about. We may think we have taken a step off path but we have not it is just our time to really take some internal time to see how far we have come.

Perfect Beach Day
Photo by Padma Bella

As we have made space we reflect on all the new and good we wish to have in our lives now for this New Year. Beyond resolutions something tangible and something intangible all at the same time. Before you write in your journal all the things you wish to have in your life. Re-read your past year of manifesting (or all from 2013 and see how many things have come to be already!) I'm sure you will be surprised at how many have already been happening but you may have forgotten.

The truth is being illuminated now. We are seeing things new with such clarity. When something takes you aback it's this realization that it's happening. Sunday all I wanted was to go to the ocean. A walk is exactly what came to be, even though I only thought this. Many shells and rocks were found included a whole intact sand dollar. Divine Timing. As even now looking at the treasures so much peace and bliss and harmony resonates with them. It is knowing that things hold the energy of us.

Amethyst Star Burst
Photo by Padma Bella
Sacred Alter
This New Moon manifest is going to be very simple. We already have all that we need and could ever want. This is for our self. Sage/incense your home and sacred space. Create an alter or shelf in your home to place crystals and trinkets and items that make you happy.

For those who wish to write down things you wish to manifest and come into your life. Create your sacred space, burn incense, light a candle. Set our crystals you wish to use.

Open your journal. Date it. (You may use a brand new journal or make your own with stationary). Write down these or similar words (without the quotations):

    "I accept these things into my life now or something better for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned." 

Below your intention statement, begin to write down a list of all your desires. Your list may consist of only one item, or you may have several pages written down. It can be sentences, however do separate in some way each item. Do not limit your list of items. Continually add other items to your list as often as you wish. (Note if you add things after the New Moon the energy will not be as strong and it may take longer for these to come to be). If possessing many things in your life makes you happy and content, you should not deny yourself these things by limiting your requests.

 After either re-writing your list down, or modifying things from your journal, I like to re-read the list out loud and see if anything else resonates with me that I should add. Not not cross anything out if you notice a flaw find a way to reword it. I like to draw reiki symbols over each item (if you practice you may do the same), and lay my hand on each sending energy into each and allowing it to be with the Universe, as well as call upon my crystals. Clear Quartz is especially helpful to amply all. Remember everything is energy. This is your time to ask nothing is too big or small. 

Ocean Magic Grid
Photo by Padma Bella
Close your notebook and put it away until the next month's New Moon where you will reopen it and rededicate it. 

Thank our guides, thank the universe, it's all about being grateful. Complete by saying this statement: “I am allowing love and joyous energy flow through me with freedom. Abundance is now appears in every creation of my life and I am peaceful with life now. And so it is. Thank you” Blow out your candle thinking about all you wish to manifest to receive, and once the flame is out let all thoughts of this go to the universe. Blow out any candles to seal your journal.

Vision Board
I am highly recommending that you create a vision board for this New Moon. If you have not ever created one I will share how. If you have been creating some with me on prior New Moons look back at your prior creations. Vision boards were introduced to me around the Winter Solstice of 2012. I have two up in my space which I view daily.

Creating one for the New Year is very powerful as well. It is very simple and no "rules" you can create it with paper or virtually. Get a larger size paper (which will be your foundation). You will use glue, scissors, magazines, images, (stickers and anything else you wish to use). Go through magazines and just cut out things which catch your attention. If you are wanting specific things to manifest look for these as well. You can create two vision boards if you wish just clipping things that draw your attention and seeing what is being called to you. And another of items that you wish to have. Or combine these techniques into one.

Vision Board
(Created in early 2013)
Photo by Padma Bella
Once you have all your clippings begin to arrange them on your foundation, moving them around until it fits just perfect for you. Glue these down. Add any extra embellishments. You have then created a vision board to hang anywhere in your home that you may see daily. You may meditate to this or just reflect. This technique does work, for there are several things on my vision boards which have happened after much time of reflecting on them it is the nonverbal vibe that gets sent out to the universe every time you look upon it and the images raise your vibration. Even that thought it triggers gets sent out to the universe. After a while there is no "work" your eyes just scan your Vision Board and you are connected to the Universe. 

Candle Ritual
You will need a candle- typical color is white (although you can use different colors). You will write words or symbols of the things that you desire onto the candle. Next hold the candle in both hands and visualize yourself having all these things and enjoying having them. Visualize this desire going into the candle. For me I feel the energy transfer from me to the candle. Continue to do this until you feel the energy has stopped flowing from you to the candle. Once you feel ready, light the candle and allow it to burn down completely. During this process, as the candle burns its transmitting your desire into the universe. (Do not leave a candle unattended, if it blows out if your outside just relight it, if you have to extinguish it Do Not blow it out use a snuffer instead). 


Get a check from your check book and cross out all information except your name, and make the check out to yourself or use this check you may print out and use. Write: in the date area "now." In the pay to the order of: write your name. As the dollar amount write "Paid in Full." Finally sign the check as: "The Universe," "God," "Your Angel," or "The Law of Abundance.

I do wish to share this article on the energy on December 29 as I feel it relates to what I and other Divine Companions have been feeling.

"Mercury Conjunct Sun & Mercury Square Uranus (December 29, 2013)
Photo by Padma Bella
An answer is offered as the Avatars of Self and Mind align...
There was a Gift of Spiritual Inspiration released for you during the last retrograde of Mercury in October/November 2013, for that is when the Sun and Mercury aligned while Mercury was retrograde and a seed was planted that will bear its fruit for you now.
That is the way of this, the Cycling of Energies and Forms, of the World and you unfolding and becoming so much more. A seed is planted at a "New Moon" or beginning of any cycle, germination follows and then continues to unfold, as the pure potential becomes realized with the development of various substantiations until a revelation of meaning is realized/released at the "Full Moon" moment, which is where you find Mercury and the Sun at this time.
The seed in November concerned the themes of Scorpio, and it was a gift to help you reach towards a deeper union upon which all your hopes and dreams depend. The inspiration offered by Mercury and the Sun was to remind you that in order to forge or reinforce those deeper connections with one another, you need to remember that you are to approach these sacred spaces of We with Humility, Self-Reflection and Courage.
When you enter into these great mysteries of Union, with regard to both yourself and the beloved, as you draw closer together you will realize that there is still so much more to learn about yourself and about the other, and you will grow together only by surrendering your ego and be Humble.  
The second gift was that you need to maintain your self-aware/self-reflectivity, that all you are here to master and "control" truly is yourself, so you must try to understand what echoes are within you that create your doubts and fears. You must do what you can to step beyond your self-cast shadows, and so do your part to help create a sacred space for the other to enter in with be Self-Aware.
The third gift was the most precious reminder, that you have within you a spark of the Divine, which is the Fountain-Source of this entire and wondrous Creation itself. That in order to reach out to one another you can rise above those very doubts and fears because of this great legacy. You are endowed with wondrous powers beyond your knowing, and that these will slowly become more and more available to you as you master be Fearless."
- See more at:

"Mars Square Pluto & Sun Square Uranus (December 30, 2013) 
This is the "other half" of the year-end Mars' alignments, the first one being Mars Opposite Uranus on December 25. But even more than this, what you are experiencing here is the preview of the Grand Cardinal Cross of 2014, which will be most evident in April 2014.
For during this period that runs roughly from December 24 until about January 8 (and beyond really), you will have Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto forming up with one another in the same Grand Cross that will be much more exact in April, and that Grand Cross will be the most significant and signature aspect pattern for 2014.
At this point in time, various other planets will align to form a resonance with this ongoing and developing pattern of these outer planets. Yesterday it was Mercury aligning with Sun while it also squared Uranus. Today it is Mars Squaring Pluto while the Sun Squares Uranus. Tomorrow on December 31, it will be Mercury conjunct Pluto while Mercury also squares Mars.
Finally, as the New Year begins on Wednesday, which also happens to be a New Moon, the Sun will align with Pluto. Then on January 2, the Sun will Square Mars while Mercury moves to oppose Jupiter. Then the Sun will oppose Jupiter on January 5. Finally for now, Mars will square Jupiter on January 8.
That is quite a Dance of the Planets and quite a flow of Spiritual Energy through and around you by which you are to lift your understanding about yourself and your world!
For today, let us focus upon the meanings that are brought to bear by Mars and Pluto, and then briefly consider the message from the Sun and Uranus...
Whereas the Mars/Uranus Opposition posited a challenge for you to find and walk the integral path that combines your need for Social Harmony and Individual Freedom too, the Mars/Pluto Square requires of you quite a different awareness and response. For the meaning and messages of any square imply a challenge, a struggle and opportunity that is more within yourself, (though of course, given the reality of life, you will certainly experience this between one another too).
Mars, your Avatar of Desire and Action, is singing to you now of your need for Social Justice and Togetherness, and you are motivated to eagerly join or expand the many forms of relationship with one another. But in so doing you are inclined to defer to the needs of the group or of the beloved in order to bring about or maintain what would seem greater Equality and Beauty in your relationships.
But a danger is always present with Mars pushing upon the envelope of your Desires, and so in this matter you may give overmuch, being assertive in seemingly very spiritual and selfless ways, and so by passionately pursuing the good for the other or others you actually end up causing harm to yourself and to them too. That in this pursuit of Balance and Beauty you tip the scales over much, so that you and they are harmed by a failure to forge what is right and true, a relationship that is a seamlessly adaptive response to the needs of one another, that is as it should be, a dynamically balanced experience of giving and receiving. Instead, by your "over-relating", you fail to forge a proportional, reciprocal pattern for meeting the needs of one another. 
Pluto, your Avatar of Will and Sacred Space will weigh in here now, and whether it will help you to right what may be wrong or bring further harm, well that is on you and your awareness truly.
Pluto can lead you into greater error here if you give in to the one and only thing which will delay your journey

towards the Light, and that is Fear. For the Power of Pluto is yours, and you may wield it as a mighty force of self-transformation and self-becoming, as you turn this Spiritual Power of Will back upon yourself and thereby exercise the only control you will ever truly have but have yet to master, which is to have Self-Control and thereby Self-Determination...For by so doing you will fulfill your destiny and become a truly Free Co-Creator and be welcomed into the Company of Light.
But you have to learn to do this, and until you do you may fall...Fall into the error of fear and misuse this gift in a vain and futile attempt to control another, to force in this case a relationship to be what you will it to be, to make another be something for you, ever in and by your "generosity" or "selflessness". And in this, you will and must ultimately fail. Oh, you may for a time have "power" over another, or many others. You will bear down upon them and break them for a time, or more likely end up surrounded by weaker wills, and this will not fulfill or satisfy you, but instead it will diminish you and them.
For Power, your Will-Power, comes from whatever is the source of that power, and it is this which must be honored and served if you wish and will to do Good...and with regards to your journey, this means that you are here to learn that it is the One within you, the Light within you, the Love within you that you must serve and be guided by, or you will fall and have to try again, to try yet again.
Pluto in Capricorn sings the Song of Responsibility and Ancient Traditions now, and that there are Teachings and Wisdom and Ways of Being that you need master, that you must learn to always Respect, Honor and Protect the Sacred Space of any other as well as your own. For the Greatest Sin is to Trespass, to force another to Believe or Do what you Will them to do...and this you must never do.
Your over-eager desire for relationship must be guided, restrained and lovingly formed into a greater understanding, that before me is another who is a self-becoming spirit too, and they must freely learn and choose to do what is Loving and of the Light. You must always remember this and by so doing keep their space and spirit as sacred as your own.
Yes, these are mighty lessons, but you have faced them countless times before, and in each and every day you will face them too, in little and large ways you are asked to remember this...
That here before me, this beloved that is before me...
There I am too.

The Sun and Uranus also weigh in on today's message from the stars, and again it is a square...You face another choice and challenge, to turn away or towards the Light.
The Sun is your Avatar of Self, your pure potentiality which is that you are a "being who is becoming", held by what is called the Monad or Spark of the Divine Flame at the heart of you, and your unique Individuality will self-unfold through forms and worlds beyond reckoning.
Uranus is your Avatar of Individuality and Freedom, most clearly experienced by you in the insistent drive to ever expand your Consciousness so that it may encompass a Greater Understanding and so move into ever larger forms of Self-Realization.
You will ceaselessly move into Forms of Self-Realization that are right and true to your purposes in that Time and Space. But, given that your Nature as Spirit is to Grow, any Thought or Form or Thought-Form will only last but for a time...What brought you to where you are cannot take you where you must go next. You must be Free, you must break up the old form and be reformed...And this is what Uranus calls for you to remember now, to listen now for those Winds of Spirit are blowing, stronger now, and a world will pass away as a new one rises.
You are called to remember,
Beaten Paths are for the broken and beaten...
It is time to be a Trail-Blazer again.
To know and to believe in the Power of New Beginnings...
To preserve and pass on Traditions,
By honoring and following the Path,
That your forebears blazed long ago.
They did not wish for you to remain the same...
They wished for you what they also won,
To be Free."

New Moon in Capricorn
The New Moon in Capricorn at 11 degrees also shares energy with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto all in the same sign. Capricorn is all about planting seeds and setting goals which is perfect as it falls on New Years. Pluto drives us to Divine Will. This is the time to really set into motion all you visualize. With this energy we may experience some secret dreams we've been visualizing or manifesting to come to be with. Our higher missions are coming into sight now so keep an eye out for things to come to light. During this time staying balanced is key.

Photo by Padma Bella
We are coming further into Truth. It is when we just exist is when this comes. I noticed as I just enjoy the moment it is perfect as it should be. It takes so much less energy to just enjoy. We all have the ability to reset or recreate this. It is still believing. We always can do this we create the moment we wish to have. We have the means to manifest all we wish to have including the present moment. It's reminding yourself that the future does not matter. It's being in the Now which is all we have. Even as simple as taking a nap when you feel tired which is honoring yourself.  We all have a choice of what to do and where to go. The Source Soul is us we become more aware when we listen in to vibrations around us. The more intimate you become with you the more you hear it or feel it. It's taking yourself out of your head. Realizing that all thoughts that come into play that make you have fears or doubt or think beyond this present moment is what you need to let go of. The higher understanding is that in our Divine Remembrance all this small stuff does not matter. Awareness is that we cannot worry about when it will come to be, or wishing something pops up right this second. When we must see the small steps we have made appreciate all around you. Expressing gratitude for it all. This is when the Awakening happens. Taking and appreciating the experiences in life. For me it was the walk to the beach and even a simple nap. Feeling grateful for having the space to even be able to experience this. To not think beyond the now not even to the rest of the day. So when you feel yourself possibly wondering off beyond the now, think and remember all is good. All is coming.

Sand Dollars
Photo by Padma Bella
Our Truth comes from embracing all that is. The clarity we receive with each breath. When something stirs up in us that is fear or doubt it is our opportunity to expand beyond this. It's the opportunity to be mindful of why this resonates right this second, it's be able to recognize it and see there is more internal work to be done on yourself. That is all this is showing you without allowing this negative feeling to seed in you. If it does so do a sage cleanse or work with crystals to release it.

Golden Awakening
Photo by Padma Bella
As 2013 comes to a close on Tuesday we will all be bidding farewell to our old selves. One final last bow before we head into so much beauty. So what ever your ritual is for New Years take some time to yourself and as you countdown to the New Years feel with every tick down your old self being sent up to the ethers into the vast ocean to be recycled energy purified and released. As you also feel your new self dawning as the countdown comes closer to 2014.

Photo by Padma Bella
For the New Year I have three Oracle cards for January 1. I will keep the description short.

First is the card of Higher Consciousness reminder that we are Awakening in this Ascension. This New Moon brings the gifts of knowing more into our True Calling and being in that state of grace. 

Photo by Padma Bella
The Second card is of course showing that more Divine Reunions are to happen even in this coming year. So if you are still single look into yourself and what you reflect out will come to you. We learn more about our self as we also realize the sacred space we create in our self which is acknowledge by that of our partner as well.

Above All we as the third card suggests we Follow Our Dreams. We visualize all the good and positive
we wish to have for this coming year. The more we Awaken the more the Remembrance happens. It becomes seamless after a while when you will just be pointing and headed in the same direction as your dreams.

I have been working on more projects and just needing some time away I will be posting more once this vacation ends. I look forward to sharing more Divine Artwork and other items. I am designing a collection of Stargazing Jewelry. I am taking custom orders right now. As always follow me on our page: there are more posts. As sometimes I post simple quick messages in between projects and it's a faster to way to have access to my designs.

As a preview of things to come here are two necklaces I have made which are to be each a gift to someone who resonates with them.

Divine Blue Twin Flame Remembrance Necklace
Made with blue beads and two silver hearts coming together .
Photo by Padma Bella

Meow Necklace
Black and Gold Cats of Eyptian Remembrance
Photo by Padma Bella

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Intimacy of You

Mountain Sunset
Photo by Padma Bella
Much change has been experienced. Many are noticing a "change" in myself. I have heard others that are also being expressed this by those in their life. "Change" can be measured by appearance or presence. Lately, I have been noticing that I cannot answer many questions about the "how" or "why" or "when" all this happened. I was speaking with my Sister in Light and for now we have both noticed a shift. When speaking about things to come, it's all view point, of "why not" it shall be as we wish because it is of the future. We have no control of it in either direction so why not send the vibe to the universe that it will be positive and as you wish it to be in outcome? I even see it in my reflection that I am outwardly transforming when internally I feel both tired and energetic all at the same time. Sleep is how I integrate and receive all the work I have done. The remembering. Although now waking I am being called to visions while I am awake as well.

Yesterday this concept of "allowing the intimacy to come" I meditated on for quite some time. The truth that in this journey to Ascension, the Awakening, it is a personal journey that we do alone. Yes we have companions and guides that aid us as we are all going through this together. No one can do this journey for you. You decided to begin your Source Self Ascension Embodiment. This choice was yours alone (even if it was in your subconscious.) There does come a time when we all return internally to really listen to the words, feelings and emotions that come from our True Self, our Soul Self. We have traveled as a Soul Traveler to this existence. The Ascension is one which is walked alone, when guidance comes is when we need a push along or inspiration. The sharing of messages and experiences which of course trigger more remembrance.

I recall when I first began my journey I had no one to ask questions and some of the time I had no idea what I was experiencing. This led me to have to go internally inside myself to seek these answers for myself from Source. We develop our relationship with our Soul Self and with Source through our own silence and stillness in meditation. It is the time when we are the most vulnerable and the most intimate. The layers of the old and ego are already shed, we are now open to receive and to ask all from Source. We may channel all the gifts. Here, it's being ready to hear all that comes as moving forward it's all about the higher good for us and all. It is easy to shy away from intimacy with yourself because it's looking deep within yourself which you cannot escape from. Knowing who you are. One of my gifts is being able to peer into Light Beings and see their Source Self. Not all the time does Source wish me to revel as it is for the individual to discover. However, when I do view the pure full Source Self of an individual it is very humbling as I accept them as they are as I too wish to be acknowledged.

"Inner Truth" Crystal Grid
Black Obsidian, Quartz, Blue Agate, Rose Quartz
Photo by Padma Bella
In between the Gateway and the New Moon we are in an unusual beautiful place. Anxiety has began to stir up images of past lives and even our past from this life. In my view, I am seeing how it literally is just a movie being played out as I have very little emotional attachment to any of it now. When I do, I acknowledge and see what areas I need to address. Last night I had a crystal healing session which revealed many new things which shed light to why certain emotions come into play. Depending on where you are in your journey of Ascension these symptoms are going to be different. For me, I have just been having to take naps at random times for new integration to come in. I have no physical pains as other times I have experienced. We have traveled after living many lifetimes- some many lifetimes on this earth. Wishing to get it "right" when they were all correct in how they had to happen we learned our lessons we remembered how we had to change each time we returned. For me, the message has been not getting wrapped up in the "fails" as this is an old term. Things all happen as they need to as when we have a challenge and we overcome it the victory is so much sweeter. As now I feel even stronger and more in the embodiment.

"Heart Balance" Crystal Grid
Carnelian, Adventurine,  Chrysoprase, and Orange Elestial 

Photo by Padma Bella
This intimacy with myself over the last week has been really evolving. Taking time out for myself, with my Divine Companions. I see more of myself, when I are fully and truly intimate with myself. This is when we are truly capable of being fully intimate with another. When you can express to yourself without judgement what you feel and what brings you bliss, this openness is extended of course out to that person whom you are intimate with. Intimacy of course expanding beyond just a physical connection or relationship. It is the experiencing of all aspects of each other on all levels of existence. You may ask me how can this be? As we come further into our Ascension Embodiment this is going to be shown more and more. How connections can be beyond time and space. When we can expand our communication through the air. Some of us can already use this clairvoyance gift while others will continue to develop it.

"Inner Love Guide" Crystal Grid
Fluorite, Yellow Calcite, Aquamarine, Rose Quartz, Quartz, Carnelian,
Chrysoprase, Orange Elestial

Photo by Padma Bella
This year is coming to an end we have sought and discovered many truths. It is how we have asked the questions. Answers may not have come how you expected it. However the answers did come (or are on their way). I have been reminded of something which I had sent out to the universe long time ago. What is my purpose? Why did I have all these experiences? What was the lesson for them? For me what I wish to share is that I have learned I am an independent being capable of anything. Often I did not want to accept this. Now after many times of this coming up, acceptance that I am an independent being. There are some things which I must go alone. Certain discoveries that are for me alone. Once I came into acceptance of this the Universe gifted me with blessings in forms of various Light Companions. Even now I see that phase of my journey when I needed to embrace my independent Soul Self I did have to experience alone to appreciate all sides of myself. Now for this new cycle in the Ascension I will continue to be blessed with not walking this journey alone any longer. I do recognize that some do have to experience this for a time. Often it is a dark time when negative energies come in and make us doubt our gifts or even our true self. It is in the darkness we truly learn our Light.

Dream Quartz
Photo by Padma Bella
It does get better. So many of us have experienced our darker sides in 2013 known when certain people just were no longer "good" for us. When it wasn't a good match not a good fit. Our internal knowing kicked in. We now create a sacred space in our external world for remembrance and for our True Source Self. I invite you to create something (even a small space in your home) which you place things that please you. This may be crystals, books, candles, incense, photos of loved ones, trinkets. It may even change daily. Create this space for yourself as when you get overwhelmed or need some time of calm you may come here. I am offering crystals as well, if any speak to you and you wish to receive contact me. 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Crystal, Pairs and Meditation

"Dream" Quartz Photo by Padma Bella
I have been away from writing, off on retreat and just having all this latest wave of energy settle. I do wish to address something that I started speaking about last week after an amazing retreat. I am now noticing new wavers using this same term however this does not resonate in the means it's being used. The term oneness. Yes we are all one, connected. However, we need to not confuse this with the collective. In one view, yes as a human race we are all one, one person is oneness and a group all sharing energy is a whole in oneness but this is very very different. This is a collective sharing energy. This is not to be confused with the Divine the Sacred space for those of us Awakening in this Ascension. I heard this term Oneness used this morning and immediately felt how this is going to be twisted and manipulated much like the twin soul/twin flame terms have been adopted by the new wavers.

Amethyst Photo by Padma Bella
Crystal Remembrance Retreat
This week has been very up lifting. Last weekend I went on a retreat with my Companion in Light. The 12.21 Gateway held much energy and remembering, new crystals have also magnified this. I have been getting use to my new crystal companions. Some will stay with me for a bit but some are seeking new guardians. So if you wish to receive one, contact me. I am taking requests as well. I wish to offer crystals along with a meditation mandala or Remembrance Stone. Or if you would wish to receive a package of energy healing, meditation mandala and a crystal this will be offered for some time. Crystals find you for a reason they do allow us to learn more about your self and your purpose. The Divine Remembrance. This Ascension, this whole time in 2013 we have been releasing to make room for where we are right now which is in the settling. Right after the Gateway I noticed some old still stirring up however this has gotten less and less as each day passed. This is the way to acknowledge it and really see how far you have changed.

Crystal Grid
Photo by Padma Bella
The Crystal Retreat, my Playmate in Light and I played with crystals, created grids and meditated. Much remembrance came. In this, I started seeing more into the Oneness element. I wish to speak further how this term is different (verses the collective use) for me it's of the Divine, we are all connected yes, but for some certain souls we are coming into our own here. It's beyond thinking of logic and pyramids and travel. We have already arrived from our various constellations and beyond. Those of us who have traveled far its really thinking outside the box. We have traveled as Light Beings, in Light from the Stars. All of us have a reason, a purpose. It's opening up your mind to really have the space to be able to expand even more in this remembrance. As I was hearing just a limited view on traveling needing a physical vessel of transportation. When in reality we don't 'need' any of that we just are, we are so much more than that. We just are. We go where we wish to go with no restrictions. Let forces outside of yourself guide you.

Quartz Grid
Photo by Padma Bella
On this retreat, I saw many things in meditation. Various Lemurian Crystals have wished to work with
me. Even now I am just settling into their vibrations along with my own. My remembrance of past lives are coming into play. Crystal castles and so many colors and images. I have still more time I need to sit with these before they come into a message. Be gentle with yourself be mindful and notice everything you experience right now.

Pairs of Divine Reunion
There are only certain souls that are in true Oneness. This dual connection we share with one other person in a pairing, again the image of a triangle. This male/female and their connection makes the third side of the triangle. The reason why Dow Crystals have such Divine Energy in them. They channel and transmit because they are all about the triangles. It's knowing you can go about this all alone but you it's helpful to reach your full potential with your other half, the female side to come in and create balance to this whole remembrance. We of course have both elements male/female within us internally this is balanced with our own Divine Love unconditionally for yourself as well. However, some of us have traveled in this lifetime with the other half to our pair. A pact from past lifetimes of when this remembering occurs. The puzzle piece that just sort of clicks into existing. As when one is balanced the attraction of manifesting comes into without even always conscious thought coming about it. It's the words beyond the words. When you just know it's a good match. It is naturally a created external male/female balanced element that comes when awakening mutually in physical presence. This calm and bliss and peace feeling that comes when there is no more trying to "find" this person or this experience it just is in front of you. The manifesting and the visions and the remembering just happens from unfolding by the Universe. Many speak of wishing to experience this, not all pairings are in physical form for this lifetime. Some are separated, but still mentally linked. I wish to speak about this in terms of pairings as the other terms that have been used before I feel are muddled as it's simply is Pairs of Divine Reunion.

"Magnificence" Crystal Grid Photo by Padma Bella
Moon Energy
For me I have seen many many things. Ironically some are visions which have been happening. Some are of remembrance. I really wish to speak about this coming year. We have released, we have tons of energy around. New Years Day we have the Full Moon. So much aligning has been happening for those of us who wish to change life change us and change all. There are no limits anymore. Limits are of the mind. New Years is all about setting resolutions and what you wish to change or improve in your life. Many create something but don't stick with it. We are changing this concept up now. As we already embody what and who we are, it comes into setting into the Universe, the dream, the idea the concept of all we wish to be now. As if we already have all it because we do have it all now. For those of you who have been on this manifesting journey with me since I started in June (of this year) lets continue with it. If you are new to starting I will be writing an article for this January New Moon and if you wish begin.

Photo by Padma Bella
With all this energy many have been called to have days off, which include myself. I still am very much in my experience. I do however wish to write. Take notice of any body symptoms you are experiencing right now. I have been feeling much strength beyond the physical. We are being awaken to the intimacy with it all. In our new body we practice grace. Aware of where we are, how we move, as many times we rush rush it's going about with grace. Moving with awareness. We experience more. Aware of more. The Rebirth of this Ascension moving forward if crystals are drawn to you during this time, embrace it. Listen to their message. It is living in pure Divine Bliss. It's one thing to just say you are this and that and a totally different thing to embody it and be and truly be. As why speaking of being in Oneness it's not a journey everyone will walk. It can and already is taking different meanings. For me it's the warning that it's sensing who is genuine here and who is just talking. This experience is for the Wayshowers of the Light Beings coming into Divine Remembrance. There is Harmony, Bliss and Divine Love. Yes we may love everyone, we come in contact with. Our appreciation and acknowledgement that yes we are all of Love of Oneness in the view of the collective. However, for those of us who are Light Beings or Wayshowers, we appreciate everyone of all forms even those who are still sleeping. When you experience Oneness with your Light Being creating your Pair, it is a Divine experience far beyond all else.

"Quartz Cave Portal"
Photo by Padma Bella
I wish to share today I had a vision it took a while for me to realize what I was seeing beyond a meadow. I saw a quartz, but it was me looking through a crystal seeing a meadow on a sunny day with a vision of something that is to happen. A particular crystal calling me to view through it in my minds eye. Visions and premonitions etc can happen in all forms right now. Try new things right now be open to the experience. I look forward to writing more on this. Share any experiences on our Facebook Page or with me personally if you wish to have a private channeling session.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Winter Solstice 12.21.13

We are approaching the shortest day/longest night of the year- the Winter Solstice which happens
December 21, 2013 at 9:11am (PT) and 12:11am (ET). Whatever your festivities for this Winter Solstice, enjoy the full day as this occurs on a Saturday and we get the opportunity to just be.

Meditation Mandala Padma Bella

I feel this will be a short write. The Winter Solstice Gateway is about reflecting who we are or what we are. We have done all the work this year, we have done the releasing, the manifesting.  For many of us the concept of time has changed drastically. All that we have been working on is on the verge of being. All the hard work is done.

This is internal reflecting on all the positives you have gone through. All the challenges were meant to learn more about who we are. The blessings. We all have a plan we wish, things we wish to have. However, life not always goes to plan. This is how it is meant to be too. This is about being gentle with yourself. Things come as they come.

This week there was a rain storm, it poured and washed away all the remaining stuff. For the 12.12 Portal we walked through- we have shifted more and more each day. The Full Moon we felt alignments and shifting happening some more. Magic all around. Now we step forward into the New. The 12.21 Gateway is to usher us into the Now. Many awakenings are happening some accelerated. If you haven't gone consciously into the Portal of 12.12 it all comes when it comes it's all here waiting for you.
For me I have been feeling so much magic around. Coming into my gifts more. Awakening even more. Several times I've come to write this article. Each time the Universe had other plans for me. The message is all the same. Take time out to enjoy all that you have around you. You are enough. You have everything you could ever want already.

Look to what animal totems visit you. Look to colors that catch your attention. What numbers do you notice? Dreams also have been giving messages as well. This is all Source connecting and talking with you. We all connect and experience things in our own way. This is about awakening to all that is.

My inspiration has been coming out in designing unique Soul Remembrance Stones which reflect the I AM presence in each of us. These are unique to your own energy vibration. I offer these along with my other services. There are more new projects I will begin for the new year. I wish to offer along with the Meditation Mandala you will also receive guidance from me about how to incorporate meditation into your life. I'm very excited into expanding my work with crystals as well as the Padma Bella store line of bath products. Until January 31 you will receive a gift of a healing session along with any other service.

Venus turns Retrograde as well on the Winter Solstice as we have the Ursid meteor shower which peaks on December 22. If you are called to a ritual for this Winter Solstice. Make it unique to you. This is the first day of winter the longest night of the year. In darkness our inner Light shines the brightest. Be unique to you. Do something you love. Spend time with those you love. Or take time just for you and be happy. Light a candle and meditate to it. Be content with where you are right now. We are entering of the Light. Shine your Light.

Photo by Padma Bella
I received confirmation once again today. As for no reason I looked to the time, it was 4:44 a message
from the Universe. As I wish to share this, remember you will feel when Divine Remembrance is working magic in your life. 444 your dreams, ideas, and visions are being manifested into reality. You are building the foundation for your dreams that will also benefit others.

I picked four cards for this Winter Solstice since today I am seeing the number four. All the cards speak of a means to further awakening.

The first card is "Make Music" express yourself through music. Play an instrument, listen to the radio, whatever this means to you incorporate music as it lifts the soul. Our vibrations are raised when we have music in our life. Be mindful of songs you hear on the radio, what lyrics draw out at you. The messages and memories often this is Source speaking to us.

The second card is "Romantic Partner" as I have drawn this card many times. The Twin Flame energy of remembrance. Romance is either here for you now or it is coming. Find new awakenings to yourself and with your partner.

The third card "Body Movement" shows you must find ways to incorporate movement in your life. When you move do so with grace and mindfulness of how you move your energy. In grace we experience bliss, when we stomp around we are moving too quickly. When you dance everything flows. Be imaginative and childlike in your expressions. When you are making music with a romantic partner you find body movement to express your self physically.

The fourth card "Awakening your True Self" guides that this Winter Solstice is our awakening. Finding the natural beauty of you and the clouds are lifting we may be in the longest night of the year but in this reflection time. You went through so much this year, all the challenges to come out a brand new person. Trust where you are in your life, your authentic self, your true self is shinning brightly now. Learn who this is, what this is. The foundation of truth is being built and all that we have manifested this year is coming to be. As even the numerology 444 is sharing this same message.

So with this reading we are being called to be light on our feet, be carefree and enjoy the music around us. Embrace that we are exactly where we need to be. Romance is here now. Find ways to express yourself, in the physical, as we must also exercise the physical as well as the mental and emotional. All these cards point to this we must have this balance. Why I have been seeing triangles for so long its this message of balance from all these three points. This all coming together brings Awakening your True Self. A fitting way to complete this year.

All this is just us coming into our own. It's really a blessing for me to share all this with you. Happy First Day of Winter!!!